How to Buy Stocks for Beginners

There are many ways to buy stocks. Opening a securities account, buying through securities, investment managers can also be contacted. But before you buy stocks, learn first about matters relating to the shares. If you want to try playing the stock, it might be better to buy mutual funds in advance.

When you are mature and confident that your investment is in line buying and selling shares, then buy shares directly and if it's bold, buying in considerable amounts along with the calculation of capital gains or profits are also many.

High Risk, High Return
The nature of equity investment is high risk, high return. The more the buy, the more likely benefits to be gained, and the higher the chances of losing the funds invested. Adventurous spirit and mental strength while defeat is an absolute must-have requirement other than the knowledge and intelligence to read the market. Should not rely solely on feelings. All movements must be made based on an analysis that can be accounted for.

There are other costs to consider before buying shares. First, brokerage commissions are typically 0.3% and 10% VAT. Large enough, right? So if you only have 5 million, it seems better just deposited. But if it believes can, then no matter the money it bought 5 million shares. Calculated as a learning investment funds. Anyone know of money 5 million will be 5 billion.

If you want to sell there is also the cut again. Brokerage commissions are typically 0.4%, 10% VAT plus a 0.1% income tax. So before selling, into account before the cut. If about loss, not sold yet. Just wait until stock prices slightly higher.

Secret Behind Composite Stock Price Index

Every day, either online news, television, radio and other mass media, I declare or inform the Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) is the latter case. This means the development of stock exchanges can continue to be followed only through the composite stock price index, as if an information has been explained in brightly lit situations all the stock exchanges that are so complex. It could be argued that JCI Index function very effectively. Then there's the secret behind what is JCI?

Composite Stock Price Index is like a thermometer is not available in boxes of medicines in our homes. Its function is to provide a measure that helps us see the "temperatures" economy that has occurred. Temperature "economic" our bodies are hot, cold, or normal. If the "economy" is a high fever above 38 degrees Celsius, it should be immediately taken to the hospital to deal with doctors. Thus, we avoid the risk of death.

Composite Stock Price Index is an indicator of health of equity markets that describe the current condition of the stock exchange. If the stock index continues to rise, it can be said that the state of capital markets is good, economic conditions, social, and political, are in a safe and healthy situation. Stock price index is a summary of the effects of simultaneous and complex range of factors that influence, particularly economic phenomena.

JCI role for Investors
Investors often use as a benchmark stock index investing. By CSPI, investors can determine whether this is a good time to invest in a country or the right moment to attract capital. The increase in stock price index, which takes place continuously indicates the market is bullish (up) or the index of stock prices always go down is an indicator that the market is bearish (down).

Definition Stock Price Index
Stock price index numbers are numbers that a measure of capital market situations that can be used to compare events and as a magnifying glass or analysis tools. By analyzing the changes in price indexes, we analyze the overall stock.

How to View Composite Stock Price Index
Here is how to view the composite stock price index. Positive numbers that accompany changes in stock price index is the increase in stock price indices previously. Negative numbers indicate the stock price index down compared to the previous stock price index. If the stock price index does not change, it indicates that the condition is stable.

JCI formula = Accumulation H1x100% / Accumulation Ho

H1 = The entire amount of stock prices last

Ho = Total stock price at bottom

Understanding Simple About Shares

Talking about the stock does not mean just talking about stocks at the stock exchange. If some people set up a joint venture company, whether small, medium, or large, that means each person has invested its share in the company. In other words, they were the owners of the company. The advantage of the business carried on by the company will be divided according to the number of shares owned.

Simple outlook Against Shares

Rights and Obligations
Before you dare to invest in a company's shares, used to study the rules that exist in the company related to the planting stock. As an investor you should know what your rights and obligations. The issue of shares is a complicated issue that can lead to conflict if the ordinance is run based on no fixed rule of order.

Life will not be eternal. If it can be when it lives lost, the shares are invested in a company can be passed on to posterity. But, if the rules are not strict, then it could have dividend rights that should be obtained and submitted to the not deserve it.

Share ownership can also mean having the right to organize the company because it has a majority stake in the company. When there is this rule, then muster all the potential to develop the company.

The development itself rather than merely to please the shareholders, but much of it is to help build the welfare of employees and their families. If you need help give you a few percent of the company to employees who have worked for 5 years and over.

Thus, employees who already have a stake in the company will work even harder because they realize that the company also belongs to them. The division of this wealth will be very pleasant and happy as it can continue to share.

The money distributed to others will bring more blessings of life that leads to happiness than if the money used to buy luxury goods that can not necessarily give a true happiness, but only a momentary pleasure.

Issuance of Shares
When a company throwing their stock to the stock, it means that the company will become a public company. The purpose of sales among the company's stock because the company needs funds to develop or require funds to save companies from bankruptcy.

Not uncommon that the existence of a new owner who has a majority stake will bring fresh wind update that will bring a new mechanism of action as well. Circumstances and new situations that make the company and all the more passionate in supporting efforts to work.

Not uncommon that after the shareholders who are just starting to fix the company, the old owners after re-stock company. So the exchange owner company is a common thing that should not interfere with the performance of the company. However, sometimes change of ownership may also interfere with the performance of the company, especially if the new owners began to fix the management which has been running well in advance.

Should Caution
When state-owned company began selling its shares and the shares were purchased by foreigners, as happens in Indosat, Krakatau Steel, and large national companies other. Ownership of shares to some extent will affect the company's management.

Do not let the Indonesian people could only be workers and coolies in their own country. Thus, knowledge of this stock is one thing to be possessed by each nation's children to be able to play in improving the welfare of Indonesian society.

Share Article: Stock Trading Process

Have you read the article shares? If not, read the article this stock. Talking about the stock trading process, will be more obvious if not separated from the question 5W +1 H, ie, Where-Who-What-When-Why and How.

1. Where: Where Shares Traded?
Shares traded on stock exchanges only. Securities can not be purchased at the mall. These can be purchased securities in a securities firm with capital money and enough knowledge about the stock market plus ID card. Come to a brokerage firm or securities. Gladly, they will serve you.

2. Who: Who's Doing Trade?
Who trade the stock is any person who meets the conditions specified securities firms, which submit their identification card, fill out the account opening, the signature on the stamp, as well as the ability to obey rules that have been determined and accept all risks of loss that may occur.

3. What: Are Traded?
This is an important question before starting to trade stocks. To answer what is traded in the stock market, here's the explanation. Stock is traded securities brokerage firm. Shape similar to a stock certificate.

Within stocks, there is a Collective Letter No. Shares, the value of the company's basic capital, the nominal value of shares, the stock owner's name, and so on. This is information that makes the stock so-called securities and making it tradable.

4. When: When Process of Trade last?
Shares traded on the stock exchange on weekdays, ie Monday through Friday. Starting at 09.30 s.d. 16:00. At 9:30, there is the opening price. Opening price is the price requested by the buyer or seller when a transaction has just begun trading.

Opening price may be the market price. Trading hours ended at 16.00 and at that time there is the closing price of which is the price demanded by buyers and sellers at closing.

5. Why: Why Stock Trading?
Shares traded, such as stocks go public. The shares traded so that people can take ownership stake (equity) in large firms are (going public).

6. How: What Happened Trade Process?
When Sir Bobby can contact the broker / dealer / broker who worked on the trading floor. Broker / dealer / broker will give orders buy slips and Mr Bobby will fill out the form with the name of the stock, the number of shares (in lots) and the asking price (bid price).

Sir Bobby compulsory purchase order was signed slip. Broker promptly forward purchase orders Sir Bobby on the internet, telephone, and so on. This is a bit of stock trading process.

Stocks Playing Safe Trick

Shares are an investment tool to increase your money, make your money work for profit as much as possible. However, if you do not know how to play, not a benefit you get, but a loss. Therefore, here we provide safe trick to play the stock. Safe from large losses, let alone bankruptcy.

Estimated Price
Doing the estimated price is important actions performed in playing the stock. Approximate prices can we make the guidelines in conducting transactions so as not to be taken the wrong decision. Estimated price is the basic technique to be mastered in playing the stock. The trick is to look at the following points.

- Find information about the characteristics, background, and values ​​prevailing in the company.

- Perform analysis of data related companies, such as financial statements, income statements, and so on.

- Analysis of the information reported in the media about the company.

- Make the analysis as a basis for price estimates.

- Follow the development efforts of the macro world.

- Follow the situations and conditions that are happening or have happened that affect company profits and losses, such as politics, weather, social, and so on.

- Learn movement patterns of the company's stock price.

- Consider a graph showing the process of attraction trendline line, resistance, and support.

- Perform balancing graphs with volume analysis of these garfik.

- Perform analysis of stock prices by using some mathematical calculations, such as the average value, the rate of exponential, transformation, standard deviation, and so on.

- Make a graph analysis as a tool to see the strength of trends, market saturation, predicted the next direction, and so on.

- Master the average price of running and the calculation of the stochastic oscillator.

- Do not do the analysis in a short time.

The transaction is the main goal in playing the stock, as a goal in a football game. The transaction is what will determine the gain or loss that eventually we will get. Transactions are conducted should be based on appropriate decision of the analysis has been done. Here are tips on trading in the stock play.

- Selling stock that has a price above the values ​​that have been estimated.

- Perform the purchase of stocks that have prices below the value has been calculated.

- Do not trade based on the rumors circulating in the market because a lot of misleading rumors circulating in the stock market.

- Perform transactions by rational analysis has been done.

Those are some tips on playing the stock. may be useful

Reason Iraqi Dinar Currency Investments

Currency dinar iraq belong to one type of currency that is now being hunted by currency traders. This is because the currency is believed will provide many benefits to the owners in the future. Even though at this point, the exchange rate of the dinar is currently located in a weak position.

The weakening of the Iraqi dinar currency is one of them due to the unstable political conditions in Iraq. This is particularly so after the outbreak of the Gulf war in 1990, and the death of the charismatic leader of Iraq, that Saddam Hussein at the gallows.

The condition causes a lot of infrastructure in Iraq that has not been recovered. Besides the domestic unemployment rate soaring, and economic systems in particular exports of oil imported commodities which are the mainstay of Iraq, can not walk properly.

This problem led to some domestic policies that should be Iraq's autonomous rights, was taken over by outsiders. As in the case of the Iraqi Dinar currency. Since the leadership of Saddam Hussein declared invalid, then the impact on reimbursement currency dinar iraq.

If the Iraqi dinar currency earlier this using pictures of Saddam Hussein, then by the Worl Bank currency withdrawn. Furthermore, the Iraqi trade transactions using a currency that is produced by De La Rue, a printing company in the world's biggest money is in the UK.

Reason Iraqi Dinar Currency Investments
Although the Iraqi dinar currency is currently in a weak position, but this should not discourage investors to hunt for Iraqi Dinar as a commodity business. There are several reasons that make the investors believe that the Iraqi dinar currency will provide benefits in the future. Some of those reasons include:

- Existing gold reserves in the country of Iraq is quite large and is believed to drive the country's economy.

- The existence of the experience of several countries involved wars, after living in the country is stable, then the nation's currency value will also be terkatrol up. As happened in Japan.

- The existence of some state policies that encourage people to buy Iraqi dinars, such as America and Israel. In fact, Israel has laws that prohibit citizens have transactions with countries that become their enemy.

- Of course, if America and Israel do not see any benefit from Iraqi dinar investment, they will not make the policy even violate the law.

- The presence of Japanese aid worth 5 Billion USD. This certainly will accelerate Iraq's economic recovery. And this will also impact on the more quickly the Iraqi dinar exchange rate rose up.

Shares: One Form of Investment

Stock is a unit of value or books in a variety of financial instruments which refer to the ownership of a company. By issuing shares, allows companies that require long-term funds to "sell" business interests in shares in exchange for cash. This is the main method to improve the business capital, in addition to issuing bonds. Sales of shares made ​​the primary market or secondary market.

Stock Type
Stock consists of several types of which the common stock (common stock) and preferred stock. Typically, preferred stock referred to as a mixed stock because it has characteristics similar to ordinary shares. Meanwhile, the common stock has only one type. However, in some cases there is more than one, depending on the needs of the company.

For ordinary shares, there are several types, such as shares of class A, class B, class C, and lainnya.Masing each class has advantages and disadvantages of each. Please note, the symbol of the letter does not mean anything.

Stocks characteristics
1. Preferred Stock

- Have different levels, can be issued with different characteristics.

- Claims against assets and income. Preferred shares have a higher priority than common shares in terms of dividends.

- Dividends are cumulative. If you have not paid from the previous period, then it could be paid in the current period and the first of its common stock.

- Convertibility. Prefern shares are convertible into ordinary shares if the agreement between the shareholders and publishers formed an organization.

2. Common Stock

- Shareholder voting rights can memillih board of commissioners.
- Rights take precedence if the organization issuing new shares issued.
- Of responsibility limited to the amount given alone.

Category Stocks

1. Blue Chip Stock
Ordinary shares which have a high reputation as a leader in its industry and has a stable income and consistent in paying dividends.

2. Income Stock
Shares of an issuer with the ability to pay dividends is higher than average dividends paid on the previous year.

3. Growth Stock
This category consists of stocks of well-and lesser-know know.

4. Speculative Stock
Stocks consistently earn income from year to year and have the possibility of high earnings in the future, but uncertain.

5. Counter-cyclical Stock
Shares of this category is not affected by macro conditions and the general business situation.

Shares Application
The public may purchase common shares on the stock exchange through a broker (the stock player). In Indonesia, the purchase of shares must be made by multiples of 500 sheets or often referred to as 1 lot. Fractional shares (less than 500 sheets) can be traded in over the counter. One purpose of the public to buy shares is to benefit by increasing the value of capital and earn dividends.

Offer of its shares on the public first before listing on the stock exchange is called an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Meanwhile, if already registered (listing) and the company wants to increase the shares outstanding prior to giving rights to the old shareholders to buy shares of the company concerned is called Pre-emptive Rights (ER) or known as a rights issue.

Stock Trading Mechanism
The first step that needs to be taken by investors is to be a customer of a securities company in advance. Then, investors are required to open an account by paying a sum of money that has been determined by the company's securities (the deposited amount varies). Basically, the minimum limit or a nominal amount of shares purchased does not exist. However, in the Indonesia Stock Exchange a minimum purchase of 500 pieces or 1 lot.

Really Profitable Land Investments

Investment land with soil may be the right choice for you who want to gain a significant advantage in the long run. So, for those of you who want to invest short term, these investments are not appropriate for you to choose from. Investment can be done in various ways.

There are like stock investments because profits can multiply quickly. However some are not very interested in stock investment because it can fall suddenly and cause very high losses. There are also people who are very fond of investing in gold because gold jewelry collecting hobby and also very interested in the clappers can be scooped from this investment.

In addition, investments may also be done by purchasing insurance. It is less so ogled because the risk is very large. In addition, insurance premiums are also considered to be very burdensome for some people.

Investment in property can also be very profitable if the investor has to know how to do it correctly and safely. Of all the investments, long-term investment is quite profitable and can be selected is an investment with the land.

Investment land considered to be very promising because of some perception. In fact, this investment is more profitable than other long-term investment. The advantage of this investment will continue to rise as demand increases soil every year will increase drastically so that the price for Samsung.

With demand growing up, land prices could not go down. There is even a possibility that people will be able to get benefits through this investment in time not too long. No need to wait a matter of years, with a precise calculation of this investment will give satisfactory results. However, it is also not easy. Need careful thought to make this investment because the investment has an inherent risk.

First one must understand and measure, how much profit they will be able to get. If not, they will not be able to invest the land with a maximum for large profits. In addition, the observation is also very important to know how this investment prospects compared with other investments.

Understand everything associated with this investment is essential to obtain satisfactory results. Because long-term nature of this investment, investors should also prepare to wait and do some preparation to maximize the expectation they would be the expected profit. Investors should know how to choose the location and position of the land they would buy as an investment.

They have to calculate whether in a few years the region will evolve so that the value of their investment will be increased rapidly. In this case, they need the opinion of the professionals to get the most appropriate position for their use as an investment.

In addition, investors also need to know about the background of the land they choose to invest to ensure that they are legally buying land. Not infrequently investors managed to buy land cheaply and with a promising prospect. However, it turned tragic when they know that the land is in dispute.

Therefore, once again, a thorough observation is very important in this investment. These investments can be very profitable with the right ways. However, this investment can also result in losses due to several factors as mentioned above. In addition, investors should also be familiar with the terrain in which they play.

For those who invest in large projects certainly should implement different strategies with which to invest only for personal use. Invest safely and intelligently, then you will be able to reap the rewards immediately. Investment land with a clever strategy will be able to provide the maximum benefit.

Property Investment, Raising Money Smart Ways

Many people are confused how to invest its own funds. They want to get a type of investment that can bring profit to the maximum but the risk can be minimized, even if you can not exist at all (zero risk). Of course this is difficult to do. Because wherever the investment law that is so, if you want medapat big profit, then be brave enough to face the possibility of loss is also high.

Only if you want observant and careful, there are actually a type of investment that the risk of loss can be suppressed, but the results obtained profit can be maximized. Investment is that?. It is an investment property.

Property Investment Privileges
If you are patient, an investment property can be profitable with a nominal value is quite tempting. Indeed, the time required can not be brief, can even take several years. Because investments in this area is one type of long-term investment.

But although it was not short, many reasons to stay invested for the investment property. Among them are:

1. The price of a soil can be said to almost always increase.
There never was a story somewhere in land prices has decreased the price. Because as it is known if the amount of land on this earth will never grow. But those who need land to be home and place of residence or used as a business location each day more and more. So the law of demand and sales will continue to apply.

2. Investment options of the rich.
Some studies say if all the wealthy people in this world, wherever they live always have investments in property. Because they understand when a business is almost certain to bring tremendous profits.

3. The increase in land prices are always higher than the rise in inflation.
So although the price of a rising demand, the price increase is still lower than the price of land or property.

4. A double advantage.
Investment property can not only be profitable only from one side of the two sides could saja.Namun at once. First of land prices continue to rise, the second is from the buildings erected on the land to be leased.

5. Bank credit is very loved when guaranteed form of land.
This can be utilized for the taking of credit from a bank, then play them back in another form of business. Even if you can credit funds can be bought more land. Then the value of the investment will increasingly and automatically will also improve profit coffers.

6. The value of investment property continues to increase.
If you are smart to find information, then the value of property owned will be multiplied exponentially. For example in an area that is still quiet, then the price of land there would still be low.

But you got the info when the area will be developed as a center of economic or commercial. So with the release of funds is not so much, after the area has been developed and crowded, then automatically you have land prices will also rise the sales price.

So do not delay this golden opportunity before the price of land in an area experiencing an increase or appropriated other people. Happy investing.

Ways and Ways of Life Success

Success is a condition that is easy to imagine but difficult to implement and achieve. Success is very beautiful to imagine, but very few people are willing to really seriously realize that success from space fantasy to reality.

Finding the Road to Success
Success requires sacrifice and a long struggle the people who live it. Tips for successful lives need to be designed and implemented to achieve one's dream life. Everyone wants a life of success not only in the world, but also in the hereafter.

There are many paths to the gates of success. But the streets are not to be found by people who are lazy and just try to fond of daydreaming. Success was picked up, rather than anticipated. Success is not free, but requires effort and many sacrifices earnestness of life.

There are many ways and tips for successful living that one can do in his life. All forms of these ways and tips that will get someone at the gates of success. Success not only be viewed when you are rich and have a respectable position in the community. But also when you feel the joy of life you are living.

Tips and Ways of Life Success
Here are some tips to live a successful range that can be done by someone for life who wants to achieve success:

1. Meant - and It Has a High Motivation
Whatever the goals, targets, goals or desires in life needs to be done in earnest. It really was not enough without coupled with a high motivation to achieve dreams and aspirations are. Therefore, tips the first successful living is all about seriousness and motivation.

Success takes persistence, struggle up, do not play in to make it happen. Motivation is like the energy that will move a person's work and concrete steps. People who do not have the motivation to people who have very different motivations in creating something. The right motivation and high, would cause someone always excited and never despair when faced with failure.

Motivation can be built by understanding the intentions and goals to reach for something. A sincere and good intentions will usually bring a high motivation to achieve a goal. If you are an entrepreneur, one way to motivate yourself is to reflect on those who had already been a success of yourself.

2. Bold innovation and Ready To Bear Risk
Successful people are those who dare. Bold steps in creating a breakthrough that is speculation. Although the nature of chance, a man who wants to succeed should also equip themselves with a good ability in predicting something.

This capability is born from the insight that one has to something that is being cultivated. If you want to succeed do big steps that seem risky. A person who will succeed are those who have a sense of responsibility to bear any risks that may arise as a result of breakthroughs are taken.

3. Dare to Make a Different Ways
Successful people are those who want to take another path not taken by most people. Successful people will always do things differently that people do not lain.Lakukan what is not done by others, this is a successful life tips the most powerful. To be successful you do have to look different. Different from ordinary people who do things the normal way.

Transaction Currency To Invest Money

Currency transactions or popularly known as forex trading (foreign exchange / currency) is one type of investment money that most major markets around the world, when viewed from the total value of transactions. According to a survey conducted by world financial institutions, the number of currency transactions is reached about 1,900 billion dollars (U.S.) each day. This happened several years ago.

Currently the value is definitely the figure even higher. It's no wonder many argue, especially economic and financial experts who say if the future of world currency transactions has a bright future as well as good prospects.

Meaning Of Transaction Currency (forex)
Currency transactions or foreign exchange (forex) is one form of business transaction to sell or buy a currency of a country on the currency of another country. This transaction can take place continuously within twenty four hours of relentless.

Before Trading Forex
If you want to provide funds for this type of investment money, it takes a fairly high skill and great courage as well. Why should we? Because the risk is also not be underestimated for granted. So for those of you who want menggelutinya, need to prepare mentally strong and sufficient skill with the goal that you really know everything that relates to this world and to master it.

Just imagine, within seconds, your fate could turn into a conglomerate impromptu as it gets such a high profit. But one day, suddenly you can also turn into a hobo because all the funds invested to make the transaction can be wiped out instantly.

However, if you study hard and willing to be patient and painstaking, can certainly minimize the risks that could lead to heart attacks are unexpected. So for that is still in the learning stage, it is advisable not plunge directly by using all the funds owned. The point is not too daring. There's a good idea to practice first, so they can understand and comprehend how the movement of rising and falling price of a currency, so you can imagine how if you use real money to bertansaksi forex.

Today many Internet sites that provide facilities for study and practice of directly using virtual money or virtual. Ie funds that are not real or genuine. Just use the facility in maksimal.Bila you want to keep learning, and already understand how to perform transactions and prepare all the risks that must be faced, then it can start investing money to trade currencies from other countries.

And when it can generate profits, to keep in mind is do not be too greedy in the pursuit of profit. When you've got a currency that you buy is profitable you should immediately re-sell and take those profits. Do not be too long delayed, because the consequences could be fatal, not profits, but kerugianlah to be borne. Remember, the price or value of a currency's movement is very fast. Both the rise and fall.

What and How To Invest Gold

Way of investing there are a lot of variety. In this article you will be invited to know what and how the gold investment for some people who may still not be familiar so that the tails on the still lack of people who invest in gold. Perhaps that is your minds and also other ornag, that gold investment is a kind of investment that exists only in the form of gold jewelry and gold bullion. Is this true?

Gold Investment
It is true that today the majority if we are talking about gold investments, our mindset to invest directly shown in gold and or gold bullion in the form of jewelry.

However, there are actually other ways to use gold investments, including investments in marketable securities such as buying shares of gold mining companies or other derivative products such as buying gold contracts on the futures exchanges.

Essentially, there are many options for those who want to plunge in gold investment, not only the gold bullion or gold jewelry for this is widely known among the general public.

Well, for more details will be explained about gold investment in the form of eat it (other than gold bullion and gold jewelry).

Various Kinds of Investment
As was explained that there are various ways of investment gold, as gold jewelry, gold bars, gold coins, gold certificates, shares in gold mining companies, gold futures contracts.

Investment Gold Jewelry
Actually there are many risks posed to investment gold in the form of jewelry. Why? The price of gold jewelry is sold when you buy from a jewelry store was termauk smelting costs.

But when you sell the gold shops usually do not want to buy the gold price following the sale of jewelry costs peleburannya become so usual is often cut from the original purchase price. These pieces can vary, but the default is between Rp 5000-10.000/gram gold. So, if pulled over there in the jewelry of gold investing is not for profit, but rather a precaution only.

Investment in the Form of Gold Bars
In contrast to the form of gold jewelry where there is a cost peleburannya, gold bullion investment does not require smelting costs and also tend to be easy to resell. To benefit from this investment gold bars you notice peru gold price is very volatile, when prices were high where you can directly sell your gold.

Investment Gold Coins
Gold Coins ONH (fare pilgrimage) is intended so that those who want to leave the pilgrimage, this investment can be used as alternatives to save for Hajj with the currency.

Gold certificate
The investment is done by those who receive a certificate as proof of investment gold investment in a bank. Certificates can be availed at the bank where the investment is consistent with the period in accordance with the agreement.

Investment in Gold Mining Shares
Carried out by buying shares in gold mining companies. The advantage can be obtained when the gold price in the market is being shot up or bullish, the stock price will move faster than the rising price of physical gold.

The way this gold investment could be an alternative for you other than investments in other forms.

How to Invest Forex

Many ways of investment that people make in managing their funds. Options that do are usually based on their knowledge on a particular type of investment. In addition, the great hope of profit and risk levels that may occur as well be a rationale person before deciding on a particular type of investment.

A much simpler way of investment by the investment community is conventional. That is, with its owned stores in the form of gold or land. Kind of like this, but not too complex can also be done with capital that is not too large. So many people are choosing to perform both types of investment, with the hope of gain in the future.

Both ways the investment, considered as a safe type of investment. Since both of these investment options, it is believed will always increase in value every time. So the risk of loss due to a decline in value will not occur. On the other hand, both types of investment has no time limit and it is quite easy to dilikuiditaskan. Either by being sold or mortgaged.

Forex investments
Besides those two things, there are still ways other investment choices made ​​by investors. One way is to conduct foreign exchange or forex business. This type of investment is by trading value for money to be exchanged and then profit from the difference in value when the exchange occurs.

Some reasons for choosing foreign investment to benefit:

- The capital required depends on the strength of our financial flexibility. This is different if we played investments in stock trading, where the required minimum fund.

- We can make this investment individually. To play the stock, we have to go into one of the brokerage company.

- Less risk than playing stocks. Although profit margins were not going for when we play the stock.

- If urgently needed, we can withdraw our investment in a short time. One of them in exchange for our investment through a money changer.

- Not bound by time. If playing the stock, we must have as its mother at the time of the opening exchanges as a reference, like Hang Seng, Nikkei or Dow Jones. For the local bourse, Indonesia familiar with the Indonesian Stock Exchange or IDX.

Business Paper Proposal

You want to do business but the difficulty of capital? No problem. Do not undo the intention to engage in business (entrepreneurship). There are still many paths to getting there. One is to do business with a capital of others. To be sure, of course we need to systematize the idea of ​​our business. The trick is to make Business Proposals Paper for our offer to others (investors).

There are some parts that you need to consider in preparing a business proposal paper. Here are examples of some things that need to exist in a paper your business proposal. Among them:

1. Business profile. In this section, please tell me what business idea you would be doing. Surely a business, which otherwise must be new or unique and different business ideas that have been there before. In this profile includes the name of business or company that you will make. Not to forget the reason for the selection of the name, why did you choose that name?

2. Vision and HR. In this section, please tell us about your company's vision and mission. Vision is the achievement of a company that made, while the mission is the way how big capaiaan was achieved. While human resources are the ones who will run the company. If it can be in the running of the company have a team, although only two people.

3. Services / goods. A company can sell goods or services. In this section you can describe in detail the services / products your stuff is. Of course it should be mentioned advantages of the product / service of your goods so attractive to investors. So also attractive to future buyers or service users;

4. Company's organizational structure. Include who the heads (directors) who want to run the company. Likewise, staff who will help him. Of course in this case must be clear who it is and what their respective duties. With the division of labor explicitly in a team, the company will be able to survive and continue to expand along with the solidity of the team.

5. Legality of the company. Associated with the licensing company. Can be shaped Trade Enterprises (UD), CV or PT in accordance with the needs of the company. Licensing is required in order to facilitate future business. For companies that have a clear license will certainly have a reputation in the eyes of the public (market) so that confidence will increase.

6. The calculation of profit and loss. This is the most important subject if we create a business papers to investors. This is where you need to describe the calculation of future loss of earnings when the company runs. Likewise, about what percentage of investors who acquired and how acquired person running the business. Of course the division is expected to mutual benefit. Parties businessmen and investors are equally profitable, are equally happy.

Here are some things that need to be there when you will be writing papers business to investors. Create a design on the seven points above in detail and convincingly. That way, investorpun will not hesitate to disburse funds to you run the business. Just so, greetings to your success, good luck.

Importance of Investment Analysis

For those of you who have some funds and want to invest those funds into a variety of businesses, there are things you should do before. Perform investment analysis is essential before you start investing. Channel funds into an investment you will be able to successfully deliver a profit if you make an investment analysis before taking investment decisions.

Things that must be analyzed
Before investing, you should be keen in doing the analysis. Analysis of the right investments can keep you from losses that might occur. Each investment is certainly not always profitable. There are also disadvantages to be gained from an investment. But with good analysis, you can reduce the risk of loss and of gain can be achieved.

Before investing, there are important things that you should analyze. The following is an investment analysis you should do before starting to invest:

- Risk. In any investment there were risks to be borne by both large and small. Typically, the greater the risk is proportional to the amount of investment that can be obtained. Before investing, you should understand well the risks of loss that may occur on the money you invest. Knowing the risks will help you find solutions to minimize risk. Control and limitation of risks is one of the investment analysis needs to be done to avoid the endless money you invest.

- Investment period. Before you invest, the second thing you need to do in investment analysis of the investment period is ongoing. You must know whether the type of investment that you follow the included short-term investments, medium or long. By knowing the investment period, you will find out how long your refund as a result of these investments.

- Parties involved in your investment. Party that will run the money you would need to know well in the beginning. Make sure that the party who will run investment fund you are the party professionals who can be trusted. Thus you can breathe in peace because your fund is run by a party who can rely on.

- Possible swelling of the value of investments. The next investment analysis which is equally important is knowing whether the investment fund that you enter will not grow in the future. Suppose that when you invest money into a business, you need to know if someday you need to add more funds to the investment process can work well. That way you'll know if you need to get ready to inject additional funds or not. Do not let your investment running because you run out of funds to be injected in the enterprise.

Be observant and meticulous in an investment is very important. Proper investment analysis will be able to give maximum results for your investment funds. The advantage can be gained from an appropriate initial step.

Alternative Long Term Investments

Investment is one way to profit from the funds we have. Nowadays, saving money in the bank is one of the long-term investment that is very detrimental. Bank interest rates are low and high rates of inflation make the money you save in a bank are not comparable with the depreciation. Therefore, taking one type of long-term investments may be an alternative that can be selected.

Know Your Long-Term Investments
Long-term investments are investments in which funds that you enter will be screened and will be disbursed after a minimum period of one year. There are many forms of long-term investment. Here are some examples include:

- Property.
Property is one of the long-term investment very lucrative. Property prices will continue to crawl up from year to year. For those of you who have substantial funds, this investment should be an option.

A variety of properties can you lyrics, ranging from land, houses, shops and others. The most important thing in taking long-term investment this is your foresight in seeing the future condition of the area where the property is located.

Taking property in an area that is growing rapidly is one way to earn huge profits from this investment as soon as possible.

- Gold and precious metals.
In addition to properties, long-term investment you can take is to buy and hold gold and other precious metals. The price of gold and precious metals will also likely continue to rise because it is a limited form of mining.

World economic conditions are often unstable is also one of the triggers rising gold prices and precious metals. Therefore, buying and storing gold and precious metals for long term can be an alternative to choose from.

- Shares.
Stock is also one of the long-term investment. However, there are also trade the stock in the short term.

To hold the stock in the long run, you must be observant to see the condition of the company whose shares you want to buy. Buying stocks is fairly stable business conditions is one way of long-term investments to choose from.

- Mutual funds.
Not much different with stocks, mutual funds also an investment involving a long-term capital markets. The difference, in mutual funds, there are many combinations of types of investment options to choose from.

You can combine various types of investment risks ranging from small to large risk in mutual funds. Of course a big risk can be very profitable and very harmful and you should be prepared to accept any risk.

Long-term investments are basically not too difficult in providing benefits. If you are keen to see the situation and conditions, many long-term investment that can provide multiple benefits. In the investment, unwise and greedy nature is needed to obtain the maximum benefit.

Investment Opportunities

Investment is one form of preparing the future. Many people are investing heavily in money in the bank. The purchase of shares is also an investment opportunity of choice for moneyed people. Ideally we can invest so that there is a sense of security in preparing for the future of our families. Insiders prefer to invest their money in an easy and secure through banks.

Big banks provide many investment opportunities with ease and great prizes such as luxury homes and luxury cars of choice.

Investment Movement and the Government for the People
Seeing the enthusiasm of people berivestasi, the government should be able to respond positively to the attempt to hold investors to not only invest in the bank.

Thus efforts should be made ​​as a breakthrough to open up investment opportunities in sectors that have not been handled with good management by private or government. Investment opportunities within the framework of the handling of unemployment, poverty, small business, household or industrial scale for the lift together.

Venture investors holding is important so that people's economy ends up that can improve people's lives and reduce social problems as a side effect.

Populist Investment Opportunities
Chances of success and secure the future of not only investing in the bank. Investing in the business economy with a small community partners with a direct loan or capital as a partner of the parent is a more promising investment.

Existing business areas or numerous small industrial centers are likely to professionals worldwide but has not managed either as capital or other support skills. This investment opportunity should be arrested the owners of capital.

For example in traditional weaving centers masyarakt producer in the area, they can produce woven fabric that attract the world community,

Traditional weaving many crafters who have not been able to meet these opportunities because of the limitations of the basic materials and workmanship manner that has not termanajemen well. Working alone from the preparation of the base material until the end of the process and even marketing.

These conditions are not effective so it requires a real solution golden investment opportunities for investors.

Selecting Investment Opportunities
Currently, many owners of capital have been successful in business because it can capture the gold investment. They can mebaca business opportunities of studying the behavior of society.

As business investment opportunities culinary really no death if able to choose correctly.

Society today is more like culinary bargaya and traditional flavor. So many feet of restaurants that employ workers from the communities that preserve the original traditional culinary management by implementing a more modern management.

Such effort is currently banyakdilirik and most successful that have to open another branch of city business.

Investing and Doing Good
If the owners are willing to invest capital to take advantage of what was to become more value in society, of course the result is not just a profitable business in one side.

Double advantage to be gained, because the investment opportunities can capture with precision. These benefits are safe and profitable investment, to do good by helping people to continue its efforts so as to reduce unemployment and other social danmasalah.

The hope is that all owners of capital are not only enrich dirisendiri selfish, but it required care to share with other communities. Sharing is not providing jobs or capital, but more towards taking learning to start a business by applying direct practice together.

If all the owners of capital can be seen as an investment opportunity with the purpose of doing good, undoubtedly Indonesia rapid progress in all areas quickly because the social problems tetangani together.

World Between Investment and Disaster

World investment in Indonesia was still conducive. Although Indonesia is known as a country that has a high risk of disaster. Disaster after disaster came without stopping. Such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and so on.

Some have worried due to the occurrence of these disasters could threaten the investment world. Especially threats to the assets of investors. Both local investors want any foreign investors who invest in Indonesia.

But the fears turned out it did not happen. Natural disasters do not affect foreign investment in Indonesia. This happens because:

- Investing is not done in the areas affected by disasters such as Wasior, the slopes of Merapi or Mentawai. So that the foreign insvestor still feel safe doing business in Indonesia investment world.

- More foreign investors to invest in mining areas, plantations, industry and telecommunications. Location investment area is relatively safe from the impact of disasters occurring lately.

Disasters in the World Investment
Evidence that the investment in Indonesia remained conducive is to the swift entry of foreign funds into the country. When the previous government is targeting 150-180 trillion digits, turns on the period 2010, capital inflow of foreign funds entering or exceeding 200 trillion rupiah.Selain because of the influence of global economic conditions, is also a sign that Indonesia has a huge opportunity as a place to invest.

Threats of investment in Indonesia is not really affected the threat of natural disasters. Precisely the following factors that could threaten the world of investing in Indonesia.

- Infrastructure problems are not maximized.
- Disaster threat to high-cost economy.
- Corruption, collusion and nepotism.
- Regulatory overlap.

The four factors above are some examples of 'disaster' that must be anticipated by the government of Indonesia if you want the investment world is growing. And this continues to be pursued by the government.

Among others, with plans to consider providing tax incentives to capital inflow that flows to Indonesia. With the way the government will examine first the influence and the kind of foreign investment to Indonesia. Because tax incentives are not only fiscal but also subject to non-fiscal.

With the increasing flow of foreign invetasi to Indonesia, it also became evident that the world's investment in Indonesia is quite attractive and profitable for foreign investors. Moreover, when safe from the 'disaster'. Happy investing!

Glancing Opportunities Short Term Investments

For those of you who have a certain amount of unused funds, put it in a variety of investment is certainly one option. You can choose long-term investment if the money is truly not you need in the near future. But short-term investments you can also choose on the basis that the money will be disbursed at any time when needed.

Differences long-term investment and short-term investments are on time and also liquidity. For short-term investments, funds that you can enter the liquid with ease in a relatively short period of time. The ideal time to invest in the short term is a maximum period of one year.

Short Term Investments
There are some short-term investment opportunities that you can take. Maybe some of them already familiar to you because you already took it. Here are some short-term investments that you can try:

- Savings.
Savings is one example of the short-term investments. When you save money in the bank, money that you can enter anytime you melt. In other words, when you need money, you just drag it either in banks or through the ATM for those who use it. That excess of savings. Lack of savings is the interest rate is very low. You can not expect more than the savings.

- Deposits.
Deposits are one form of short-term investments that you can also try. Differences deposits and savings are at a defined time period. If the savings you can withdraw funds at any time, unlike the case with deposits. In deposits, there is a period of time where the money you save you can not pull prior to maturity. Suppose you take a deposit of 3 months, then you have saved money in the bank for 3 months. After that you can take.

If you take money before maturity, there is a penalty you should pay. Deposits can you take within 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. Deposit rate offered will be higher than savings interest.

- Mutual funds.
There is a kind of short-term mutual funds that also you can try. Mutual funds are related to a money market mutual funds short term.

In this mutual fund, money that you enter will be channeled to the form of short-term bonds, certificates of Indonesian banks and deposits. The percentage amount of each type of investment that depends on the discussions that you do with a financial consultant who handles your mutual funds.

- Shares.
Shares can be short or long term investment. There are shares in the capital market fluctuations in price fairly quickly. This is the stocks that are suitable for short-term investments. You can make buying and selling in the short term.

Foresight to see that every opportunity will benefit you. So is the case with short-term investments. You can reap the benefits of any form of investment there.

Learning to Invest in Gold Shape

If you want to learn about investing and plunge into the world, you may need to give attention to the precious metal of gold. Why? Investing in gold is relatively more secure against inflation. Tips and tricks were easy to learn. Who does not know with gold? Hmm ... women would be more familiar. Gold is a precious metal that the supply is very limited. While market demand for gold demand continues to rise. That's why the price of gold on average always rises from year to year.

Because gold is already very familiar with us, then we will be much easier if the learning investment in gold. Some of us would prefer to invest in stuff that looks like gold, property, savings and time deposits.

In general, investment in gold aiming to gain an advantage in the long term. However, sometimes there are certain times in a relatively short term, gold could bring benefits far outweigh the benefits of other forms of investing, for example in the stock market.

If you really want to learn about investing in gold, these tips you need to learn.

Learn the Right
Investing in gold is not something to be taken lightly, especially since prices are relatively high compared with other investments. Before making the decision to buy gold, you should take the time to do research and learn about the gold, history, and potential value to you as an investor.

Determine which type you want to Buy Gold
There are three types of gold that you can choose to invest in, namely in the form of gold jewelry, gold coins, and gold in bullion form.

Gold coins is usually the best option for someone who can only buy gold in a limited number of private investment because the budget limits. The size of gold in this form starting from 1 gram to 10 grams.

Gold coin has another advantage because it is easier than in transport and storage of gold bullion. Coins also can have additional value to coin collectors, depending on condition, age, and the scarcity of coins.

However, the purchase of gold coins in Indonesia is taxed at 10% VAT. And printing costs imposed on the gold coins. As a result the price of coins into lebh expensive than the price of gold itself. Of course this is a weaknesses to invest.

Gold in jewelry is probably the most popular among the people. Gold is easily bought and sold and can be worn as everyday jewelry. However, in the form of gold jewelry is not recommended to be used as investment. Because gold has experienced in the form of a price increase the cost of the process of making jewelry. If the jewelry is sold, only calculated from the weight alone.

The most suitable type of gold to invest is in the form of gold bullion. Gold bullion is not taxed by the government because it is still considered a raw material for jewelry or industrial. He is also not subject to other costs such as the manufacturing process. Therefore, the price is cheaper. Gold bullion can be obtained starting from 1 g, 2.5 g to 1 kg.

Get Gold in the Right Place
Because you are just learning to invest in gold, you should only look at a trusted place. Namely, in the PT. Aneka Tambang Indonesia or ANTAM. Gold from PT ANTAM always accompanied by an official certificate of authenticity and contains the amount of gold content. But if you want a gold in the form of jewelry, you can get it at many places, such as jewelry stores.

To the extent Investment Capabilities
Learn to invest in any form should not be forced or excessive. Especially if you are inexperienced. Gold can be purchased in various sizes from 1 gram to 1 kg. Adjust the amount of the budget.

Protect Your Investment
Once you get the precious metal for investment, make sure you have a place to store and safeguard them. Consider renting or using a safety deposit box at a local bank to ensure that your new investment is safe.

Be Patient
Although the gold price does not always go up, but on average it costs continue to grow. You have to be patient some time to find a good time to sell your gold and make a profit.

You should monitor the development of the gold price, either when going to sell or buy. You can monitor the development of prices from time to time in or international monitoring in

Consider also a situation that affects the price of gold, like the dollar exchange rate, world political situation, global political situation, interest rates, and others. If you want to succeed, you must learn to invest seriously.

Investment Criteria Should Mature Counts

Investment criteria must be understood and understandable by anyone that wants to invest. Today, there are many channels of investment that you can do. From a large investment size, medium and small. Investments of each person is obviously very lean upon the ability of materials or money held by each person. You have to take into account the amount of investment that will be done with the amount of property owned.

Investment criteria is very bermnanfaat in measuring the benefits or advantages to be gained if the conduct of a business investment. Many people who bear the loss due to indiscriminate in doing calculations or even no measurable advance viablitas rate and profit share as well as its risk management when he invests. There are a lot of analysis used to measure the level of investment is possible and profitable or not.

Aspects of Investment Calculation
Well, in this article will try to discuss the financial analysis before investment is made. It should be explained that the financial analysis is a method of analysis used to account for costs incurred between the benefits to be gained during the investment was made. In this financial analysis of Net Present Value (NPV), NET / BC, IRR, and PP which will be explained as follows:

1. Net Present Value (NPV)
Net Present Value is the benefit gained in a lifetime of a project that measured at a certain interest rate. In this NPV calculation would need to be determined by current interest rates are relevant. In addition, the NPV can also be interpreted as the current value of the cash flow derived from an investment made.

2. Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
Gittinger Internal Rate of Return is defined as the profits earned by a company that invests and is expressed in units of percentage.

Or also mentioned that this is megakibatkan IRR Net Present Value equal to zero. Or, another reference dala mrupakan eskpekstasi IRR is the expected profit from the growing investment.

3. Net Benefit Cost Ratio (Net B / C Ratio)
Net benefit cost ratio is a unit that mmeperbandingkan between the present value (PV) positive with a negative PV. Or Net B / C ratio is expressed as the amount of return unit costs have been incurred to finance a particular project.

4. Payback Period (PP)
Payback Period (PP) is a method used to measure the return on investment when used in financing an investment. PP levels will be assessed either when the return on capital plus keutungan a business more in line with those calculated previously, or even sooner.

Well, hopefully what is described on the criteria of this investment can help you to be investing on a business. May be useful.

Various Kinds of Investment Growers Dollars

Today, that investment is important. Investment equals saving. Savings is the most traditional investments are mostly done by the public and part of the kinds of investments that are now widely circulated.

Necessities of life, plus the uncertainty of the future force someone to invest and set aside a portion of salary or income into the realm of investing. You can start by making deposits or savings deposits. Perhaps even a more extreme playing the stock and store of gold.

If your fund is the excess value reached hundreds of millions, perhaps to try to invest in property. To be sure, the investment is to preserve and grow our money to grow and develop. We must change the paradigm of thinking: instead of working for the money, but let your money work for us. That's the point in investing.

Various Kinds of Investment
As already explained above, we will discuss the kinds of investments that are circulating, and can be freely chosen. Of course elections must be accompanied by the availability of funds. We can not choose an investment property that we have minimal funds. Choose investments that match your ability.

Investment Savings Deposit
Investment term savings arguably is not risky investments. Its function is equal to saving. The difference, if we can pick it up a regular savings at any time, but the investment of savings deposits can not be taken before the period is over, or maturity. Budget required for this savings is small, the range between 100-200 thousand a month, and could be more. These savings we can take within 5 to 10 years into the future.

However, savings deposits have drawbacks, namely interest rates and relatively small flat. If we accept this saving in the next 5 years, the amount of money we receive has been shrinking in value due to inflation.

Similar deposits such as savings deposits. However, a timeframe is not long term savings. We did not have to deposit every month. Deposits deposits and deposited only once within a certain period. Greater interest than savings deposits. If you have money frozen in a period of one year and recently used, the deposit is the best investment.

However, if the frozen funds can be held in the longer term, I do not recommend the use of deposits. Although flowers seem larger than the savings, value is still small compared to investments that will be presented next.

Well, if you have the funds frozen and in a long time, it is better to switch it to buy gold bullion. Ranging from 10 grams to 100 grams are also available. The value of gold always rises by 30% in a year. So, having nothing to lose gold. If money could have inflation, the value of gold is always fixed. That means gold for inflation. It never happens the value of gold will fall, besides investing in gold is also more free of usury.

Stock Investment
For this investment, we should really pay attention to both market conditions or the stock market. If not, we can ask for someone more expert to pick stocks for us. Lots of mutual fund shares are sold. Its value goes up and down, adjusted for market fluctuations. So, there are times when our stock value soar and make us a profit 30-50%.

However, if you're unlucky, our stock value dropped to minus point. If that happens, do not sell your shares, let him settle and remain cautious. Fluctuations in the market is something that can not be predicted. However, you can play safe stocks are more focused on buying and selling real needs, such as salt, sugar, rice and coffee.

Well, after reading about the various investments that will grow your money, please you choose that best suits your financial and thoughts.

Investment Opus, A Future Solution

Has it ever occurred to you to invest for the future of opus? Certainly few people would think it is. Do not you underestimate the opus, because in the future will produce brilliant opus that purse money for you. However, it should be noted, is an investment not an investment usual opus, but it works great and the good that later when published will produce high scores.

Aris Nugraha
Examples of this work investment ever made ​​by a comedy director whose name is recognized in Indonesia, Aris Nugraha. The work that has been ditelurkannya and burst is followed next Bajuri Bajaj Radio Hassle, Pursue Kusnadi, and many others.

Aris Nugraha make a design opus for the next film made​​, but the work was constrained by lack of funds and production houses who want to produce it. Plus more, when opus was submitted to and approved Transtv party, again the work is terpentok problem because the fees do not count the director.

Do not despair, and still believe, Aris Nugraha save the work and the finished draft, will be released later he thought again. Who would have thought, now the work is in demand by the production house and a television station the next two years. His work is now ready to reap dollars.

J.K. Rowling
Lots of writers who keep the length of opus and hope one day old works that could be reconstructed for the re-issued, not infrequently there are many authors who claim that his writings had been denied and stored dirak years will produce a best seller.

One obvious example is J.K. Rowling. Rowling took four years to save and improve Harry Potter. Fiction is a fictional character in the long pent-up brain cells Rowling, take time to be written in the hope of rising. This work was sweet fruit, creating a worldwide best seller, translated into various languages​​, filmed, and even considered selling book of all time.

The work is closely related to the arts and sciences. Never underestimate your works to build up inside your computer files, because most opus you need is opportunity. In addition to the time and opportunity, your work still needs you as a manufacturer.

If you are not yet known at this time, become famous, fame someday you will allow you to enter opus to a publisher. Or, if you're reluctant, you can start to self-publish. There is always a way to be creative.

Never pessimistic about yourself. What have you produced was not in vain. It takes courage to make a reworking, but to be able to issue a re-opus any longer requires energy. Your work is your investment, so do not give up and keep working. Who knows one of your opus are destined for a best seller.

Forms of Long Term Investments

Many options for the company or companies to select and establish long-term form of investment. There are companies that choose to invest in land or buildings (not for the operating company) is called with property investment.

There are also companies who choose to invest in savings, deposits, or any other form of investment choices, such as the purchase of bonds or shares. Long-term investments a company can be done in the form of stocks or bonds. In comparison, both forms of investment has advantages and disadvantages.

Long-term investments in bonds guarantee a clear and definite upon receipt of interest within a certain time. If interest rates on the market decreasing, interest rates will not change following the bond market because interest rates have been defined in the agreement early.

Meanwhile, long-term investment in the form of a purchase of shares can provide higher income than the rate of interest on the bonds if the company gets high profits. And conversely, if the value of shares held to fall in the market, companies or individuals will experience losses.

Objectives Long Term Investment

A company or individual doing long-term investments based on specific objectives. The purpose is likely to differ between one company and another company. One purpose of investing is to seek profit.

Basically, the investment aims to gain as much as possible. However, for certain companies or individuals may have the primary purpose other than profit. Here are some investment purposes.

- Getting a fixed income in each period, such as interest, royalties, dividends, or rents, and others.

- Establish a special fund. For example, funds for the benefit of the business expansion the company or individual and social interests.

- Control or control of another company or other individuals through equity or partial ownership shares in a company or individual is.

- Ensuring availability of raw materials and obtain market for the products produced.

- Reduce competition among similar companies.

- Maintain relationships between companies.

Long Term Investments, One Form of Investment

In the field of economics, said the investment has been commonly used and is often interpreted as investment money with the purpose of seeking profits. In Indonesia, investment topics listed in the Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (SFAS. 13), which is an asset that companies use to growth in wealth (accreation of wealth) through the distribution of investment returns, such as royalties, interest, dividends, and rent.

In terms of time (duration), the investment can be divided into two categories, namely Investment Current and Long-Term Investments. Investment smoothly, that is an investment that is easy and can be immediately cashed. These investments are intended to be held for a year or less than a year. Meanwhile, long-term investments are investments held in the long term is intended as a reserve fund.

For some companies or peorangan, investment activity is an important element in the operation of the company or individual. And performance appraisal companies or individuals may be entirely dependent on the reported results of investment activity.

Some companies make investments as a form to store the excess funds. And, several other companies make investments to strengthen business relationship or get an advantage from planting investment.

An investment can be in the form of debt, both short-term debt or commercial debt, or equity instruments. Generally, the investment has a form of financial rights, such as investment land, buildings, gold, diamonds, or commodities, other commodities that can be marketed. For some types of investments, there is an active market that can form the market value. For these types of investments, market value is used as a benchmark setting a reasonable value.

Gold Prices Rise, Investment Lucky

Bloomberg is one of the largest financial information service providers in the world. Bloomberg announced it would be possible rise in world gold prices as a result of inflation continues to rise. This causes the investors will shift their investments to gold as a result of increasing levels of inflation.

Gold, Alternative Investment
If you want to invest in gold for a short period, normally would be difficult to generate profits if the form of gold investment in the form of jewelry. This happens because when it comes to a gold shop and buy gold jewelry, you have to pay the price of gold is added to the cost of manufacture of gold jewelry.

Then, if one day you re-sell gold jewelry, the store will not pay the cost of manufacture of gold jewelry. Stores will pay the price of gold alone. In fact, it's really still considered lucky if the store would receive or buy your gold jewelry. Sometimes, there are some who reject the gold shops selling gold jewelry from the public.

The cause of the proficiency level can vary. One is due to gold shops fear if the gold jewelry is not sold anymore when resold. So, even if gold shops buying gold jewelry from the community, the gold shops will melt gold first.

From these explanations, we could conclude about gold investments. Yes, gold investment in the form of jewelry will be more meguntungkan if gold investment done for the long term. This occurs because the price of gold tend to rise. Sometimes, gold prices jumped enough from the original price when buying gold jewelry.

Gold jewelry is usually invested in various carats, of which 18 carats to 24 carats. For investment, it is better if you choose gold jewelry that is worth 24 carats. This is because the possibility of gold jewelry can be resold much larger than the value of gold jewelry 18 karat.

Need to be reminded again that investing in gold jewelry will generally only produce profits in the long run, not short term. Another form of gold investment is an investment in the form of gold bullion (gold precious metals). Many people judge, an investment gold bullion (precious metals) is a form of gold the best investment.

Investment gold bullion (precious metals) are easy to resell and do not ask for the cost of manufacture such as gold jewelry. Yes, gold is different with gold jewelry. So, there is no harm for those who want to invest in gold, gold can choose investments in gold bullion (precious metals).

Gold bullion is available in various sizes, such as 1 gram, 2 grams, 3gr, 5gr, 10gr, 20gr, 25gr, 50gr, and the heaviest is 1kg. The smaller the size of the gold bars, the cost of manufacture becomes more affordable. However, if you want to invest in large enough quantities, should you buy gold bullion (precious metals) in a larger size. This is to minimize the amount of fees that must be removed.

Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Platinum
Gold consists of yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. A clear distinction from yellow gold and white gold is the color. In terms of investment, niali white gold and yellow gold is different. The second difference lies in the type of gold alloy used to make yellow gold and white gold. They are the same basic materials, namely gold. Dalah mixtures of different materials. Using a mixture of yellow gold silver, white gold while wearing a mixture of nickel.

Meanwhile, platinum metal is a very rare kind that makes the price of platinum is very expensive. It makes one form of platinum as a good investment. But, somehow, yellow gold bullion investment is better, more easily sold, and known to the public than Putin's gold and platinum.

That's a little explanation about the gold price tends to rise so as to make gold into alternative investments is promising. Good luck and hopefully useful!

Some Weaknesses of Cooperatives

Indeed established cooperatives and business partners to work together that will benefit many parties, particularly members of the cooperative. By becoming a member of the cooperative, residents will benefit more, especially in the economic field. In addition to save money each month, the community may well invest and benefit from cooperative efforts.

It's a lot of advantages to be gained from the cooperative, the benefits became a major force in the cooperative hook followers or members. However, despite promising a lot of advantages, the cooperative also has some weaknesses. The weakness of these cooperatives apart from the cooperative management itself can also come from members.

Here is a good cooperative weaknesses caused by the management (manager) cooperatives or caused by members of the cooperative:

Weak supervision
Cooperatives are built with the principle of the family, that there is mutual trust between managers, members or the investor. Sense of kinship and mutual trust is what makes the cooperative a lot of interest.

However, a high sense of confidence that this could also be a weakness of the cooperative. Management believes fully cooperative to its members, so the supervision of the management of cooperatives is very weak. Managers can not be totally in supervising its members.

For example in the examples of borrowing capital. Cooperatives could not directly supervise the capital used for what. It could be the borrower's capital misusing the money of the cooperative that will actually harm the people, especially the investors.

Sense of Dishonesty
Cooperative members were given full confidence by the cooperative. Thus, every cooperative members, especially members of the cooperatives that borrow capital loan capital is free to run it in accordance with the business to be run.

However, many cooperative members who are not honest. Dishonesty will result in the performance of cooperatives to be crippled, because a sense of trust between managers with members to be reduced, even absent. This will result in the cooperative could not develop.

During this time, the cooperative was built with mutual trust and democratic. All components in the cooperative (both managers, members, and investors) should move together in advancing cooperative. All three components must be honest in carrying out the trust cooperative, because otherwise, the cooperative will become unbalanced, and they will not get the benefits and advantages of the cooperative that followed.

That's what a few weaknesses of the cooperative. Honesty is very important in developing cooperatives. If all components are completely honest cooperation in running the cooperative, it will be a lot of benefits and advantages to be gained.

Knowing the Various Functions of Cooperatives

Cooperatives are based on populist economic activity, which is formed by the citizens (of the people, by the people, and for the interests of the people). Cooperatives must benefit the people, because the principle of the cooperative itself is the principle of the family, that there must be mutual trust between itself among members of cooperatives. The establishment of cooperatives, of course motivated by several things. One of them is the desire of governments to create citizen kemendirian Community Sector in the economic field. The government would have to think about what the cooperative functions for the community. Since it is impossible to establish a business entity without weighing the benefits going forward. In fact, the function of the cooperatives and then legalized in the Law no. 25 1992, Article 4 of the functioning of cooperatives.

There are several main functions of the establishment of cooperatives. One function of cooperatives is to develop the potential and capabilities of members of the cooperative economy, which then benefits will be extended to the community surrounding the cooperatives. Peninggatan thus create prosperity in the economic and social fields.

In addition, cooperative members are expected to play an active role in efforts to enhance the quality of life in society. So from this cooperative, will create an emotional bond which gave birth to civil society.

Another function is to strengthen cooperative self-reliance of the people in the field of economy. Thus, from a small business entity level is what will be the foundation of the economy which is a government mission. So indirectly help the cooperative efforts of government for the welfare of its people.

Cooperatives also serve to embody and develop the national economy. From this cooperation we instilled the values ​​of democracy, which is the main principle of the state of Indonesia. In addition, the cooperative also berasaskan family values, so it is expected to foster a sense of kinship, especially against fellow members of the cooperative.

Functions that are not less important than the cooperative is to develop creativity and build community spirit for residents association. Expected, from a small cooperative village level that would give birth to works that originate from the creativity of members of the cooperative, which could then be the identity and the superiority of the cooperative.

Cooperatives can also be used as a learning arena for students or school students. The practice of social life can be learned from the cooperative, which is a small part of community life in this democratic country.

Those are some main functions of the establishment of cooperatives. So many noble mission behind the reason for the founding of the cooperative. So many benefits to be gained by becoming a member of the cooperative, especially in the fields of economy and increasingly to strengthen family values.

Establishment of Cooperative Terms

To create a cooperative can not be granted, like running water. Establish or sober so long alone. As a financial institution, no cooperative stance conditions that must be met. This is necessary so that the cooperative has a clear foundation and also in accordance with existing regulations, namely the Law No.25 of 1992 which regulates the Cooperatives. Especially in Chapter IV, article 6 to article 8.

Establishment of Cooperative Terms
Under the Act, there are several requirements that must be met to establish a cooperative. Cooperative establishment requirements that must be fulfilled are as follows:

1. Requirements are determined based on the cooperative formation of the cooperative form yan will be established, whether the primary cooperatives or other forms of secondary cooperatives.

2. The formation of primary cooperatives need at least 20 members. While the secondary cooperative membership cooperatives are several legal entities. There are at least three secondary cooperative to a cooperative.

3. Cooperatives to be formed must be domiciled in a particular area which is located in the Republic of Indonesia.

4. Formation of cooperatives conducted by the deed in which contains the articles of association of the cooperative.

5. Articles of Association of the cooperative at least should contain at least the following matters as this.

- The existence of a list of the founders of the cooperative.
- The existence of the cooperative's name and the place or location of the position of the cooperative.
- Include the aims and objectives and lines of business will be conducted by the cooperative in its activities.
- The existence of those provisions to the cooperative membership.
- The existence of provisions of the rules regarding members' meeting.
- The rule governing how the process of managing the cooperative.
- The existence of those provisions to the funds that made ​​capital in the formation and passage of the cooperative.
- The existence of those provisions to the period of establishment of the cooperative.
- The rule governing how the distribution of net income (SHU).
- The rule governing the passage of sanctions in cooperative activities.

If the establishment of cooperative terms are met, then anyone can set up cooperatives, both primary and secondary cooperatives. With the cooperative, then the economic life of society, especially in lower-middle can be helped through the activities or businesses that run from the cooperative. This is certainly very important in order to advance the welfare of the people of Indonesia and the increasing strength of the nation's economy and the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

Know the Cooperative Principle

Based on a cooperative world, the idea that underlies the birth of the cooperative principles include solidarity, democracy, independence, the attitude of the interests of someone other than self-interest (alturisme), justice, state of the economy, and increase the common welfare. Cooperative principle itself is guiding lines or guides used by the cooperative to implement the values ​​of cooperative work in practice.

He is also the basis for cooperative work in conducting its business activities and organizations which constitute the hallmark and identity of cooperatives that distinguish it from non-cooperation companies.

Cooperative principle first became known and was pioneered by the Rochdale Cooperative in 1844. It contains a formula agreed upon by all members on ways to work for a consumer cooperative, is as follows.

- Sell ​​pure goods, must be original, and using the correct scales
- Sell ​​for cash
- Sell ​​according to market prices
- A member entitled to one vote
- Not discriminate against members of political and religious
- Surveillance conducted in a democratic
- Membership is open
- Limited interest on capital
- Distribution of net income comparable to the services and purchase of each member
- Providing training to members with the principles of

ICA as a cooperative world's top organizations have also formulated the general principles of cooperatives are expected to be implemented by co-operatives worldwide. To that end, ICA has established a special commission to review the cooperative principles that have been pioneered by the pioneers of the cooperative.

Not only once finished, the formulation of the principle of cooperation made ​​by the ICA as well as through reforms in the congresses are held on cooperatives. Finally, the ICA made ​​improvements through the ICA Congress 1995 in Manchester, England in 1995. ICA succeeded in formulating a statement of cooperative identity (ICA Cooperative Identity Statement / ICIS), the grains are as follows.

- Membership is voluntary and open
- Control by members of the democratic, one person, one vote
- Economic participation of cooperative members
- Autonomy and freedom
- Education, training, and information
- Close cooperation among cooperatives, both at the regional, national, and international
- Concern for community

In Indonesia alone has created a Law About the Cooperative Principle. Cooperative principle in accordance with Law No.25 of 1992, as follows.

- Membership is voluntary and open
- Management carried out democracy
- Distributions of Business (SHU) is done fairly proportional to the magnitude of the business services of each member
- Provision of fringe benefits are limited to capital
- autonomy
- cooperative education
- Cooperation antarkoperasi