When Will the Economy Finally Turn Around?


Egyptian citizens were able to discourage a painful 82 years old Mubarak from seeking seventh term after more than thirty years in office. His administration, as stated, are not percolated dividends of democracy to the ground. Over the past thirty years, those living below the poverty line rose from 39 percent to 43 percent, but growth in the country within the index rose. Finally, Pharaoh let my people go.

One thing, however, incidents have been able to break the link was on ethnicity and religion. This shows a basic characteristics - the struggle for power, regardless of how the warring groups experience. While the range of starvation bares his hollow teeth and forcing people to revolt, fear of the unknown, life after the disappearance, runs repressors to hang on. Therefore, it becomes clear that in the midst of trouble, selfishness is the driving force and no ethnic or religious background into account. For example, when 69 years old leader of the Al-Nahda party, Rachid Ghannouchi returned from exile in Tunis, the airport was filled with protesters he was warning against turning into a religious struggle. Some posters carried by protesters read: "No Muslim, no theocracy, no Sharia, no nonsense." Al-Nahda Islamic branded a terrorist group by the deposed president. Similarly, the Egyptian riots, Christians have reported apparently protective surround Egyptian mosque during prayers Muslims to prevent them from being attacked by pro-government forces.

Thus, the protesters were united under a common umbrella - starvation and want. And North African countries are by no means the only one in the face of such threats. Since the economic meltdown, Europe was out of breath. From Iceland to Greece, Germany, Ireland - It was a struggle to fight against bankruptcy. European countries are tightening the noose against foreigners. The United Kingdom has recently raised the retirement age for an indefinite period in order to reduce the amount spent on pensions, which, of course, is a temporary palliative. They are tightening the noose on the employment of foreigners, like many people who currently are leaving Britain. Russian fire destroyed the wheat in arid areas resulting in soaring food awards in Europe. With flooding in parts of Europe and Australia recently, this trend may continue. However, with all the increase in earthquakes, floods, landslides and volcanoes, the world is recovering from the global economic meltdown. It was the numbers are manipulated, or we are not getting it right. Reports indicate that more than 19 trillion Naira was paid by insurers in the past decade, worldwide natural disasters. Of that total, 5.5 trillion is attributable to 2010 alone, according to Munich Re, an international re-insurance company. These are losses that had been secured, which is insignificant portion of total losses.

The question now is, when the global economy to recover? Or put another way, it will recover at all? This course of this disorder, for example, the productive man hours lost can never go back. A demonstration of how it happens, it can be extended to all parts of the world in the long run. With those who live in the recognition of natural law as expressed in the work in the light of Truth The Grail Message Abd-ru shin, it will not come as a surprise. It is so obvious that we are heading towards an unprecedented level of economic disaster ever recorded in history. The riots May well be the catalyst for a main dish.

fire on the mountain's rapid expansion and now has to overflowing. Very soon, this will be followed by tsunami, resulting from the collapse of the economy that is manipulated to our detriment.