Market Failure Mechanisms Policies and Free Trade

Complete is the empirical evidence for the failure of political policies and market mechanisms are increasingly open international trade in the last ten years. To anticipate the return of the same events recur, the Government advised immediately implement a controlled market economy policy, taking into account the domestic economic interests and national security.

Symptoms of irregularities over the inability of market mechanisms over a perfect beginning to be felt as a wave of international business cycles, irregular writhing, among others, with increased volatility of oil prices above 100 U.S. dollars. Then the weirdness also recorded with rising international commodity prices like palm oil, minerals and agricultural goods, the demand by the actors on an international scale farmers money. They are all chasing the non-monetary commodities, because of the weakening U.S. dollar value of the currency is revered as a "benchmark" in the pattern of international exchange of goods and services. With the depreciation of the currency of U.S. dollars, international trade activities then lead to the poaching of merchandise, which are categorized as non-commodity meneter the "liquid" - replacing the role of currency is U.S. dollars. This incident has taken place so quickly, because it is assisted by the easiness of commodity futures markets and international efforts to mobilize funds for speculative purposes. Stock the coffers of international private funds is partly also spent on the products stocks and bonds in emerging markets.

Well, the story keudian be funny because by the temporary government policy makers, economic experts and proponents of free international trade in the homeland, the Indonesian capital market boom that occurred since the beginning of 2007 until early 2008, they regard as the main attraction of the existence of the power of the national economy of Indonesia. Though the disciples after sarjanapun (as in MMUI), will understand right that the incident heat influx of capital flows to the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSE), which later changed its name to IDX, caused by lax regulation of the manager of BEI and the interest rate spread is the difference.

Automatic At that point, viewed from the perspective of economic concept of "Bath", Indonesia in the form of monetary reserves of foreign exchange increased many times over. Rupiahpun participate terkatrol which artificially causing the rupiah to strengthen its close to Ro 9200. But after a few months later observed, was an increase in stock market capitalization of BEI is not accompanied by an increase in installed capacity of our domestic production. There followed the so-called "bubble economy" in the capital market. That is, the actual emitenpun aware that an increasing number of common stock index is simply a mirage, that dream in broad daylight. Whenever this hot money that foreign investors were planted in the ground water, can they pull back. In conclusion, traffic money goes into the tub system of the Indonesian economy, has been used for the purpose of making money "capital gains" quickly. And this process is facilitated by the Exchange administrator for not doing its crackdown or a penalty cases where the stock was fried and commendable deeds of the "short selling".

Actually, the durability of the Indonesian economy since the rise in oil prices close to 140 U.S. dollar has begun to slacken. This is evidenced by the inability of governments to maintain oil subsidies. The structure of the state budget rose as though we too are actually saved by the issuance of debenture bonds currency of the Republic. Now if we remove the backup position this hot money from Bank Indonesia monetary balance, then our currency should weaken as oil prices increase it. Coupled with politics broke down over job padded central bank governor yesterday has slowed efforts to anticipate the possibility of flight of hot money from the Indonesian economy.

Exactly on this day we also mourn ... .. ISX closes shop for merchandise manager. Possible closure of shops was conducted on the basis of consideration of the possibility of the exchange rate melorotnya dramatically from large-scale attack the owners of foreign portfolio capital to withdraw their money. Well if this is true will tercorenglah image of the Government for its ability to run what is believed as: the "passage of a pure market mechanism in the homeland".

Learning what we can from all this?

Given the international liquidity of the money will be more stringent, and the world economy entered the crisis of the second half, then each developed and developing countries in the world will defend itself in the interests of their nationals respectively. The proof at the time the Government requested the United States Government assistance G7 to do the same thing, to save over the mobility of international finance as the lifeblood of free trade activity, was not entirely welcomed. Looking ahead, countries will increasingly make the policy of protectionism, while forgetting hibauan WTO body for gradual tariff reduction program. It is not time in a pure theory of International Trade applied in kacah globalization is increasingly fierce and greedy today.

For the Government of Indonesia, maybe this will be the agenda of the Cabinet of President-elect 2009, for the time to begin implementing the management mechanisms of capital markets and financial markets are controlled. All this is intended to allow the interests of shareholders and the domestic economy is not easily torn apart by the act of the owners of capital of the world. Protectionism for our commodity, the following protection for activities involving live hajad Small and Medium Enterprises need to get top priority. While the time we need a little hard to face behavior developed countries (in the agreements at the international level) that harm the domestic economy.

We secure is Money?

Investment in financial products like mutual funds and the stock can reap the storm. After a ride, starting in mid-2011 is an investment in mutual funds experienced a considerable reduction in such case occurred in 2003, 2005 and 2008. The question which then arises is "Well, then there is no safe place to invest dong? Are my funds should not be stored at home alone in a closet or under a pillow? "Saving money at home is equally risky to put money in financial institutions. The risk of being stolen by someone's house, stolen a thief can cause the money we save at home is reduced or lost.

In Indonesia there are still many members of society who can not distinguish between saving money and investing. If saving money at home or in the form of savings in the bank contain the risk, let alone the name investing. One thing to always remember is that none of the risk-free investment of 100 percent. Due to this risk, therefore we have to do an analysis before investing in order to minimize this risk (not eliminate).

How to minimize those risks? Many ways can be done. The first should always be remembered that investment risk is always directly proportional to their investment. That is, the higher the interest rate or expected results, the higher the risk. As for now there are several investment products that can provide a competitive return on investment (not high) but with a risk controlled (managed). However, it is still a lot of investors in Indonesia who are not using common sense to invest in products that promise high yields.

Ever Do not Put Eggs terms in One Basket? Or it can mean if we have a lot of eggs do not put all eggs in one basket. So if the basket falls, the eggs will break all. This proverb can also be used in our investments. Because no single type of investment that is 100 percent safe, then the investment should be made into some investment basket. In the financial world this is known as diversification.

Investment can be done using investment products offered by financial institutions and non-financial products. Using a combination of these products also help reduce the risk. Some non-financial products that can be used to invest is: Property (houses, apartments, shops, kiosks, etc.), motor vehicles, gold / precious metals (gold jewelry and pieces / bars), diamonds and precious jewelry, paintings, items antique, and many other products that can be used.

As for financial products such as banking products such as savings, deposits and SBI, capital market products such as stocks, bonds (bonds), mutual funds, insurance products such as whole life and unit link, foreign exchange (currency), indexes, futures and many investment products are offered both locally and sold outside the country.

Then see the profile of each product. Whether the product is high risk, medium, or small. The risk of the product is then adjusted our risk tolerance. And lastly use a combination of these products to produce a collection of investment product known as portfolio or in the Indonesian language is the portfolio. Where the percentage of each product to be used adapted to the respective investment objectives.

By using these methods are expected to be minimized and the risks of investing our funds will feel more calm, so when the market is down right now, we do not need to panic anymore.

Synergy Expedition and Courier Online Store

Emergence of online stores that grow all over Indonesia to make the expedition became a courier service one of the complementary (complementary) to support online business. Why so? Because, sooner or later than the goods arrive at their own consumers is at stake for online stores.

For example, an online store that sells books. Consumers ordering and paying postage, and online stores to deliver the goods with an estimated up to 2-4 days to the destination address. Apparently, the packages of books to one week. Online store owners need to convey an apology and explain why the goods do not arrive on time.

So even if you pay postage (ongkir) that are urgent (immediate or special), the package may not be able to order immediately. It might, there are technical obstacles that are not unexpected.

Based on the experience of 24-hour bookstore that sells books online. Ve goods do not arrive on time and late only because of his courier officer was sick and could not be replaced by another officer, because the path way is unknown or when the truncated holiday.

Ease back, many expeditions couriers that provide tracking services, via online delivery check by entering the delivery receipt number, even simply by sms. Thus, consumers can easily see the final position of a package where we are. Been delivered or are delivered (process) and in real time.

Choosing Courier Expedition
Indeed, all the expedition courier (shipping) wearing frills express. Although the results do not necessarily express. Even now, travel-travel trips have started to open service delivery.

Ideally, the expedition goods courier is able to sustain and support the online store and if need be integrated into the system database. Thus, consumers can easily see, for example, 1 kg weight of the item, how many dollars for the purpose to an extent.

Remember, every expedition has its advantages and disadvantages. If you intend to open an online store you have to be smart to choose the expedition in order to achieve a profit. If you intend to open a business in the path of the expedition, expedition smart to choose a reliable, online, ontime, and ready to receive service complaints from consumers.

Some Names Expedition in Indonesia

Pos Indonesia
Anugerah Cargo Services
Sentani Ekspress
Cito Express
ALP Expedition
Guna Darma
Lintas Persada
solar Earth
cika Ekspress
ABF Indonesia Express
logistics Indonesia
Antar Nusa Transportindo
Askara Courier Service
Bangun Putra conformable Trans
Sentra Niaga
Baruna Gems
Main blessings
BMS Express
light Express
Aberdeen Cargo Express
Cargo Service
Citra Indah Partner Express (CIPEX)
Citranusa Courier
CLS cargo

Know Your Author Web Services

The need of information very quickly requires every institution to be competitive in order to gain the confidence of the public. Therefore, information management becomes a liability that can not be missed. Usually, when people want to get information, the web is one of the places frequently visited. Departure from this condition, making web services started lively. In addition to reducing the workload of a instani, web management by using the services of others can also help raise the image of the institution.

Web Services bianya maker has specific criteria. There are only providing manufacturing services, kemudaian management handed over to the client, some are providing manufacturing services as well as its management.

To attract and consumer confidence, the manager of web services makers usually consists of several teams who are experts in their respective bidanya. There are moves as advertising, web design, reporter, freelance writer, and visual communication experts. The composition is then to have high sales value in the competitive communications business.

In Bandung, for example, existing web services BATIC makers who have more than seven years of work. Initially they are a training institution that opened to the public who are interested and keen to learn journalism. However, due to technological developments, they also mengepakan wing pembua services business into the web.

Similarly, Community Dynamics, a communications consultant in Bandung makers begin to look for a web services business. Initially they were simply engaged in the field of journalism to help the agencies who want to have their own media (inhouse magazine).

In order for enthusiasts of this service is not the wrong choice, then we need to know who the maker of such web services manager. How does their background, what advantages they offer, how long have they engaged in that business, and more importantly, anyone who has become their clients.

Business Communications
Service web maker is one form of business komuniksi. In addition, there are several business communications such as advertising, public relations, human resources consultant, consultant CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), public speaking, or a business motivation. Now, business is usually managed in one large container.

Komuniksi business activity began to bloom toward the end of the 20th century, whether in Europe or in America. Along with the paradigm that the information is a very important asset, their efforts were increasingly growing. There are several business agents komuniksi which now reach almost the entire world, for example: Publicis Groupe, BDDP & Fils, Butterfly, JCDecaux, Moonda, Lotus Bleu, CLM, Young & Rubicam France (TBWA) Euro RSCG, or JWT.

They have hundreds of branches spread across several countries, including Indonesia. Their client was not a haphazard agencies, some have a multinational corporate clients, international organizations, as well as international campuses.

Well, if you have enough funds to make the web, they can provide assistance as you want. Bagainmana with the results? Most of the ads that appeared on Indonesian television had been a client communication companies.

Utilizing Secure Moving Services

You intend to move residence in the near future? Are the days ahead of a move to a new residence makes you a little worried considering the number of items to be taken? Move to a place is not an easy case because in addition to thinking about how to start a new adaptation in place, there are obstacles that are very close to us that is packed securely and safely so that no one any less reached their destination. However, now the problem can be solved by relying on moving services.

Companies engaged in the field of relocation services will assist you in packing the goods in accordance with its type and delivered to a destination with the security standards employed in a professional freight forwarder

Business Moving Services
Services move home, office, or heavy equipment plant and warehouse of a company was able to open up business opportunities for anyone who would glance at it. This business generates revenue in addition to classes, can also open up employment opportunities as possible for those who need jobs.

Moving Services typically includes three things, namely packaging of goods by using plastic, wooden box and aluminum foil in accordance with the type of goods. Then the service delivery to the destination that has been known route by the team. Furthermore, the unloading of goods and layout arrangement according to customer order.

Security Services: The Bodyguard

Security services are often associated with a security guard. But really, the security services have a working base is much broader than just a security guard. If you want to see the security services in a broader scope, the movie Bodyguard, starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner may be enough to give a picture.

Body lean and muscular body
A company that provides security services will usually be met by men with high body burly and muscular, bald-headed or short-cropped hair, black glasses with a communication device attached to the ear. Men with a physical profile as it was a picture of the guards. But, not all of them have a body shape like that. There is also a rather short but muscular and agile. Fierce gaze with a steady and strong voice is also the capital of a bodyguard.

User Services Security
If in a residential area is usually called a security guard security officer. They will always patrolled periodically and ask for the identity of each person who is considered foreigners who will enter the housing complex, but the system wholesale. In the sense that the security guards to maintain security throughout the complex compound did not specifically keep a particular house.

Not with special security services who have the task of maintaining a celebrity, for example. They will continue for 24 hours while still hired the celebrity will accompany him wherever he went. Her bedroom will be maintained. The security people will only follow the will of anyone who paid him and doing a good job and a full discipline.

These bodyguards are trained for it. They also learn the science of psychology, although not detailed in theory, but directly on the application. They know what to do if there is a case. Training is not only the physical formation of this really makes a bodyguard able to keep its target. Coded and strategies must also guard their control.

So, being a bodyguard is not as easy as imagined. The stakes are their lives or the lives of those they guard. Arduous task that makes the security services to be rather expensive and not everyone can rent it.

Corporate Security Services Provided
This security service is quite complex as well. In addition to a sophisticated tool that certainly must have permission from the Police because it involves the use of bladed weapons, there are also other areas that underpin the sustainability of this business. Other services provided, for example:

- security consulting services (security consultancy);
- implementation of security equipment (security devices);
- education and training of security (security training and education);
- guard carrying money and valuables (cash in transit);
- provision of security (guard services);
- rescue assistance.

How Real Estate Agents Sell Houses

real estate is a great place to put your money in. With a wise real estate investments you can retire young and rich. One way to make money in real estate is as agenta.Real estate agent acting as a go-between. He is a person who facilitates the sale between the buyer and seller. Now the question is how real estate agents to do? With the money involved in real estate deals can be sure to close the deal is not easy.

real estate is a great place to put your money in. With a wise real estate investments you can retire young and rich. One way to make money in real estate is as agenta.Real estate agent acting as a go-between. He is a person who facilitates the sale between the buyer and seller. Now the question is how real estate agents to do? With the money involved in real estate deals can be sure to close the deal is not easy.


Here are some methods used by real estate agents in selling a home.


First, develop your list of buyers and sellers. When it comes to real estate buyers brokerage and sellers are equally important. You May think that customers are important, because after all, they are people with money. But no vendor can not be selling. Professional agents have a list of buyers and sellers. This list is strictly confidential. It's one thing you will be taught by anyone. It contains all the details of your buyers and sellers, as well as the properties are sold.

Third, go to public auction. This is a good place to get good deals that relate to your customers. Of course you may not have time to go to every auction. So what you can do is get a list of foreclosed properties every bank in your area. Look at the list and recommend any property that might suit your customers requirements.

Finding Profitable Internet Business Opportunities

generating revenue

internet business opportunities are a bit today. In fact, many have turned to Internet-related revenue for daily food. With today's long list of Internet business opportunities, you can simply choose one that can supplement your current income, or perhaps replace your day job. There is a lot you can do, regardless of education. In addition, you can do everything right in the comfort of your own home.

There is a free resource centers out there that are specifically designed for those who are interested to come with their very own internet business. If you think you are so prone to this type of field, there is absolutely no need for you to worry because you can always use the free tutorials and step by step guide to help.

you need

the first three things you need to make sure that you have already purchased before embarking on this type of enterprise is actually a bit basic, however, very important. For example, the first thing you need to do is find yourself a niche that you think will be very beneficial for you. In addition, you can choose different methods for you to be able to make lots of money online using today's profitable business model. And finally, you have to figure out who you can create your very own website. No problem in this area because there are lots of things and people out there who are willing to help.

Great for beginners

internet business opportunities are most recommended for beginners because they are not necessarily experts in the technical field. Although difficult part of this type of investment, why try the hardest part when you less complicated time for your company? There is actually a simple way to catch some ideas for your niche that have a high capability to generate much profit, finding a good domain name, web design, as well as avoiding all the complications that come along with technical matters.

Legitimate Online Businesses - What Kind Of Online Business Can You Start?

It can be difficult to find a right of legitimate online businesses to start with so much misinformation and lies spread and peddled on the Internet. So how do you decide which online business to start? Well, you must be diligent and do your research to ensure that you find a legitimate online business that can actually make richer, not poorer. After all, we learned about driving, flying or any other skill, we must spend time to learn and practice first, before we actually do not activities. Online business is no different.

So what kind of online business you start? Here are 3 business models can take into account:

Model # 1: freelancing

is the art of freelancing work for themselves and for others. The freelancing, provide service to others that need it, while being able to choose who you work for s. If you can write, create graphics or coding skills, you can provide these services to companies and individuals who are looking for professionals to work for them. Even if you do not have the skills mentioned above, can provide services such as managing social media accounts, posting links to companies to help them increase their search engine rankings, provide customer support, and so on. There are many opportunities in this business model.

Model # 2: Ebay

eBay is still a major marketplace for buying and selling physical products online. You can go on eBay by selling things that are lying around in your house, but still have some intrinsic value in them. Sales at the auction market can now be even more profitable than ever, now that sellers are given 50 free ads per month. Ignore the hype on Facebook and Twitter, when it comes to crisis, and people are looking for products to buy, they still go to eBay, Amazon, or the latest hip place to be - a coupon sites. Facebook and Twitter can be used as part of a marketing campaign, but it's not the end all be all.

Model 3: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably the easiest and fastest start a business online, because all you have to do is promote your affiliate link, and when customers buy products or fill out the form, you can earn a commission. This is truly one of the best insights ever created for online businesses. Merchants love it because they only pay affiliates when they produce or sell the water, which means that all of its costs in this model generates a profit. While the branch, they do not have to deal with the hassle of creating a product, shipping and dealing with customers.

of 3 business models are described in the legitimate online businesses you can start today. Choose wisely, and if you need more information, then be sure to get the information you need before plunging in

Will Bond Funds Be the Best Investment For 2011?

Investors who bet that bond funds will be the best investment for 2010 have not been disappointed with their investment choices. Because smart investors look down the road six months or more to beg the question:? Bond funds will be the best investment for 2011 and what are the risks

just look at average annual rates of return for the 3-year period ending in mid-2010 helps explain the popularity of bond funds. Money market funds paid between 1% and 2% per year on average, pay almost nothing for the past 12 months. Stock funds, a wild ride with many of them lose 10% per year or more. Many high-quality bond funds returned more than 6% per annum. Under one possible scenario of their income could be the best investment for 2011, or at least the best mutual funds. But do not ignore the risk factor.

bonds offer a fixed annual income based on a fixed interest rate that never changes for a lifetime investment. When you own shares in a bond fund you own a small part of a large portfolio of income producing securities, which trade on the open market like stocks do. Your total return on bond funds, including interest income and gains or losses in the value of the securities in the portfolio. Therefore, the risk factor.

Bond funds are also referred to as income funds, because that is their main attraction ... higher interest income than they can get from other popular investment options or other mutual funds. They are good investment lately, and the best investment for 2010 for investors looking for higher returns without higher risk. There are two main reasons for this. Interest rates are lower, and inflation is tame. Falling interest rates make fixed-interest revenue from existing or older bonds more attractive than the new issues coming to market. Investors bid price (value) of bonds on the market because they are willing to pay more for higher income.

Lower inflation makes bonds with fixed income payments more attractive as a future purchasing power will be significantly diluted by the higher cost of living. Negative inflation is called deflation, where prices of goods and services is actually declining. If interest rates continue to fall, and inflation followed suit and / or go negative, bond funds are a candidate for the best investment for 2011. Some economists and professional money managers believe that this scenario would definitely happen.

On the other hand, interest rates are currently near historic lows for at least part of the government's efforts to get low rates to stimulate a lackluster gospodarstva.Pitanje is whether or not to be able and / or the market will push interest rates in 2011? When rates go up in inflation generally, and it's a formula for losing money in fixed income investments such as bond funds. Higher interest rates and inflation to fixed income from securities less attractive. And investors in the bond market sent prices of bonds fall in sales of

Income funds are some of the best mutual funds in the last 10 years and three years, when things were dicey for stocks and stock funds. Do not assume that this trend will continue. Look at the economic and business news. If interest rates continue to creep down and inflation remains low and turns negative (deflation), bond funds could be your best investment for 2011 and beyond. If the opposite occurs it's time to lighten up, or avoid bond funds together.

Business And Suggestion

Of course, there is an economic recession, but it is mainly their own decisions and suggestive design. In addition, I begin this article, I will spend the rest of this article explaining that statement. Between our ears is a computer that has all our suggestions and good or bad for them. I'm not saying that we are not ghosts or something more or something stupid like that. But really after the destructive will lead to what is destructive. Guided by what is productive will come of what is productive.

I am not saying that all you have to do is think positive thoughts, and that is that. No, I did. But I said that we create our own true welfare and poverty through their own true of all our thoughts, actions, and what generates the tih.Priroda true power of this: The truth is what we all have created with our actions and honesty is what we do through our actions, except that there is no real external causes, but over all our actions, those are the things. Awareness of the responsibility of creating believe it or not. Of course, I will not deny the natural and other disasters and accidents and so forth, but generally we have a choice how we act, react, think, and generate results from reality.

Therefore, awareness of the responsibility to produce good results when you really look at it all really, and for all. If this is not our responsibility, therefore, we would not have had the opportunity to live that we, or otherwise. Aware of business, profit or loss would not be possible at any level, when you really looked. All the pre-determined in any medium, without conscious choice to question the reality of the situation is changing for the better or worse at any level. So, over all the way, we determine our success or failure in our personal suggestions of failure or success, winning or losing, and acts on those thoughts and reality. I just call you all true internal and external causes of success and failure exist. It's all our choice, our awake or slacking choice in life to win or lose. Therefore, we conclude that awareness is the key to all elections, everything else is pre-instinct. You May or May not agree with me or my conception of honesty, but that's how it works, it is the principle of reality that does not change the law for everyone in life, business, games, thoughts, actions, work every day and all .

When Will the Economy Finally Turn Around?


Egyptian citizens were able to discourage a painful 82 years old Mubarak from seeking seventh term after more than thirty years in office. His administration, as stated, are not percolated dividends of democracy to the ground. Over the past thirty years, those living below the poverty line rose from 39 percent to 43 percent, but growth in the country within the index rose. Finally, Pharaoh let my people go.

One thing, however, incidents have been able to break the link was on ethnicity and religion. This shows a basic characteristics - the struggle for power, regardless of how the warring groups experience. While the range of starvation bares his hollow teeth and forcing people to revolt, fear of the unknown, life after the disappearance, runs repressors to hang on. Therefore, it becomes clear that in the midst of trouble, selfishness is the driving force and no ethnic or religious background into account. For example, when 69 years old leader of the Al-Nahda party, Rachid Ghannouchi returned from exile in Tunis, the airport was filled with protesters he was warning against turning into a religious struggle. Some posters carried by protesters read: "No Muslim, no theocracy, no Sharia, no nonsense." Al-Nahda Islamic branded a terrorist group by the deposed president. Similarly, the Egyptian riots, Christians have reported apparently protective surround Egyptian mosque during prayers Muslims to prevent them from being attacked by pro-government forces.

Thus, the protesters were united under a common umbrella - starvation and want. And North African countries are by no means the only one in the face of such threats. Since the economic meltdown, Europe was out of breath. From Iceland to Greece, Germany, Ireland - It was a struggle to fight against bankruptcy. European countries are tightening the noose against foreigners. The United Kingdom has recently raised the retirement age for an indefinite period in order to reduce the amount spent on pensions, which, of course, is a temporary palliative. They are tightening the noose on the employment of foreigners, like many people who currently are leaving Britain. Russian fire destroyed the wheat in arid areas resulting in soaring food awards in Europe. With flooding in parts of Europe and Australia recently, this trend may continue. However, with all the increase in earthquakes, floods, landslides and volcanoes, the world is recovering from the global economic meltdown. It was the numbers are manipulated, or we are not getting it right. Reports indicate that more than 19 trillion Naira was paid by insurers in the past decade, worldwide natural disasters. Of that total, 5.5 trillion is attributable to 2010 alone, according to Munich Re, an international re-insurance company. These are losses that had been secured, which is insignificant portion of total losses.

The question now is, when the global economy to recover? Or put another way, it will recover at all? This course of this disorder, for example, the productive man hours lost can never go back. A demonstration of how it happens, it can be extended to all parts of the world in the long run. With those who live in the recognition of natural law as expressed in the work in the light of Truth The Grail Message Abd-ru shin, it will not come as a surprise. It is so obvious that we are heading towards an unprecedented level of economic disaster ever recorded in history. The riots May well be the catalyst for a main dish.

fire on the mountain's rapid expansion and now has to overflowing. Very soon, this will be followed by tsunami, resulting from the collapse of the economy that is manipulated to our detriment.

4 Ways to Find Service Law

Legal services originate at the service. Because it is not visible, intangibles (invisibles), then the dimension of legal services that can be measured is a matter of output, treatment, and ease of access. Legal services andekdot famous "unflinching defense of the pay". Of course not wrong, because on a client-oriented legal services. Advocates are paid (usually) to win a client's case.

Legal services must be comfortable selecting. Not always a good is expensive. There is still a credible legal services, but not charging for those unable, because of legal services is a human right. Obligation of the government if the suspect can not afford to provide legal services. So there's no reason not legal services rendered. Live our insights about the law that should be added so as not to blind the law.

Tips and Tricks
Well, to cope with such cases we see are 4 ways to find legal services.

- Advocate office. Visited directly to the office of advocate. Select the services that you trust lawyers. Credibility is number one. Do not select the office advocates who have a bad track record. However, did you have to have a fat wallet to hire a lawyer who often appear on television.

- NGOs. Ask for references from non-governmental organizations. 98 Eg in the era of the famous Indonesian Legal Foundation. Choose a trusted NGO in order to reference that could be given the right target.

- Internet. Legal services through the internet milling about in cyberspace. They provide consultation via the internet eg Yahoo Messenger. Variety of tariffs available, depending on the legal issues that convolute. You must be smart to choose legal services via the Internet. Do not buy a cat in a sack. Carefully before choosing legal services. Then, check again re-check the track record of legal services.

- State apparatus. For example when you are entangled in human rights cases, reported to the National Commission on Human Rights. Or problem teenager, reported to the National Commission for Child Protection. They will provide the space and time for you. In fact, the legal issues surrounding the will they handle.

Shipping Services: Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Services sector is an area that offers a service that emphasizes helping consumers in various ways. In field service, customer satisfaction is a priority. Various facilities offered in the field of services. Services sector is an area that will never be bankrupt or insolvent even in difficult conditions because everyone is going to need help from others to solve or get things done. Service delivery is one area in services.

Shipping Services
Service delivery is helpful to send items to someone. Whether the distance is indeed very far away, somewhere not so far, which certainly has a stake in service delivery should arrive objects sent to the destination or intended. Many people use the service delivery because of the distance. In addition, also due to the speed of time in transit. The faster the object arrive at the destination, more and more customers.

But that does not mean that a priority is only a matter of time until just speed. Security issues or goods delivered object becomes a priority, even a top priority. Speed ​​delivery times are not going to be okay if we entrust the goods for shipment was damaged or even lost.

Pioneer Delivery Service
Service delivery is driven by PT Pos Indonesia, who was a mainstay in the delivery of letters and notes. Because of the importance of timely delivery of letters and notes, the school also presented material on filling orders and retrieval phases. So even with a letter, described how the process of mailing.

At the post office was on display flow and mail delivery services and money orders. In addition, on certain occasions like the holiday season, holidays and new year, the post office is often crowded with visitors who want to send a letter. Needs stamps rising sharply. They exchanged letters or packages of goods to relatives or friends who are out of town.

Express delivery
Such events are currently only available during the holidays because during the holiday season just arrived or a new year arrives, the majority are not using a delivery service. Moreover for the mailing. For existing electronic objects are considered more practical, rapid, and inexpensive cell phone that is.

The existence of these electronic items are made ​​of PT Pos Indonesia has decreased profits. Especially with the rise of a type of delivery service that offers delivery services more quickly than usual. Call it 4848, DHL, TIKI, JNE, or travel-travel that also offers delivery service.

Currently, freight is increasingly prevalent in many cities. They offer the convenience of others. For example in terms of bundle package, no need to wear a brown paper wrapped. Provided the goods are shipped already wrapped well, so shipping can be done immediately.

Not to mention offer a faster delivery times that can be reached within hours. Indeed, all freight by freight forwarding companies which will be calculated per kilogram. Price per kilogram depending on the distance of the field. Usually the service delivery to avoid delivery of valuables. However, there are also some shipping services are willing to serve the delivery of valuables.

Stresses Customer Satisfaction
For service delivery, customer satisfaction becomes important. They really keep the service to send them. For example, for goods classified documents, will be wrapped in plastic so as not to wet. Also not to be stacked with goods for fear of non documents become corrupted.

If the goods delivered are valuable documents such as certificates, insurance is usually charged. It is determined to avoid the possibility of valuable documents are missing or damaged. Service delivery is easier for us in sending goods to a person with a variety of collateral. Still, vigilance must necessarily be prioritized. Choosing a delivery service that has been shown to have good service, safe, and satisfying to be the main guarantee of delivery of goods.

Repayment Credit Card Services Not Debt Collector?

In almost all print media advertisements always appear to offer credit card payment services. Diverse, ranging from individuals to the list the name of the institution. Magnitude services also varied too, with a tantalizing promise. But, whether the troubled credit card holders are completely safe to use their services? Credit card payment services to grow and evolve with the development of public interest against the use of credit card services.

Services for credit card repayment amount is about 3% while for the services of cash withdrawal from credit card charged a fee of 2.5%. To use their services, a credit card holder is problematic enough to provide a photocopy of identity cards, credit cards that will be repaid and the credit card billing statement.

Actually what is the advantage of a credit card holder uses their services to pay off those credit cards? An officer claiming a credit card payment service by handing him to pay off credit card bills, a credit card holders will benefit, among them:

- Will avoid the flowers bloom, which will ultimately be very burdensome. Compound interest is applied if a credit card holders always pay only the minimum of each bill, late payment and of course credit card rates applied are concerned. However, using the services of others to pay off credit cards are also charged a fee. Be careful with this fee not to just after the accumulated even more expensive.

- A credit card holder who always pay in full the entire bill, will be recorded in the banking as well. Thus if a person's credit card holders pay off the entire bill handle links by using the services of others, will also be recorded with a proven record and reputation in banking.

- Another advantage with the settlement of these bills, credit card providers will also prioritize the outstanding credit card holders to be given the possibility of additional credit card limit

However, if you will use the services of others in this credit card repayment, must also be careful because you relate to individuals or institutions that may not be able to avoid things like the violence that is often done by debt collectors.The logic is that they'll pay off your bills with their own money, and we will deal with them later. Even if a credit card payment service providers where else, as if always gives various facilities, even those that apply to the 0 per cent interest alias without interest.

As a note for caution, a credit card payment service providers are fairly easy to find on the internet, why use the services he claimed to be more profitable and easier than using the services of the bank.

- You simply pay a service fee, whereas if administered with other banks charge 10%. Compare to fee payment service providers who only wear it at 3%. There is a difference of 7%.

- By using a service provider payment, your bills will be paid 100% while the bank will only pay the minimum payment.

- 0% interest, and banks bear interest from each transaction.

- Can speed limit increase, while the banking services there is no guarantee for the due payment is only the minimum payment.

Please compare, before you use their services.

About the Definition of Goods and Services

Goods and services have a very broad definition of our daily lives. Because, basically, goods and services is a factor that can not be separated in human life. The breadth of understanding of goods and services causes a lot of assumptions are summarized by the experts on the definition of goods and services. On this occasion there are few conclusions obtained from the experts about the definition of goods and services that will be discussed one by one.

Understanding Items
Goods are any good thing that both tangible and intangible, movable or not even move, which has many purposes such as trade, worn, used or exploited by consumers.

Goods Distribution
Goods is something that many kinds. However, in outline, for the objects in tangible and intangible goods and chattels and goods not moving.

Tangible goods are goods that have a particular form, examples of these items such as books, pens and so forth. Intangible goods are goods that have no particular form, examples of these items such as gas, water and so forth lains.

Goods move itself is defined as items that can move from one place to another place trempat good way to move themselves or be moved, examples of these goods are ships, boats and so forth.

While the goods are not moving an object that can not be moved from one place to another. Examples of these objects, namely soil, tree roots are still stuck in the ground, and so forth.

Understanding Services
Philip Kotler explained that the service is any act or performance offered by one party to another party, in principle, intangible and does not cause any transfer of ownership.

Christian Gronross states that service is a process that consists of a set of intangible activities that normally occur in the interaction between customer and employee services and or physical resources or goods, and or system service provider, which is provided as a solution to customer problems Stas.

Something can be called to service when has anything like this, such as:

1. Intangibility (No tangible)
The definition of an intangible, ie services can not be seen, felt, kissed, heard or touched.

2. heterogeneity
Service is something that has no standards, this is because services are generated in the form of a performance, then there is no result from the same service even if done by the same person.

3. Perishability (not durable)
That can not be stored or used for services is basically something that is directly consumed at the time given.

4. Inseparability (not separable)
The term can not be separated from the services can not be separated from the service providers themselves, both individuals and the nature of the organization.

Advertising Services: Understanding and Creating Ads

Basically the ad is a pattern of communication to persuade their audiences to buy a brand. Commercial advertising began in 1836, when a newspaper from France named La Presse gives space for products that want to advertise.

Theory in Advertising
When an ad is shown on the community, he has several levels before akhrinya people interested in buying. Levels are:

- Awarness: here people started paying attention to a product. They began to know the name and brand.

- Knowledge: people are beginning to recognize the usefulness of the product.

- Liking: he began to like the ad

- Preference: he became one of the options to be used or purchased.

- Conviction: the person is convinced that the product will be useful for him.

- Actual Purchase: here the person has recently seen its ad buy that product.

Advertising services community
Public service ads are a form of advertising that is made to call for a social problem. Public Service is expected to invite the community to resolve the issue. This ad is its appeal. So he must have a persuasive communication. In Public Service, the role of copy writer is required. Copy writer is key for the message to the community.

Creating Ads
In making the ads, there are several steps that must be done by advertising services. This should be done systematically.

1. Concept
The idea is paramount, never underestimate this. Ad duration is very short, so do not forget to actually finalize the concept that the audience can understand what is expressed by us. Once the concept is complete, make a production team. Try to put the right man on the right place.

2. Storyboard
The function of a storyboard is to menyamkan perception between you, your team and clients. Storyboard is a series of pictures or photos that looks like a comic. Storyboard it contains scenes that are important in advertising.

If you say "I will make a product people can fly with you" on the client, the client may not be imagined what would happen. This could result in the erosion of belief in your concept. But if you talk like that while showing a storyboard, then the client will be more understanding. Try to create a storyboard with pictures because it would be more flexible later on if there are changes.

3. Casting
You certainly have a character in a story that has been thought. Find people who can roughly play the character well. Do not just choose, because it concerns the imaging of a brand.

4. Production
This is the process of the field. Where are all the crew involved down to complete these ads. Starting from the director, Director of Photography, actress / actors and cameramen doing their respective duties. Storyboard will feel it all the easier.

5. Editing
Simply editing is the process of cutting and splicing the image into an unfolding story. Here also can be added the effect, if it suits your needs.

Sharia Investments

For ordinary people, investing means the process to save or invest or funds we currently have to then take the result after spending a certain time frame. While investment in the view of Islam is essentially the active form of Islamic economics.

In Islam every property there is zakat. If the property is ignored, then it will gradually consumed by the zakat. One of the lessons of this charity is to encourage every Muslim to invest his wealth in order to grow.

Investment product that has followed the provisions of the Indonesian Ulema Council or national sharia council can be classified to this type of Islamic investment. As for including Islamic investment products should follow several provisions, among them free from the practice of usury and interest, free from gharar (transaction does not clear the goods, prices, and profit sharing), to avoid the smell of gambling or speculation, protected from unlawful elements, and protected from false or unfair acts.

Franchise Business Opportunity Always Enchanting

The low absorption rate of job vacancies in Indonesia are not worth the labor force, and a variety of saturation of people working in a company trigger the desire to open their own business. For some people who already have a business background in the family may not be a problem. But for those who are inexperienced, try a franchise business can be an option.

Nowadays so many franchise business opportunities available in Indonesia. You just choose to suit yourself, whether you like working in the field of culinary, educational, or other services like printing and shipping. Here are some examples:

Foods & Beverages
This is the type of franchise business the most. Choose a franchise that suits your budget. Some foods you beverages franchise provides a variety of forms of cooperation. Start a kiosk that only need a 1X2 meter, trading around using bicycles or motorcycles, mini-cafe which requires 4x5 meter area, to the restaurant which requires a minimum of a broader area.

The larger the area required, the greater the cost of franchise, and the more employees you need. It all depends on you. In order to run a business with more fun, also select a menu suited to your taste. Menu foods & beverages that are currently a lot to offer franchise opportunities such as burgers, meatballs, kebabs, bubble tea, coffee, and crepes. With a capital of only 3-5 million dollars you can already have a franchise that simple foods & beverages.

Business Education
Currently in the field of education also open a franchise business opportunity. That much is for early childhood education, music lessons, courses in mathematics, and English courses. Because it is this kind of education that are currently in great demand. The target market is upper middle class because the cost of education is quite expensive and any type, including secondary education.

You also have to purchase the curriculum, have a permanent building with all amenities, and professional teaching staff and certified. Hence the cost that you need to open a franchise business is very high education, in numbers ranging from hundreds of millions to 1 billion rupiah.

Shipping Services
Online business in Indonesia is now more and more devotees. Easy way of shopping, shoppers stayed access the internet and search for items needed. After looking at pictures and specifications, then maybe ask a little to the seller, the transaction can be done immediately.

Buyers transfer the amount to be paid including shipping charges, then the seller will deliver goods ordered via courier delivery. So practically delivery business franchise business opportunity is quite promising and a good prospect.

Tips to Start a Business Franchise in Indonesia

When this franchise growing in Indonesia. The name is already known so no need to do a lot of promotional effort, also the time of return of capital in accordance with the amount of capital invested, make doing business more convenient and good prospects. The full operating manual effort by franchisees are also able to attract beginner businessmen to buy the franchise.

Many foreign companies are opening a franchise business in Indonesia, among others, McDonald's, Popeye's, KFC, and Starbucks. But not a few companies which come to enliven the market. Franchise exhibitions held each year in Indonesia located at the JCC, Senayan, Jakarta.

According to organizers, 50% of the tens of thousands of visitors to the exhibition which took place at the end of 2009 it said it would invest in a business there and 40% of participants get a new contract to open a branch. The entry fee is charged USD 50 thousand per visitor for 3 days did not dampen the intention of the exhibition enthusiasts franchise business in Indonesia to come look at the franchise business opportunities.

Start a Franchise Business Tips
A few beginner mistakes when buying a franchise business is less selective in choosing franchisees, lack of operational funds, relying too much on franchisees, and can not pinpoint the exact location of business and strategic as a place of business.

Be aware that it is now business is booming franchise in Indonesia. But you do not easily dazzled by the grandiose promise of franchisees. If you are really lay in your business affairs, invite your friends or relatives who are more familiar to accompany you.

Learn the correct projections of investment and return on investment they represent. Ask for a detailed business plan. See whether they are realistic in estimating the market and sales.

Shortage of operational funds could also be one cause of the rapid business franchise folded. By having a famous name, you do not need to spend a high promotional costs. But do not forget, the more famous and more of a business name in Indonesia, the cost of its franchise even higher.

In some franchise, you have to pay a royalty fee every month. Usually in the form of a royalty fee charged a percentage (between 5-10%) of total sales or profit. So the greater your income the greater the royalties that you have to pay.

Do not let this cost is that you must pay at the beginning or the routine, reducing your ability to pay operating costs such business for his employees, the cost of electricity, and telephone charges. Calculate correct everything, provide hard cash in a safe business to start operations during the first year.

If you rely too much on guidance from the franchisor, you also can lose your customers. Remember, not only you have the same business, but also other franchisees. If you are less innovative in running a business, it's possible your customers will flee to other franchisee-owned businesses.

Another thing that absolutely need to be considered in running a business is location. The difference a few feet can make your sales go up dramatically or drop dramatically. Ask for franchisees to help guide the survey locations. However, some franchisees have included the cost of site surveys in the initial investment package.

Currently the company's new open and new have 1-2 branches alone can offer the franchise. Choose the franchisees are really experienced doing business in Indonesia. Proven that their business products and services are reliable and good prospects in economic development in Indonesia.

Glancing Business Franchise

Business franchise is currently one of the most popular form of business in Indonesia. Franchise business or franchise, in Indonesian, is a business development by selling the management rights business using the name and product or service, the same management and ownership is governed by franchisees based on the requirements or guidelines outline of the owner or seller franchise.

Franchise Business Advantages
Usually companies that dare to sell the franchise is a company that already has a name and is known widely in the community. So the main advantage is that you can minimize the franchise fee promotion for your business are well known.

Another advantage is that you are a beginner in running a business, you will get a guide even the training of franchise owners about how to manage the business and expand it up to be great. Thus you live alone without the need to run a trial-error effort or gathering information.

Even the franchise owners were sometimes able to find employees for your business while providing enough training for them, if you have difficulty looking for it.

Weaknesses of Business Franchise
The downside is that the franchise business you have to pay expensive enough just to use the franchise name only. This is quite reasonable considering you do not have to bother to do a promotion with a name.

Using someone else's name also means you are promoting someone else's business, and not your own business. It also can make you a businessman who is less independent because they all rely on the franchise owner. If one buyer the right franchise to do the harm customers, then most likely your business will be affected.

Another drawback is that you can not do innovation, development, and expansion of products / services your business if it is not in accordance with the guidance provided franchise owners.

In order for Safe Franchise Business
For businesses beginner, buying a franchise is an easy step. All such guidelines exist, just run it alone. The name was already famous. But you need to remember is you need a fairly large initial capital.

Not only for the purchase of assets, capital goods and raw materials, but also bought the rights to use the franchise name for many years. In addition, in order to secure your franchise business, you need to provide funds for working capital calculation for 1 year. Because you never know whether your business will run smoothly surfing the other branches. Then you must be prepared to pay employee salaries, cost of electricity, telephone, and others of this working capital, for at least 6 months to 1 year.

Business Franchise in Indonesia
Today so many businesses are easy to sell the franchise to the public. Have 1-2 new branches, he immediately offered the franchise. So you also need to study carefully the business plan before deciding to buy the franchise rights.

Business Franchise

Franchising is essentially a marketing concept in order to expand its business network quickly. Thus, franchising is not an alternative but one way just as powerful, just strategsinya conventional way in developing the business.

Even the franchise system is considered to have many advantages, especially regarding financing, human resources and management, unless the brand owner's willingness to share with others. Franchising is also known as a highly effective distribution channels to bring products to their customers through the hands of franchisees.

History of the franchise in Indonesia came from the government's efforts in this regard the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia. who saw the franchise or the franchise system as a way, attempt to invigorate the economy and create jobs. So began an effort to assess the existing franchise business in Indonesia through cooperation with the International Labour Organization (ILO).

E-Gold Investing

Have you ever heard the term e-gold investment? Do you know what's Investment E-gold? How to start investing e-gold? Yes, a lot of questions that might be thrown if a person hears the term e-gold investment. In order to facilitate our understanding, it helps us know in advance what is E-Gold.

E-Gold is an electronic currency, a currency like the dollar or Euro, but only applies to each transaction done electronically over the Internet. E-Gold is a new digital means of payment that can be used throughout the world, the standard value is based on 100% pure gold prices prevailing in world markets and is displayed in the form of saving account e-gold.

one of the best parts of the functionality of e-gold is that it can be exchanged across the world and in the currency of any country. Currently, many websites on the internet that offer both investment companies and individuals, in which to invest the funds and disburse profits can be performed via e-gold account.


Indonesia is the country with its population is very high and diverse. Population of Indonesia has had the awareness to keep any rights they have. Including insured health, life, even his education and motor vehicles. Insurance has become something very important in the eyes of society. So what exactly is insurance?

Insurance is an agreement in which the parties promised to guarantee a secured party, to receive an amount of premium in lieu of damages, which may be suffered by the assured, as a result of an event that is not yet clear. Thus is the definition of insurance by Wirjono Prodjodikoro in his book 'Insurance Law in Indonesia'.

Although it has become something that is considered important by most societies, insurance in Indonesia is still leaving a fairly severe ulcers. Insurance system that is used in Indonesia is still not satisfactory. Incessant promotion process insurance companies are not comparable with the disbursement of the insurance claim filed by the owner.

Shares for Investment Business

Many of us often hear about stocks, but still do not know how to own shares of a company. Especially companies that are going public. That the intent with the company going public is a company that some of its shares can be owned by the public. Business investment in the field during this buying and selling shares is not so popular.

But in developed countries, the stock is one of the media to make investments much preferred. Since when can a smart and careful in selecting stocks, then the benefits are very tempting. As we know, the stock is one form or proof of ownership of a company. So if we have the stock, which means we also have some rights in a company and can get a profit sharing if the company is generating profits.

Another advantage to be gained is that we sell these shares at a price higher selling price than when we bought it. The price of a stock could rise if the company also showed a good performance anyway.

Starting a Business Investment Stock
Before investing in the stock business, we must have an account to make buying and selling shares. His name is a securities account. As for places to open an account is called a securities firm. The first capital required to invest the amount varies, depending on the discretion of each company's securities. For Indonesia, it is usually set between five million and fifty million for the opening of the first account.

Having had a securities account, we can already start investing stock business. And every transaction, it will cost between 0.2% to 0.5% of the value of transactions we do.

Doing Stock Analysis
When to buy stocks, somebody would want to choose stocks that could benefit as a shareholder. Then how do I pick a good stock and can give hope to us to provide any advantage. Whether it benefits from rising stock prices or through the firm's profits. It required an analysis that is divided into two types, namely fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

What is meant by fundamental analysis is the analysis by looking at a company's performance and financial reports are published. So that we can pull through analysis with this method of course we also need to know how to read a financial statement and balance sheet of an enterprise that has been going public. The better performance is certainly possible to bring in more profit for us, too big.

While technical analysis is to examine the stock price based on its movement over time. For example the beginning of each year a company's stock price to rise. In order to profit from the difference in price rises, we can buy the stock at the end of the year when the price is still cheap.

We can estimate by looking at a trend. For example, when this type of business that is a good prospect is the field of property and infrastructure. So stocks that might give advantage is that companies that support the business areas of property and infrastructure. For example cement companies, building contractors and so on.

There is one more way that can be applied, especially for those who first venture investment in these areas and not so determines the intricacies. Ie select stocks from companies large and well-liked as well as products needed by society at large.

Usually this stock performance is always nice and can give a tidy profit, because its stock price tends to increase even though sometimes it takes a long time. So it takes patience.

Investments Law Must Run

Investment law into a kind of "legal standard" for people who want to invest in various sectors. There have been many theories that address the investment law. This article is simply trying to dissect what it is an investment issue, and theories that surrounded him.

In an effort to determine the legal policy of investing heavily influenced by the theory, other more petty motivation considering the large-scale transnational entrepreneurs or who is often referred to as multnational corporation (MNC). These theories were better known in relation to foreign investment that occurred in a country. Eighth theory is as follows:

- Dunning eclectis theory.
- International organization theory.
- Vernon's product life cycle theory
- Exchange risk theory
- The transaction cost
- Market imperfection theory
- The theory of global horizon

Elaboration Theory
These theories are more specific to explain the various modes of motivation and interest of foreign borne in investing abroad. Among the factors into consideration, namely:

- The expansion of the market, strengths and weaknesses of foreign markets.
- Various advantages possessed by the company.
- The various policies issued by the state as an investment destination.
- Political will by the destination country that belongs to the investors.
- Risk management; including political and legal stability.
- Abundance of raw materials in the country of destination of these investments.

In studying the investment law seems reasonable that in determining the investment policies in developing countries is not an easy job. Foreign investors when they wanted to disburse investment funds often have to deal with state policy makers to be planted between the investment as obviously both have two motivations and considerations are different.

This often led to legal investments in a country, becomes sterile alias has no authority because it is still causing a variety of deficiencies that pose many obstacles both for potential investors or investors who have invested.

This can be regarded as a dilemma to be faced by both the government of a country that will be addressed by the investor or the investor himself, so between the two can be mutually accommodated the interests and motivations.

Do not get when the government consider creating a policy of opportunistic investment law and the ambivalent. Opportunist policy referred to the absurd or impossible to do by the investor. And ambivalent, may these regulations often change and are very subjective. To prevent the properties of such regulations, it is necessary reformulated to create a conducive investment atmosphere and passionate.

Investment is very important on the one hand to animate the building of a society. But not to be emasculated foreign investment for the community itself because our regulations are too subject to the investor, or even vice versa, too difficult investment laws are made so that even many investors away.

Two Reliable Investment Business

Investment is one way you can take if you want to use or store some of your money. Investment, although according to most people is not too bothersome, the fact that investing is something that is very risky. And you should always remember to invest some money before you are, keep your money in the investment business reliably.

At present, business investment is not always reliable on deposit in the bank. However, there are many ways appropriate to the interest or interest you. Following this, it tries to explain about what businesses are classified as investments suitable for reliable, that you should definitely consider.

Who does not know the stock? Shares of investment is one that very often you hear on television. If you want to play in the stock investment, the first thing you should remember is to specify in advance what the company you want to go for your stock investment. Do not forget also, the company that you can go is an open enterprise alias tbk.

After determining what companies you want to go, see also how many dollars the price per share of stock. There are hundreds of dollars per sheet, thousands of dollars per sheet even tens of thousands of dollars apiece. So, adjust your finances.

And the last thing you also know, that in your stock investments should be ready with all the risks that may exist. Therefore, the stock is always changing every minute. Could rise dramatically, and vice versa: fell sharply.

Business investment is the land next. Also, land is one of the many that can be said to be investing their highly profitable and free from the risk of falling land prices. However, if God has willed through nature, the decline in land prices may occur.

If you want to embed a large amount of money for the land, the first thing you must remember is, find the list in advance in areas where the soil is not too expensive to have an alias in accordance with your finances.

For the price per meter of land, in every area and region, land prices are always different and bervarian. However, occasionally you do not buy land in the trade center or central business district if your finances are not great. Just imagine, the price in the area, even millions of dollars of the meter.

And one thing you need to know about the land, the land will never decline in value as I've mentioned before. Because, in general, land prices always increase the price of land per meter. Land will only be decreased if there are other things that can be regarded as natural disasters. For example, maybe you could see the ground in the area Sidoardjo, East Java, Lapindo Mud supposedly due to natural disasters.

So that was the dish this time of the investment business reliably. Investment is profitable, but it must be remembered that the name always imagined banyangi investments by risk. Successful investing readers!

Stock Investing for Whom?

Equity investment for whom? Do not just have the money, then dare to play stock investments without the slightest knowledge about the risk of loss which may be incurred later in life. Not easy to find investment agents who would bluntly giving guidance free of charge.

Learning First
Got a lot of money just is not the measure of success in playing the stock. There are many things to be learned before it became a new investor. When Warren Buffet a success story who became one of the richest in the world for playing the stock that inspired you? Try to find other stories are rather miserable.

For example, hundreds of Hong Kong investors who are depressed because of plunging share prices in their country. Or investors in the U.S. who eventually have to bite the fingers lose their shares being deceived by the securities firm was responsible.

Consider the good stories and the stories are sad. Then, many are asking the players the old stock. If you need to follow a particular course of conduct how to invest stocks and shares player is right. Also, do not hesitate to learn that according to Sharia stocks some people are also getting good chances.

Investment in stocks is not the same as the deposit. The element of loss is very familiar with this type of investment. Investment in stocks is a medium-term investment and long-term rather than short-term investments. When you have money 100 million and the money will be used to cost to get married six months. Yes, do not instill into the stock. Deposit only.

It would be more profitable because who knows the next 6 months the stock price plummeted due to the political friction that occurs at home and abroad as it is today. Imagine the money 100 million it will probably shrink to 50 million just because the stock price shrink by 50%.

But, if money is money that 100 million unemployed alias instead of money for the primary needs and want to try stock investment, then go ahead. But money is not used for at least the next 3-5 years. Preferred stocks are stocks were the mainstay.

To know about this pledge of shares, to learn more. So never give up studying and analyzing daily events that might lead to stock price falls. When a good atmosphere should also know when to top up the stock or by purchasing shares add new again.

The Role of Investment Manager
The role of investment manager is very important for a player beginner stock investments. Choose a good investment manager. Remember that although the stock is not a product manager investment bank is a bank. All losses will be borne by the investor rather than the investment manager. There was no assurance and no guarantee that stock prices will remain, up or down.

This is independent investment style that involves intelligence and expertise to manage feelings. Main stock should follow the senses is sometimes invisible. The conclusion was that stock investing is better for people who want to learn, learn, and learn.

Between Stocks and Bonds

In a system and management of a financial activity, we will know the names of stocks and bonds. Stocks and bonds usually found in companies limited cash value traded. It could be an asset for any company in its management.

But, not infrequently there are those who identify stocks and bonds into one. In fact, stocks and bonds is something different. If a bond is defined and interpreted it to say a letter of acknowledgment of debt a company to another party with a certain nominal value, and the period agreed upon by the parties concerned.

So, it can be said that the bond is a debt management as a form of an investment from the company concerned, to make a company work processes. The bonds themselves are divided into several types, including:

1. Debenture bond
Ie, unsecured bonds, but must be passed with the specified conditions and the holder becomes a general creditor, when the company liquidated.

2. Subordinate Debenture Bond
Where the value of a company's assets so low that when a company is liquidated then the interest payments will be high

3. Income Bond
That company is obliged to pay interest on the bonds, only when the company profits only. In that sense when a company does not profit from its activities, then the interest paid can be done when the company's profit.

4. Junk Bond
That is a value that provides high-yield bonds, but also with a high risk, without using any form of collateral, and of course the high interest value.

5. Mortgage Bond
That is a debenture issued, with the guarantee, the assets or property of preusahaan that issued the bonds.

Of the many types of bonds, of course, each company is also entitled to choose which bonds are roughly able to do. Each company must surely have its own grounding strategies if you want to use the bonds.

Meanwhile, the stock is a form of corporate activity which is a bookkeeping value and an accumulation of the value of a company. This is, make the company has a sales value and obtain a financing or investment activities of the company itself.

Different stocks and bonds one of which lies in the form of financing. If the shares without interest, on the contrary in bonds, returns from a given investment, accompanied by flowers. Shares are divided into several different forms, including:

1. Ordinary Shares
That is a proof of ownership of the issuing company. Condition is the value of stocks with dividend growth of a firm is zero, and whether a dividend a company is constant or not dengna stock value.

2. Preferred Stock
Basically similar preferred stock with bonds. But the payment of dividends are not added interest payments over time ka area and maturity that has been determined by the two parties.

Regardless of our corporate activities, both activities stocks and bonds, it depends on the ability of a company in mengeloa assets, investments, to develop the company into the future.

Differences peel Stocks and Bonds

Stocks and bonds is an investment tool that can generate wealth. Both are sometimes considered to be the same. In fact, there is no difference at all. But in fact, stocks and bonds have significant differences. For that, let's try to peel the difference of stocks and bonds to expand the horizons will be two means of this investment in order to determine the right choice of investment you want done.

Based on the shape, the form of proof of ownership of shares of certain companies. If you own shares, meaning you can be said as the owner of shares held firm with them. Unlike with stocks, bonds form of evidence of debt instruments. In this case, you have proof that the company owes you the amount stated in the bond.

Shareholders have called the dividend income with the income that is not specified frequencies. The owner of the bonds earn a specified interest rate within a certain period stated in the corresponding bonds.

The advantage gained by the shareholders is difficult to estimate because the benefits depend on corporate profits. In fact, if the company is a loss, shareholders can also lose money. As with the stock, bond owners have the advantage that can be calculated with certainty.

Stock has a price unpredictability. Sometimes, a high price, but not infrequently also has a low price. It relies on the development of the company itself. Meanwhile, bond prices tend to be stable, although highly sensitive to interest rate and inflation that occurred.

Based on the time, the stock has an unlimited period of time. No determination until when you have a stake in the company. Bonds himself as an accounts receivable agreement that has a period of time. Clearly determined when you can collect or the company will refund your money which is used as capital in the company.

For shareholders, the net benefits because it is taxed. While the owners of the bonds, the benefits still have to cut taxes so that taxes can also be calculated in advance before the bonds are paid the company.

Right to Vote
Shareholders have voting rights that must be heard in determining company policy because of its status is the owner. Bond owners have absolutely no right to vote to determine company policy. He only lend money. After that, off. The most important part for the bond owner is a company pays on time with payments in accordance with the appropriate time and appropriate bond.

If the company where you plant stock liquidation or dissolution of the company, owners of the bonds have inferior claims, he has the right to share the remnants of the dissolution of the company that has been done. Here, the division is not a company priority. Meanwhile, owners of the bonds acquired rights of claim against the assets owned by the company according to bond. Bondholder priority in the ownership of the company's assets.