Understanding Simple About Shares

Talking about the stock does not mean just talking about stocks at the stock exchange. If some people set up a joint venture company, whether small, medium, or large, that means each person has invested its share in the company. In other words, they were the owners of the company. The advantage of the business carried on by the company will be divided according to the number of shares owned.

Simple outlook Against Shares

Rights and Obligations
Before you dare to invest in a company's shares, used to study the rules that exist in the company related to the planting stock. As an investor you should know what your rights and obligations. The issue of shares is a complicated issue that can lead to conflict if the ordinance is run based on no fixed rule of order.

Life will not be eternal. If it can be when it lives lost, the shares are invested in a company can be passed on to posterity. But, if the rules are not strict, then it could have dividend rights that should be obtained and submitted to the not deserve it.

Share ownership can also mean having the right to organize the company because it has a majority stake in the company. When there is this rule, then muster all the potential to develop the company.

The development itself rather than merely to please the shareholders, but much of it is to help build the welfare of employees and their families. If you need help give you a few percent of the company to employees who have worked for 5 years and over.

Thus, employees who already have a stake in the company will work even harder because they realize that the company also belongs to them. The division of this wealth will be very pleasant and happy as it can continue to share.

The money distributed to others will bring more blessings of life that leads to happiness than if the money used to buy luxury goods that can not necessarily give a true happiness, but only a momentary pleasure.

Issuance of Shares
When a company throwing their stock to the stock, it means that the company will become a public company. The purpose of sales among the company's stock because the company needs funds to develop or require funds to save companies from bankruptcy.

Not uncommon that the existence of a new owner who has a majority stake will bring fresh wind update that will bring a new mechanism of action as well. Circumstances and new situations that make the company and all the more passionate in supporting efforts to work.

Not uncommon that after the shareholders who are just starting to fix the company, the old owners after re-stock company. So the exchange owner company is a common thing that should not interfere with the performance of the company. However, sometimes change of ownership may also interfere with the performance of the company, especially if the new owners began to fix the management which has been running well in advance.

Should Caution
When state-owned company began selling its shares and the shares were purchased by foreigners, as happens in Indosat, Krakatau Steel, and large national companies other. Ownership of shares to some extent will affect the company's management.

Do not let the Indonesian people could only be workers and coolies in their own country. Thus, knowledge of this stock is one thing to be possessed by each nation's children to be able to play in improving the welfare of Indonesian society.