Synergy Expedition and Courier Online Store

Emergence of online stores that grow all over Indonesia to make the expedition became a courier service one of the complementary (complementary) to support online business. Why so? Because, sooner or later than the goods arrive at their own consumers is at stake for online stores.

For example, an online store that sells books. Consumers ordering and paying postage, and online stores to deliver the goods with an estimated up to 2-4 days to the destination address. Apparently, the packages of books to one week. Online store owners need to convey an apology and explain why the goods do not arrive on time.

So even if you pay postage (ongkir) that are urgent (immediate or special), the package may not be able to order immediately. It might, there are technical obstacles that are not unexpected.

Based on the experience of 24-hour bookstore that sells books online. Ve goods do not arrive on time and late only because of his courier officer was sick and could not be replaced by another officer, because the path way is unknown or when the truncated holiday.

Ease back, many expeditions couriers that provide tracking services, via online delivery check by entering the delivery receipt number, even simply by sms. Thus, consumers can easily see the final position of a package where we are. Been delivered or are delivered (process) and in real time.

Choosing Courier Expedition
Indeed, all the expedition courier (shipping) wearing frills express. Although the results do not necessarily express. Even now, travel-travel trips have started to open service delivery.

Ideally, the expedition goods courier is able to sustain and support the online store and if need be integrated into the system database. Thus, consumers can easily see, for example, 1 kg weight of the item, how many dollars for the purpose to an extent.

Remember, every expedition has its advantages and disadvantages. If you intend to open an online store you have to be smart to choose the expedition in order to achieve a profit. If you intend to open a business in the path of the expedition, expedition smart to choose a reliable, online, ontime, and ready to receive service complaints from consumers.

Some Names Expedition in Indonesia

Pos Indonesia
Anugerah Cargo Services
Sentani Ekspress
Cito Express
ALP Expedition
Guna Darma
Lintas Persada
solar Earth
cika Ekspress
ABF Indonesia Express
logistics Indonesia
Antar Nusa Transportindo
Askara Courier Service
Bangun Putra conformable Trans
Sentra Niaga
Baruna Gems
Main blessings
BMS Express
light Express
Aberdeen Cargo Express
Cargo Service
Citra Indah Partner Express (CIPEX)
Citranusa Courier
CLS cargo