Share Article: Stock Trading Process

Have you read the article shares? If not, read the article this stock. Talking about the stock trading process, will be more obvious if not separated from the question 5W +1 H, ie, Where-Who-What-When-Why and How.

1. Where: Where Shares Traded?
Shares traded on stock exchanges only. Securities can not be purchased at the mall. These can be purchased securities in a securities firm with capital money and enough knowledge about the stock market plus ID card. Come to a brokerage firm or securities. Gladly, they will serve you.

2. Who: Who's Doing Trade?
Who trade the stock is any person who meets the conditions specified securities firms, which submit their identification card, fill out the account opening, the signature on the stamp, as well as the ability to obey rules that have been determined and accept all risks of loss that may occur.

3. What: Are Traded?
This is an important question before starting to trade stocks. To answer what is traded in the stock market, here's the explanation. Stock is traded securities brokerage firm. Shape similar to a stock certificate.

Within stocks, there is a Collective Letter No. Shares, the value of the company's basic capital, the nominal value of shares, the stock owner's name, and so on. This is information that makes the stock so-called securities and making it tradable.

4. When: When Process of Trade last?
Shares traded on the stock exchange on weekdays, ie Monday through Friday. Starting at 09.30 s.d. 16:00. At 9:30, there is the opening price. Opening price is the price requested by the buyer or seller when a transaction has just begun trading.

Opening price may be the market price. Trading hours ended at 16.00 and at that time there is the closing price of which is the price demanded by buyers and sellers at closing.

5. Why: Why Stock Trading?
Shares traded, such as stocks go public. The shares traded so that people can take ownership stake (equity) in large firms are (going public).

6. How: What Happened Trade Process?
When Sir Bobby can contact the broker / dealer / broker who worked on the trading floor. Broker / dealer / broker will give orders buy slips and Mr Bobby will fill out the form with the name of the stock, the number of shares (in lots) and the asking price (bid price).

Sir Bobby compulsory purchase order was signed slip. Broker promptly forward purchase orders Sir Bobby on the internet, telephone, and so on. This is a bit of stock trading process.