Knowing the Various Functions of Cooperatives

Cooperatives are based on populist economic activity, which is formed by the citizens (of the people, by the people, and for the interests of the people). Cooperatives must benefit the people, because the principle of the cooperative itself is the principle of the family, that there must be mutual trust between itself among members of cooperatives. The establishment of cooperatives, of course motivated by several things. One of them is the desire of governments to create citizen kemendirian Community Sector in the economic field. The government would have to think about what the cooperative functions for the community. Since it is impossible to establish a business entity without weighing the benefits going forward. In fact, the function of the cooperatives and then legalized in the Law no. 25 1992, Article 4 of the functioning of cooperatives.

There are several main functions of the establishment of cooperatives. One function of cooperatives is to develop the potential and capabilities of members of the cooperative economy, which then benefits will be extended to the community surrounding the cooperatives. Peninggatan thus create prosperity in the economic and social fields.

In addition, cooperative members are expected to play an active role in efforts to enhance the quality of life in society. So from this cooperative, will create an emotional bond which gave birth to civil society.

Another function is to strengthen cooperative self-reliance of the people in the field of economy. Thus, from a small business entity level is what will be the foundation of the economy which is a government mission. So indirectly help the cooperative efforts of government for the welfare of its people.

Cooperatives also serve to embody and develop the national economy. From this cooperation we instilled the values ​​of democracy, which is the main principle of the state of Indonesia. In addition, the cooperative also berasaskan family values, so it is expected to foster a sense of kinship, especially against fellow members of the cooperative.

Functions that are not less important than the cooperative is to develop creativity and build community spirit for residents association. Expected, from a small cooperative village level that would give birth to works that originate from the creativity of members of the cooperative, which could then be the identity and the superiority of the cooperative.

Cooperatives can also be used as a learning arena for students or school students. The practice of social life can be learned from the cooperative, which is a small part of community life in this democratic country.

Those are some main functions of the establishment of cooperatives. So many noble mission behind the reason for the founding of the cooperative. So many benefits to be gained by becoming a member of the cooperative, especially in the fields of economy and increasingly to strengthen family values.