Some Weaknesses of Cooperatives

Indeed established cooperatives and business partners to work together that will benefit many parties, particularly members of the cooperative. By becoming a member of the cooperative, residents will benefit more, especially in the economic field. In addition to save money each month, the community may well invest and benefit from cooperative efforts.

It's a lot of advantages to be gained from the cooperative, the benefits became a major force in the cooperative hook followers or members. However, despite promising a lot of advantages, the cooperative also has some weaknesses. The weakness of these cooperatives apart from the cooperative management itself can also come from members.

Here is a good cooperative weaknesses caused by the management (manager) cooperatives or caused by members of the cooperative:

Weak supervision
Cooperatives are built with the principle of the family, that there is mutual trust between managers, members or the investor. Sense of kinship and mutual trust is what makes the cooperative a lot of interest.

However, a high sense of confidence that this could also be a weakness of the cooperative. Management believes fully cooperative to its members, so the supervision of the management of cooperatives is very weak. Managers can not be totally in supervising its members.

For example in the examples of borrowing capital. Cooperatives could not directly supervise the capital used for what. It could be the borrower's capital misusing the money of the cooperative that will actually harm the people, especially the investors.

Sense of Dishonesty
Cooperative members were given full confidence by the cooperative. Thus, every cooperative members, especially members of the cooperatives that borrow capital loan capital is free to run it in accordance with the business to be run.

However, many cooperative members who are not honest. Dishonesty will result in the performance of cooperatives to be crippled, because a sense of trust between managers with members to be reduced, even absent. This will result in the cooperative could not develop.

During this time, the cooperative was built with mutual trust and democratic. All components in the cooperative (both managers, members, and investors) should move together in advancing cooperative. All three components must be honest in carrying out the trust cooperative, because otherwise, the cooperative will become unbalanced, and they will not get the benefits and advantages of the cooperative that followed.

That's what a few weaknesses of the cooperative. Honesty is very important in developing cooperatives. If all components are completely honest cooperation in running the cooperative, it will be a lot of benefits and advantages to be gained.