Beware of Broken Links on Online Business

What you often see information "error not found or page not found" when you're opening a blog or website? Perhaps the most internet users have found several sites that can not be opened, with details as above. But not everyone knows the meaning of such information.

Broadly speaking, these statements inform the user that there are broken links on web pages or blogs, so the page can not be read by search engines. What is meant by the term broken links on the online business is damaged links or dead links on a blog or a website, because the link is not valid (it could be damaged or have been removed).

For the bloggers being broken link on the online business needs to watch out for, because of broken links provide substantial losses. Possible losses arising from broken links, among others:

1. Internet users can not find the page or website, so that the information submitted can not be read by consumers.

2. The reduced number of visitors, which led to a decline page rank on your online business.

3. The greatest risk of getting banned Google (search engine), because the broken link on a site that too many would be considered as spam.

Regardless of the size of the losses caused broken links, we recommend to you the blogger as much as possible to avoid activities, activity of which could cause damage or death of a link on your website or blog. Anything that causes broken link? Let's discuss together.

- Remove content that has been published

One cause of broken links is to remove content that has been indexed by the search engines. Often the bloggers to edit content that is less precise, and remove them replaced with new content. Know that these activities will reflect badly on your blog or website. Because despite being removed, the search engines will still index the content links on search engines within a certain time. So the link becomes invalid, and is considered as spam.

- Include links that are not valid

Be careful to include internal links and external links on your site. Make sure all the links you use, is still in a state of active and undamaged. This case can happen when you put an external link, and it turns out that your website address the link no longer active or deleted. So, as much as possible checks all links on the website or your blog on a regular basis. You can use broken link checker tool to find out all the links are broken or dead, so that it can be corrected immediately so as not to harm the online business is run.

- False writes the link

Well, the third cause is most often done. Quite a few bloggers who make a broken link because it is often wrong to write the link address that is linked. For example, write the address of the link but not one letter, not a slash (/), lack of a hyphen (-), did not write the www, or even forget to not write the link address (only containing http:// only). Little things turned out a huge impact on the link on your site. Therefore after completion include a link, make it a habit to check back one by one link. In order not to place your adverse broken link.

Of the broken link would be very detrimental to you as an online business. Therefore beware of broken links in the online business, in order to facilitate the search engines to index your website address or blog. Congratulations and greetings successful work.

Retail Business Marketing Strategy

Talking about marketing strategy, it would never-ending. Various ways and can be used as a business strategy to market a product. One strategy was run society from then and now is marketing the retail or the retail system. What is meant by retail or retail marketing strategy itself is all the buying and selling activities aimed at delivering the goods to final consumers, in order to meet the personal needs of consumers.

Most businesses choose to use this marketing strategy, because most potential market opportunities that come from end consumers, who on average buy a product for their daily needs. No wonder if the current development of retail business is also very fast, just look at the grocery store business, minimarket, up to an already large retail businesses such as Sun, Alfamart, Indomart, and Hero much sought after consumers.

The high market demand for retail products, make the most of the business marketing strategy is choosing to release their products to market. While this is fairly easy, but the retail market competition is very high. Therefore for those who want to plunge in retail business, you should note the following things to win the market:

First, determine the target market. Although the usual retail business offers a range of products needs of the community, but as far as possible specify target consumers who want to reach. For example, more emphasis on low cost medium to reach consumers, or providing the highest quality products to reach out to target middle and upper market.

Second, create customer loyalty. Having a loyal customer, an appropriate strategy to enhance marketing. Not only that, with the loyalty of consumers also helped retail businesses to face the market competition. Create promotional programs that can increase consumer loyalty, for example, just by giving a discount card for the member, or hold a promotional event every weekend.

Third, select a strategic business location. Business site selection greatly affects the level of sales in the retail business. Adjust the location of the business with retail businesses that want to run, because business location also help determine market potential. As the location is in the middle of residential area, you can open a grocery store. As for the location of businesses in urban areas, you can try a small retail business with a mini or supermarkets.

Fourth, put the brand on every product. Planting image to consumers, be a great way to market the retail business. The thing to remember is not just a brand name, so enter the brand that has been established in every product. As the label's logo on each product's price, or put a logo on interior room. So the brand becomes a differentiator your retail business to business competitors.

Fifth, provide excellent service to the consumer. Do not ignore the term customer is king. This term is to provide input to business to always provide the best service for consumers. Get used to serve consumers with a welcome, a smile, and enthusiastically greeted. Do the smallest things, such as welcoming customers with a greeting and say thank you after they finished shopping. This way has been done on a small retail business, such as Indomart. So consumers feel appreciated when shopping at your place, and do not hesitate to come back to shop.

Because the retail business marketing strategy refers more to the end customer as a potential market, you should do business with the approach of marketing directly to consumers. Rest assured when consumer loyalty has been established, which became the most effective marketing agent for your business is the consumer. Therefore, meet the needs of consumers and let them be your marketing agent. Regards success.

Affiliate Business, What Are The Risks?

Talking about online business, one business opportunity that many people work at the affiliate program. Joining affiliate programs offered on the internet, is an easy and inexpensive way to earn extra income from the virtual world is quite large.

By becoming an affiliate intermediary between organizers and prospective customers, you will get a commission from the products or services whose ads have been posted on a website or blog. The amount of earned income can be adjusted by the number of Internet user who clicks the ad, or it could be based on the number of products or services sold. Ease in joining as well as the many benefits offered, managed to attract people to wrestle the program.

The many advantages offered by the Internet business, is not without risk. Although arguably an affiliate business is very small risk, but you need to pay attention to avoid the fraud that exist in cyberspace. For those of you who are interested in affiliate business, what are the risks? here we provide more affiliate tips:

- Choose the wrong affiliate program. Looking for affiliate programs that actually can produce, it is not easy. Maybe on the internet there are many sites that offer affiliate programs with high commissions, but you'd better be careful. For many of them just a fraud. So before choosing a program that will be followed, you should look for information that addresses the complete (review) is the affiliate program. So you do not choose the wrong affiliate program.

- Either choose an affiliate product. You need to consider is, not all affiliate products have good prospects. There are some products that were less desirable consumers, but there is also a product that is already widely promoted so that the competition is intense. So consider a product or service that you choose, try these products do have good prospects. Because more and more consumers are interested in your affiliate products, then the commission you receive is also getting bigger.

- Many affiliate program, but income is minimal. Ease to join the affiliate program, make people not only wrestle one program only. Attended a variety of affiliate offerings, but not all programs make a profit. That there will only break your concentration, so that the commission you receive is also not optimal.

- Competition risks are quite high. The number of people who joined the affiliate program, make a very tight competition between the players. Not only that, sometimes there are players who compete are not healthy. For that, you should select an affiliate program that still gives you the opportunity to win the competition.

- Risk of fraud / scam. It is undeniable that one of the biggest risk of running an online business, is the number of scams in cyberspace. It is also one of the risk for affiliate marketers. Some of the cheating that often occurs among others, the risk of not getting a commission from the organizers of the affiliate, other affiliate fraud that robs your commission, or the recall of the commission that you get. Therefore, be careful in choosing affiliate programs and affiliate programs that delete often retract the commissions you earn. That way you can avoid scams that hurt you during this hard work.

Maybe it was that we can inform you about the risks of the affiliate program. If there are colleagues who have additional information about the topic, can be written via the comment section at the bottom of the article. Hopefully this information can be useful to readers. Regards success.

Increasing Success Motivation Work with Passion

Passion? The definition of passion is an energy that keeps you motivated to do things willingly, without coercion even volunteered to do it without expecting the slightest reward. Usually it appears, because you really love your work.

Now the question, "what you already involves passion in each of your job?" You need to know that the passion, motivation can enhance your work. People who work with passion, will carry out all tasks with enthusiasm, powerful, until the job is complete. Because, they work wholeheartedly without feeling forced at all. They also do all the work with full potential, so that people who use passion used to obtain the best results.

To find a passion, it's not an easy affair. It takes a long process, until finally someone has just discovered their passion. But that does not mean you can not find the passion in you, because it turned out passion can also be formed when you used to enjoy your work. Here we inform ways of being increased motivation to work with your passion.

Start with your interests

Passion can be found from something you enjoy. Of the things you enjoy, then indirectly will appear motivation to do all things with a total. So there is no workload at all in you, that there are just feeling happy because you can execute the work according to your interests. Even no less a person willing to do something without pay, because of his love for the field.

Consider your ability

Find your passion of the easy things you do. From there you can find your own true potential. Work according to ability or potential, will allow you to perform the task. So that it can reduce the risk of work stress and declining motivation. Therefore, develop all the potential in you, so you can do any task with ease.

Enjoying your job

Try to enjoy your work, because your job to be one process to find a passion. Enjoy everything that becomes your job, do it with total, solve all the problems that impede your work, and develop knowledge related to your current job. From there you can find the passion that you actually looking for. Because passion can be created from a habit that you enjoy.

Define your dreams

Dreams that you specify, it will affect your mindset. If you dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur, then indirectly from now you will be interested to start reading books on entrepreneurship, business training, as well as trying to start a business. So also with the passion, it will form when you have defined goals that actually interest you.

Expand your knowledge

If until now you have not found your passion, you should expand knowledge by reading or trying new experiences. The more knowledge you have, it will be easier for you to find out what makes you always enthusiastic and motivated to do a job.

Work with a total

Do all the work with a total, not just halfway. Show your enthusiasm in doing all tasks, and always focus on your work. Because, in this way can foster your love of the work undertaken at this time.

Maybe so first-motivation tips business for this occasion. Finally, find the passion in your field every job. Because passion can be formed of a long process that you enjoy. Stay focused to achieve goals that become your dream, and never know the word surrender. Hopefully this information, can be an inspiration for you. Regards success.

Searching Title interesting for Online Business

Optimize online business by using keywords that are sought after internet users, is an effective way to help your blog or website visited by many people. Not only that, the use of keywords that are interesting also to create a website or blog easily found by search engines. Therefore, the use of specific keywords in your blog or website focus on the theme of concern for the individual bloggers, because it is one way to promote their business in cyberspace.

The meaning of the keyword itself is frequently written keywords that internet users in the search engines, like google, yahoo, etc.. Generally, keywords are often written of the user, ranging between two to five words. Because keywords are very important in internet marketing, it is natural that search for keywords of interest to online business is not quite easy. There are several things that need your attention, so that the keywords you select the correct and easily found by search engines.

First do keyword research.

It is very necessary, so that you are not wrong in determining the keyword or keywords. Try to choose keywords that many internet users typed in the search engines. To facilitate research, you can use free services such as adwords keyword tool in google. That way you can get accurate data information, and obtain the appropriate choice of keywords with content on your website or blog.

Both list the interesting keywords, on your content.

After learning the results of keyword research that many users search the Internet, then you can include these keywords in the title content, post tags, content, and the SEO pack. The way it will be easier for internet users to find content in your blog or website. This course will benefit your online business, such as increasing the number of visits from Internet users and help marketing your business online.

Third note the keyword density or density of keywords you are using.

This is very important, to avoid keyword stuffing (use keywords repeatedly) that can make visitors not interested in reading your content. In general, the recommended keyword density is only about 3-7% of the comparison of words that is not a keyword. When you create content that contains 300 words, so ideally the keywords that can be used between 5 to 10 words. Avoid using too many keywords, as it will be considered spam by search engines. Keep the keywords and content comparisons are made, not too flashy. If you are not sure of a proper comparison, you can try a keyword density checker to determine the level of keyword density of your blog or website.

More and more people search for keywords you use, the greater the chances of your online business get on the first page of search engines. Therefore look at the keywords you use, so that your site is easy to find the optimal growing. A few online business information for this weekend, and hopefully the above information can benefit us all. Regards success.

The Importance of Logo in Product Marketing

Why is the business's logo on its products? Because of the logo, consumers can identify a product with greater ease.

Exactly, it turns out the use of the logo on a product to help the businesses in marketing their products. This is due to consumer habits that are easier to remember an image or form, in recognizing a new product. In fact rarely the consumer can buy a product based on the shapes and images that they remember, even though they forgot the name of the product.

The importance of the logo in marketing the product, was recognized by the business community. For them, the logo became a media campaign to introduce the brand products to consumers. So that from the characteristic shapes and images that exist, consumers can differentiate a product with other products.

Tips and Tricks Make Logo Products
So you're not wrong in making the product logo, we inform you the following tips and tricks to make the product more attractive logos and easily remembered by consumers:

1. The logo is easy to remember all the people
Create a logo with simple shapes, but can represent the message of these products. With so consumers easily recall a product, from logo seen. For instance coca-cola products bearing the logo image on the product bottle.

2. Create a unique and attractive logo
One way to help the branding of a product, namely by creating a unique and attractive logo. Because most people will more easily remember something unique. Also avoid the use of the logo that has been widely used another company. Usually the logo is almost identical, making it difficult to distinguish consumers of your products with other products.

3. Avoid logos that are seasonal
Make sure you use a logo that is eternal. The existence of the logo in accordance with the change of seasons or trends that exist, will only damage the image or brand that had been formed. Because consumers already recognize your product, from the previous logo.

4. Choose a color and logo design products which can be used in all media
This is so that you can match the logo printed in various sizes and media. Many businesses are using marketing strategies to include the logo of the product through a variety of promotional tools, such as banner, banners, business cards, brochures, and other media that its size is smaller. So, you should select the mix of colors and designs that can be adapted to all the promotional media you use.

From the discussion above, it can be concluded that with the logo of the product enough to help the process of branding (brand building) of a product. Therefore, before you create a logo for a product, you should note some of these. A few marketing information business for this week, hopefully a little information that can help your business success. Regards success.

Small Business Opportunities Outside Capital

Decided to start a business is not easy. Various alasanpun often used as a barrier for someone to start a business. Several reasons are commonly used among other things has no venture capital, does not have expertise in a particular field, or do not have enough free time to start a business.

Yet to start a business does not have to squeeze time, effort and substantial capital. Many business opportunities that can be run easily and cheaply, on the sidelines of your busy life.

One example of a side business opportunities small capital that can be run is a supplier of snacks. You could say this business is very easy to run, and the venture capital required is also small. This business is also very flexible, making it suitable for those who have a steady job every day. Therefore, the business opportunity does not take a lot of time and energy, so the daily work you will not be disturbed.

Almost everyone likes to snack, so the target market, business is quite extensive. From the beginning the children to the elderly, on average, like different kinds of snacks to accompany their leisure time. To meet market demand, you can make a minimarket, supermarket or shops that are around you as target marketing your product.

How to Overcome Business Risk?

Many people argue, that one feature of an entrepreneur that is willing to take risks. The risk out of the comfort zone obtained during this time, and enter into a new zone is filled with uncertainty. But the bottom line is, a successful entrepreneur is not one who dared to take the risk alone. But they also must be able to manage all the risks into a profitable new opportunity.

To start a business is not as easy back your hand. It takes courage and a mature business strategy, before it finally entered the zone of the all of this is uncertain. All business opportunity does have risks, although the level of risk varies owned. There is a unisex business at great risk that the risk is small, but that does not mean these risks can not be addressed and minimized. How to cope with business risks? Here are the steps you need to consider, to reduce the risk.

- Before starting a business, you should do research on possible barriers that arise amid the business trip. That way you can prepare a strategy as early as possible, to anticipate possible barriers that exist. For example, the risk of possible business competition is increasing.

- Choose the business opportunities in accordance with skills and interests you have, do not let you start a business just because it went along with the existing trend. By starting a business in accordance with the skill and interest, at least you have sufficient knowledge and skills to reduce and cope with all the risks that arise in the middle of your trip. Avoid business opportunity that you do not control, is done so you have no difficulty in dealing with all hazards.

- Look for key information about your business success. This can help you to determine what steps can make your business grow, and what steps need not be done to reduce the appearance of unwanted risks.

- Adjust the capital of the business you have with the business risks you take. Do not push yourself to take a big risk business opportunity, if you have venture capital is still limited.

- Business success can be built with a courage that supported creativity. With determination in achieving success and creativity to develop business with new ideas. So all the risks that arise can you handle it well.

- Find information about the business prospects before taking a risk. Today many business opportunities that the sudden boom, but the prospects of the business could not last long. In just a matter of months, the business is receding with every passing trend of the market. We recommend that you avoid these types of business opportunities like that, because the risk is big enough.

- Know how much the level of community needs for your product. The greater the level of consumer demand for a product, it will minimize the risk of the business. At least the risk in marketing the product.

From the information above, it can be concluded that all business risks can be overcome with foresight, perseverance and creativity. Therefore, increase your ability and knowledge in running a business. In order for all the risks that arise amid the journey, not to harm your business. So information from us, hopefully this information can motivate you to not be afraid anymore with the risk of doing business. Regards success.

Business Prospects in 2012

Seeing the development of online businesses that increasingly show a positive increase, making the most of the people wondered. What are the prospects of online business is still quite promising in 2012? No doubt, that even this year the prospects of online business is still very promising. Given the number of Internet users is increasing every day.

The number of Internet users in Indonesia in mid-2007 approximately 18-20 million users. That number has increased significantly, up to the year 2010 data obtained from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology that Internet users has reached 45 million. Growth in number of Internet users in 2011 is also predicted to rise very well, even this year, analysts predict the number of Internet users in Indonesia has more than 50 million people.

The increase of Internet users each day, providing huge profits for online businesses. Because with the increasing number of Internet users, then they also market opportunities more wide open. No wonder that in recent years, many people try their luck by opening up business opportunities through cyberspace.

Today, not only the ruler of the internet like google and facebook just competing new innovations to enliven the Internet market. The novice also started popping up with a concept of a diverse business, aiming to target a specific market. Certainly it would color the online business competition in 2012 was.

Some of the things that support the development of online business in 2012, are as follows:

First, the number of Internet users continues to increase for several years. It was a soft field for online businesses, because the more people use the internet virtual world market means also more open. This can be seen from creation of potential market on facebook, along with the increasing number of users of these networking sites.

Second, the purchasing power of consumers through the Internet also increased. This is a very good start, because public confidence in online transactions become the main capital a person to successfully run an online business.

Third, technological developments now make the Internet can be accessed easily, and inexpensively. Even now the Internet has become a necessity of everyday society, not only can be accessed via computer only. But the Internet can be accessed easily and quickly via mobile phones.

All three of the above will greatly support the development of an online business in 2012. So, how do you take advantage of the better business prospects? The following tips and tricks we inform you that you can try:

- Create a product or service that is much needed by society, in the year 2011. For example, create a business ebook, video tutorials, or provide the information up to date and much sought after community. It became one of the ways to attract consumers to visit your online business.

- You can use the facilities of online media such as blogs, websites and social networking sites which are visited masyaraka as a potential market. Many people feel at home for a long time to open social networking sites like facebook and twitter, this condition can be utilized to market the product to increase sales through online. If you need to create a blog and your website as attractive as possible, so that consumers are interested in visiting.

- Not only offline businesses in need of promotion, the promotion for online businesses is also very important. You can try some promotional strategies have been discussed, in a great way to promote your blog articles.

- Create an online business opportunity that does not exist in previous years. There are still many opportunities that you can use to reap the benefits of online business. Most importantly, you must be observant to the needs of today's society. Because of their needs, could be a new business opportunity for you.

So first online business information for this occasion. Hopefully the amount of online business prospects in 2012, you can use optimally. Congratulations and greetings successful work.

Starting a Side Business Success Tips

Decided to start a business it can be done anytime. Including when you still have the main routines such as work, housekeeping and studying. But to start a business, you do not have to leave the main routine that already exists. For now many business opportunities that can be run side on the sidelines of your busy life.

Running a side business on the sidelines of free time, to be one right choice to get extra income. Although initially you will get a little problem because not used to divide the time, but should not hesitate to get started. Because it has many successful business people who run the business side and can still stay focused on their routines. What you are interested to be like them? If you are interested in starting a business on the sidelines of your routine, here we provide some tips on starting a side business, you can make as a material consideration.

1. Before starting a business, make sure you have enough free time. It is very important, in order to run a side business that does not interfere with your daily tasks.

2. Make a schedule, so you are not confused in the dividing of time. For example, for employees to conduct business after work or at holiday times, the most important thing you should never run a business during business hours. As for the housewife could run the business by setting aside 3-4 hours every day, after completing all the affairs of the house. So that the business is run, does not interfere with your main focus.

3. Choose a business opportunity that is easy to administer, and does not take much time and effort. This is very important, so that your business does not interfere with the main routine. In addition, you can also divide your time and energy with ease. So do not overload your mind, to be able to focus on running the business and the main routine simultaneously.

4. Do not ignore your main task. Although you've developed a side business, but do not forget the time and ignore your main task. Stay committed to be able to work effectively in resolving all your obligations, so that neither party feels aggrieved.

5. To reduce stress, choose a business opportunity in the field as you like. It can be used as one way to reduce your workload. Because, usually a person be happy to do all the things that became his favorite. In fact many people who intentionally run a side business according to a hobby, to reduce the burden of thinking they are getting in the workplace.

6. Notice of business ethics. If you are an employee, you should avoid opening a business that has the same field with the company where you work. Moreover, deliberately seize consumers who owned the company, this certainly is not in accordance with the law and business ethics. Since you are competing in a way that is not true. Therefore, you better choose a different field of business opportunities with which you work. If forced together, then Compete in a healthy and consult first with the company you work for.

7. If you do not have enough time to run the business directly, you should look for workers who can you trust to run the business. Can be from relatives or close friends. So, you can simply monitor the progress of the business without having to directly intervene.

After learning a few things to consider when starting a side business, you also can try the business at any time. Begin to look for business ideas are enough prospects, and expand your information to realize the business. Define your success from now, without having to leave your job. Good luck and greetings success.

Business Side of Success, Kingdom of any Done

Currently the business side, a viable alternative for most people who want to earn extra income. These business opportunities are a lot of run time employees who have employment income, but loose enough mediocre, the housewives who want to earn extra income for their families, or students and students who want to earn extra income to meet their daily needs.

In starting a side business, most people prefer to choose a business opportunity that is easy to administer and the risk is small. Because in addition to running the business, they also wanted her daily routine is not disrupted. So, they can still divide their time between business dealings with their daily responsibilities. Successful side business, work was wrong.

As noted earlier, many side business opportunities dijalankankan employees, housewives, and students and students. So the target market is very broad, ranging from co-workers, close relatives, neighbors of your home, school friends or classmates. The important thing is to expand the existing community networks, in order to target your customers more knowledgeable.

Creativity Breeds Success Enterprises

"Trying to prizes." this expression that describes the beginnings of the success of a woman named Antin, in starting his business. After the office where he worked went bankrupt, affected by the economic crisis. Antin does not necessarily give in to the circumstances at the time, when he is no longer a civil office, Antin decided to slam the steering wheel to try to follow a course to make ceramics. It turned out from trial and error, the woman's success story began.

Starting from his hobby with ceramic items, Antin began to follow the course of making ceramics by artists Liem Keng Sien for approximately one year. After completion of the course, Antin with her friend practicing skills gained by making ceramics and began selling it.

The trial Antin and his associates to market their pottery craft continued. Until finally the business capital of ten million dollars, in 2000 Antin managed to open the ceramics business with the brand "tiptoe pottery". The name "tiptoe" is taken from the Java language, which means trying to achieve something higher. Business opportunities that run in any of this hobby, it could usher in a woman born in Paris February 18, 1969 to the gates of his success.

By offering a variety of ceramic craft a funny, unique and full of innovations, Antin has succeeded in holding 22 outlets as a means to market its products. Some products are made of this 42-year woman, among others, mugs, pins, necklaces, bracelets, decorative magnets, photo frames, place cards, soap, pen holders, as well as some other products. To differentiate the product on tiptoe with other ceramic products, Anti deliberately creating products with colors, patterns and distinctive design. For example, blue and brown colors that have dominated headlines products tiptoe, as well as words of wisdom that could motivate consumers. Anti expertise in the field of architecture, was helped in the design of ceramic compose created.

Antin's success in starting a business, not apart from hard work and her interest to express themselves through the ceramic. Because of his love of ceramics, all the difficulties in running a business can be passed. In the first years of running the business, is the toughest year for Antin. All business marketing strategies, such as opening a gallery and promote products through the exhibition tried to introduce products Jinjit pottery. But the way has not been able to produce optimal results, which have operating costs greater than income marketing effort.

All failures are obtained Antin beginning deliberations, did not dampen the intention woman graduate of the University Tri Sakti is to please others with ceramic products. By increasing its ability to create designs, Antin has always dreamed of the day Jinjit pottery products can be loved by the public.

Hopefully this creative figure of a woman who can provide new inspiration for you to start a new business. There is always a chance, if you want to try to create it. Good luck and best regards success.

Know Introduction to Business

Introduction to business is one part science that must be recognized by potential entrepreneurs before they enter the business world. Knowledge has become one of the basic material is presented to students who majored in management science.

In the introductory materials business, a person will be introduced on the basic concepts in management. Given one of the keys to become a successful entrepreneur is to understand the concept of good management. So in the future business they could run orderly, and have a clear vision and mission in the process of development.

Entrepreneurial Choice
Entrepreneurial world that is now being widely cultivated culinary field. Many young entrepreneurs who are interested in developing this business because the profits generated more promising. Among them are the profit margins of the culinary business that can reach 100 percent of capital costs.

Moreover, in a culinary business there is no rule that requires an entrepreneur to sell their products within the limits specified price. As the price of a bowl of meatballs. There is no obligation of any dealer to sell a bowl of meatballs meatballs them at the same price. All merchants have the right to sell their meatballs at a price they want.

This is what distinguishes the business in other fields. Such as building materials business, where the price for one bag of cement selling price can not exceed the selling price is pegged government. In addition, if there is difference in price with other merchants, so consumers will switch to buy into places that sell at lower prices.

Why is the price of a bowl of meatballs in the case of the price of one bag of cement and different? This is due in the case of a bowl of meatballs, products sold do not have standardization as a benchmark. In terms of any regulation, there is no consensus that regulate the selling price of meatballs. From the consumer point of view, the value they are paying not just determined on the products they consume a bowl of meatballs.

However, as a product point of absurd satisfaction, then the consumer will have the willingness to pay for a product with a higher price for the product is able to satisfy them. In this case, a consumer would be willing to pay the price of meatballs in a hotel at a price double than a bowl of meatballs are sold on the sidewalk. Because, by eating meatballs in a hotel, will provide more value for the consumer than the prestige side than if they eat the same meatballs on the roadside.

Then how the price of a bag of cement that can not be sold at higher prices? Besides the issue of government regulation, public perception is the same cement. Both the cement sold in a supermarket or cement is sold at a small roadside shop building. There is no more value that can be obtained by buying cement at the supermarket compared to buying cement in the shop building.

Therefore, consumers will tend to choose a store that sells cement is cheaper, because there was no difference in the value that can be obtained by buying cement at specific locations. In addition, the quality of cement is basically the same. Thus, to say the selling price of cement is the price that has an element of sensitivity among consumers. Thus, consumers will be willing to sacrifice time to buy cement in place a more far just to get within a few hundred dollars only.

Business Failure
Business failure is a risk that will be faced by all those who decided to plunge into the entrepreneurial world. In addition to the Fates, kegalan business could be due to a lack of understanding of the guidelines that are taught in introductory theory of business.

Implement the theory is taught in introductory business, is not a guarantee of a business can achieve success. But at least these guidelines will minimize the risk to be faced by an entrepreneur. So, if things happen that are not desirable, could quickly known, and find a way out.

Some things that often makes the failure in starting a business include:

- Errors in site selection. In choosing the location of a business, but must consider the type of business to be opened, should also consider the issue of density. Businesses that we run, can not be known by the public if it is opened at a place that is too dense. So that people's attention on our business premises to be very minimalist. Likewise, opening a business in a place that was in the fast lane of traffic areas is also not effective. Therefore, the attention of road users will be more focused on the concentration on the road rather than having to look to the side of the road. Instead, open a business in the street that is not included as the fast lane driving. For example in the way of a housing complex or on the road district.

- Running a business in the middle of the ocean bloody. Its meaning is, we run a business that already has many competitors. Where in the process of competition is already using strategies that are less healthy and have the potential to create destruction. As low pricing strategy that could have an impact on thin profit margins that are not in accordance with the capital costs incurred.

- Less focus. Businesses that are run out of focus will have an impact on the implementation process which only runs half. Consequently, no value competencies are offered to consumers. It makes consumers less to get more value at the time of consuming the products you sell.

- Less in tune with local culture. One example is selling a product that does not fit with the beliefs held by consumers all around us to open a business. For example, food stalls that sell materials that are forbidden in the middle settlements Muslim majority.

Creating a Partnership Agreement

A business that involves two or more persons in the business activity, prone raises the difference. This is a fairness in the process during the progress of an activity can be addressed positively. However, when addressed by the negative and do not look for solutions to these differences, it could become a threat to business continuity. This is where it made ​​a cooperation agreement between the parties involved in the implementation of the business.

Agreement of cooperation in a business can be done formally or informally. It is tailored to the type of cooperation was going to do. In addition, the manufacture of a cooperation agreement can be adjusted by agreement of all parties involved in it.

Typically, for a simple transaction process, such as home rental process, a cooperation agreement which was made still simpler form. In what sense does not involve many parties, such as only the homeowners, renters and a witness. This witness was usually derived from the head of the local environment. Thus, a cooperation agreement that was made does not require ratification process of law. And when problems occur during the process of cooperation agreements, the familial path of choice to find a way out of problems that arise.

This is different if the process of cooperation carried out on a larger scale and in the long term. Such cooperation in the establishment of a business entity. For cooperation like this, it takes a more detailed agreement. Both of the contents of cooperation up to the stage of ratification of the agreement.

Typically, for such cooperation must go through a legal ratification by the competent authority, in this case through a notary. Thus, if there are problems that do not correspond with the content of the cooperation agreement, could be brought into the realm of law.

The purpose of the Cooperation Agreement
Making a cooperation agreement, not merely intended to avoid problems or anyway to resolve problems that arise. But there are some other things which it has been made ​​an agreement of cooperation on a wide range of human activities that involve the relationship of two or more parties to a transaction.

Some of the goals of making such an agreement are:

1. As a reference in the activity. Thus, all activities will be conducted by all parties involved in the process of cooperation, should refer to the provisions already stipulated in the letter agreement.

2. Certainty of the transaction. With the letter of the Agreement, will provide peace of all parties in the transaction. It is given in the letter of agreement is usually listed on the provision for those who do not fulfill the provisions that have been agreed in the cooperation process.

3. Indicator of the level of transactions. The more detail and authorized a letter of agreement was made, shows that the value of transactions that are the object of cooperation is increasing. So this could be an initial assessment for those who want to establish cooperation to assess whether the value of cooperation that will be undertaken bona fide or not.

4. Guide to resolve problems that may arise. In a letter of agreement must be mentioned about the process that will be taken if the parties involved co-operation there is a difference, giving rise to disputes.

Contents Letter of Cooperation Agreement
For those who frequent transactions or establish cooperation with other parties, is an obligation to find out about the ins and outs of the letter agreement. This is to address the possibility that we have problems related to the existence of the letter, especially when we have formed a partnership with those who have bad intentions on the cooperation process.

To that end, in a letter of agreement shall contain the main points raised that explains everything related to the ongoing process of cooperation. Some of these key points include:

1. To clearly state the identity of the parties involved in the process of cooperation. Whether it concerns the data themselves as well as address certain of these parties.

2. Object co-operation should be mentioned. Thus, all parties involved in the letter agreement is to know with certainty about the subject of cooperation underway.

3. Value of the transaction. If in the process of cooperation emerging value of the transaction, then this should be stated clearly and write clearly and with a par.

4. The validity period of the agreement. Cooperation agreement that has a time limit, it should be mentioned. This is accompanied by steps to be taken if the co-operation when the period expires. Good steps to continue the cooperation as well as if to complete the process of cooperation.

5. Rights and obligations. In a partnership, there are certain rights and obligations attached to the parties involved in such cooperation. Thus, all parties will understand and realize the limitations of each party related to the rights and obligations that they can get.

6. Sanctions and solutions. In the letter of agreement must also contain a stipulation of sanctions if any party violates the agreement. Likewise, if problems arise during the period of cooperation, it should be mentioned about the solutions that will be taken.

7. The Witness. A process of cooperation should involve a third party acting as a witness. So if there was a problem, this witness may act as a mediator or in the legal process can act as a resource person who is neutral. Instead, witnesses from each party involved in the transaction or can also come from outsiders who can provide objectivity in the assessment of the problem.

8. Time and place of the agreement. This section looks trivial but it has an important role. Because if there is a problem in the transaction, a matter of time and place of the agreement could be one means of legal proof. Thus, the time and place of the agreement was made mandatory for inclusion in the letter of such cooperation.

Benefits Marketing Plan

Marketing plans, for most companies is still regarded as trivial and trivial. So that the company often makes it just as an annual routine. But afterward, the result of the formulation does not become a reference in the work program, and just kept neat and never touch it until the end of the book.

In fact, if companies want to optimize the benefits that can be obtained from the marketing plan, they will be able to get an increase in profits. This is obtained by using a marketing plan as a way to do research. This has been evidenced by several scientific studies that show a positive relationship, between making marketing plans with the success that can be achieved by the company.

This is in harmony with the business phenomenon that happened recently, where all sectors of business must have the ability to change quickly. This change was done in order to keep abreast of the ever moving dynamic era. For companies who are not able to follow these changes, companies undoubtedly will be displaced by a company that is able to move dynamically follow the phenomena that exist in society.

Many examples of this case, where the company is already large even have to be closed because it is not able to keep up with the times. One of the world's great that the company name in the end have to go bankrupt is the Polaroid. Companies that produce instant cameras are to be closed in 2001. Whereas at the beginning of its emergence, the company is thought to shift the civilization of the world through the introduction of instant camera technology. So someone can take photos with practically without having to wait a long time to see results as film cameras.

However, when the shift toward digital cameras, Polaroid company is not able to follow such changes. As a result, the public interest to use a Polaroid camera is getting thinner. In addition to reasons of practicality, a digital camera valued easier and cheaper in use.

In the world of the Internet itself, had known the name of Altavista. The company is engaged in the field of search engines as is currently dominated by Yahoo and Google. This company was established in 1970, which in those days the internet is still a rare commodity. In addition to the two companies, there are many names of other major world companies, which have disappeared from competition for failing to follow the changes and the times.

Importance of Marketing Plan
From there the story, suggests that a company must have a clear and purposeful steps to achieve their success. In particular, if they want success occurred in the long term and sustainable.

One of the firm can do is to create a marketing plan that is right for their company. Companies that do not want to create a marketing plan for their company, surely tantamount to dig graves for their corporate survival.

There are several reasons that make a company must have a good marketing plan for their company. Some of those reasons include:

- Such rapid technological developments have an impact on the increasingly short life cycle of a product. So to address this need a good planning process for our products. Thus, these products will not be quickly eroded by competitors' products that bring the latest technology.

- Changes in business regulations, which at this moment the world is facing a period of trade liberalization. The impact of this condition include the opening of free trade between countries, economic deregulation and the opening of opportunities to get into in a particular business. Condition condition is believed to be one of the causes of the high rate of competition in the business world and the increasing number of attacks from rival products that we sell.

For countries like Indonesia are still evolving, it is a threat in itself. Therefore, large companies from various developed countries will seek to develop their products through distribution channels to developing countries. Therefore, developing countries have a potential niche market for cultivation by big multinational companies.

- An increasingly segmented market. Thus, there will be differences of treatment on each different market. Existing markets are increasingly tapped to narrow the existing market.

- Increased customer knowledge. With the disclosure of information, customers have the flexibility to access information on the products they need. So they can compare one product with another product using the sources of information, such as the internet or mass media. Thus, the loyalty of consumers will be increasingly hard to come by just relying on brand alone. Consumers prefer the advantages that can be obtained than the mere pursuit of brands of a product.

Important Elements of Marketing Plan
From the above conditions, it can be concluded some important things that must exist in making a marketing plan. Some of these include:

- The existence of adequate marketing information valid. One is through the availability of accurate data, both from within the company or from outside the company.

- Clear direction in determining what may and may not be firm. It is considering the limited resources of the company.

- Implementation of the marketing plan should be able to create sales and profit. The sale will not bring meaning to the company if the sale does not bring benefits to the company.

- Routine evaluation. In this evaluation process, it takes a parameter as a standard size. Thus, in the evaluation process will be obtained information about the level of success of the program of work that has been dilakuan. Does managed to reach the target or has not reached the desired target.

Step Marketing Plan
From the explanation mentioned above, shows how the marketing plan is not just a mere discussion of the marketing division. But the marketing plan is a basic concept that will be the direction and corporate objectives in selecting the strategy to be applied.

Thus, in the future making this marketing plan is no longer only used as a mere routine agenda without any real step in implementation. Yet further, it should be a tool to be used in the face of competition from existing competitors and also become a media to win the competition and won the best position in society.

Of the four main components of the preparation of marketing plans, can be determined seven steps that must be done in preparing the marketing plan. the seven steps are:

- Determining the business insights that will dipiliih by company
- The company's strategy in winning the competition
- A determination in a concrete sales targets.
- Marketing Mix consists of the four P's of Product, Price, Promotion and Place.
- Determination of the company's financial budgets in all divisions
- Implementation planning
- Evaluation of all activities planned and their implementation.

Knowing the importance of marketing plans, then back to yourself, is still reluctant to make marketing plans and planning failures, or vice versa, making trouble at the beginning of the marketing plan, but is optimistic of success in sight.

The Importance of Entrepreneurial Articles

When the economic crisis sweeping the world, many people try their luck into the entrepreneurial world. This was driven by a variety of success stories of entrepreneurs who achieved much in a variety of articles entrepreneurship. Success that later became the inspiration for some people, that the entrepreneurial world also has prospects as bright as the world of work.

In the article self-employment, in addition to many success stories to tell employers also provide several other important info. As for information on what type of entrepreneurship is becoming a trend in society, or also on some kind of entrepreneurship that will evolve in the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, in the article too much self-employment provides some overview of business was run by some employers. Here will be presented on the picture of the development of a variety of business sectors from a business standpoint. So that it can provide a more in-depth overview for those who want to enter the entrepreneurial world.

Entrepreneurial Perspective
Someone who wanted to get into the entrepreneurial world, courage is not enough capital and strong financial support alone. That both of these is one of the main capital in the entrepreneurial world, is true. But keep in mind also, that both of these are not the only thing that determines a person's success in the entrepreneurial world.

Because, besides those two things there are still some other factors that could be the deciding factor of success a person running their entrepreneurial activity. It is also often presented in the article about the true story about a person's success.

One figure who is often told to start a business from scratch is Bob Sadino. Figure who is known for his hobby shorts in a variety of events, the only success story started from six chicken eggs. Of the six chicken eggs which dijajakannya around from house to house, will later become the initial capital to establish successful business empire in Indonesia.

It quickly became evident, that financial support is not the main determinant of success in entrepreneurship process. There are still some other factors that could be a determinant of one's success in carrying out their entrepreneurial activities. And this is what it should be noted, that all people have the courage and willingness to become an entrepreneur. And not just maintain the old paradigm, to become an employee after they complete their education.

Some of the considerations that need to be performed by a person in choosing the type of entrepreneurs who will work at them are:

- Market Factors

Factor here is the market opportunity and market availability. Whether in the future, we run the business which can be accepted by the market or not. In addition, it should also be considered regarding how to market tastes similar products that already exists. So that we can mencipakan different products from existing products. Surely by making changes in the product so as to follow the tastes of the market in order to be accepted by consumers.

- Competition factor

In the article mentions many options entrepreneur entrepreneurial types that already exist in society. Thus, we will know what kind of entrepreneur who already has many competitors, and which are not many competitors.

An option that many businesses are competitors, usually have a higher risk of failure. However, business does not mean that inside is full of competition is not feasible to choose from. If we can provide the competence or excellence rather than a product created by a competitor, it is not impossible it is we who will be the winner in the process of business competition.

- Capital Factors

In carrying out an entrepreneurial activity, we must calculate carefully the financial problems. This is to determine the financial system to be selected, especially in the preparation of capital.

In this option, there are three types of capital that can be taken. The first is the capital comes entirely from private funds. The second option, capital comes from a combination of two or more parties. And third, capital comes entirely from outside parties.

To determine the choice of type of capital that will be selected, one of them by using risk analysis. The greater the risk of a business that will be run, then you should own the smaller the capital invested. Thus, we will minimize the level of risk that we will get.

Conversely, the smaller the chance of risk and greater profit opportunities, then the choice of capital is to use their own capital in larger portions. And if possible, the overall capital requirements to use private property. Thus, we do not have to share profits with other parties in the future.

- Factors of Production

Production factors are referred to here is all things relating to the component supporting entrepreneurial activities to be run. Among these are the raw materials, labor and also the fulfillment of its supporting equipment.

Many business activities are established by approaching the location of production factors. This is done in order to save production costs for the transport of factors of production to the place of business. However, this can only be done if all factors of production are at the same location.

Meanwhile, if the location factors are in different locations would be a challenge. For that there are two alternatives that can be done. The first alternative is to place the business location was in the midst of all the factors of production. The second alternative is to choose a business location in the most dominant factor of production, such as near the location of raw materials, labor or too close to the consumer.

One of the key in achieving success in the field of entrepreneurship is creativity. Without the high creativity, then someone will just be a washed up without ever able to be themselves.

Story of stories of successful entrepreneurs, always colored by their imagination that creates the creativity that never occurred to anyone else. As a result, they are able to create something new that eventually becomes a new trend in society.

Then how to create creativity? There are several ways you can do to bring creativity. The first is to broaden their horizons in looking at all the new things that are around us. Thus, we will get used to thinking about different things that have never existed before.

Besides the creative process can be extracted in a way to cultivate the courage to dare to embody all the ideas that exist in our brains. Without courage, all the ideas and brilliant ideas that may actually only be stored in our brains alone. And this is a classic problem that many entrepreneurs face us today.

Therefore, we need to cultivate the courage. do not be afraid of the comments of others who laugh at our ideas. But make it as a spirit of ridicule to prove that our ideas are not wrong.