7 How to make lucky with Gold Investment

Gold Investments offer an alternative option for investors to hold property assets when the economy is falling. Investments of this precious metal is an excellent way to precipitate the wealth. The value or price of gold metal is relatively much more stable and secure than other forms of investment.

Gold investment is a strategic investment for long term investment because of rising precious metals prices tend to be slow. Investments of this precious metal can be very practical karana all circles, starting housewife until the worker. To start any gold investments, can be purchased ranging from one gram.

Gold investing can be done in different forms or ways, namely gold bars, gold deposits, gold mutual funds, gold mining stocks, Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) of gold, gold futures, as well as jewelry and gold coins.

Gold Bars
The best way to invest in gold is in the form of bullion (gold bars). Gold bullion is quite good if used as investment vehicles. Gold bullion is different with gold jewelry. Precious metals bullion easier to resell. In addition, gold does not require the cost of manufacture, such as gold jewelry. Therefore, if you want to invest in gold, there is no harm in choosing gold investing in gold bullion.

Gold Deposits
Storing physical gold at home is very risky to damage and theft. Therefore, storing physical gold in a safe deposit box in any bank is the best way to invest in gold deposits.

Gold Mutual Funds
Gold mutual funds are another alternative way to invest this precious metal. Invest in gold mutual funds, you do not need to hold physical gold, but can take the benefits.

Typically, gold mutual funds are not invested in physical gold trading, but may involve transactions of shares of gold mining companies. Before determining the gold investment by mutual funds, management fees, fund expenses, and net asset value should be considered first considered.

Consult your financial advisor mutual fund providers before deciding to take this way of investing in gold. Mutual funds can provide stability in gold invest in gold, but physical gold investment is much more stable. However, gold mutual funds in Indonesia have not been quite popular.

Gold Mining Stocks
Investors who want to invest in gold without having any physical gold can choose this type. Prospective investors can buy shares of gold mining companies. Prospective investors expect stock prices rose gold mining companies because of the rise in gold prices in the market. However, two events are not always consistent.

With this type of gold investment, prospective investors can predict the success of stock and benefits to be gained. The trick is to examine the costs of gold production versus the price of gold. For example, if the gold price of U.S. $ 700 per ounce and gold production cost of U.S. $ 300, gold mining profit margin is U.S. $ 400.

Exchange Traders Fund (ETF) Gold
Types of investment gold ETF or Exchange Traded Fun is dipedagangkan mutual funds on stock exchanges. Investors can transact with the gold ETF gold-based mutual funds. Unfortunately, ETF investment in Indonesia has not run.

Gold Futures
Gold futures is an alternative to investing in gold without having to have physical gold. Buying and selling gold futures contract requires a certain period. The price is stated in the contract. If the gold price on the date the contract is higher than the gold price when the contract is made, investors would receive profits. However, if the price is lower, the investor will incur a loss. Investing in gold futures is probably a fairly risky investment because investors have to estimate the movement of gold prices in the future.

Jewellery and Gold Coins
Gold coins are very valuable in the investment, mainly gold coins are rare. This is not just because the value of gold, but because of the scarcity value of the coin. Meanwhile, gold jewelry is a common way of investing in gold. Gold jewelry can be chosen as an investment gold as well as lifestyle. Unfortunately, this investment has a slight advantage.

Well, for those of you who intend to invest in gold, please choose the way of gold investment is appropriate and suitable for you. Good luck and hopefully useful!