We secure is Money?

Investment in financial products like mutual funds and the stock can reap the storm. After a ride, starting in mid-2011 is an investment in mutual funds experienced a considerable reduction in such case occurred in 2003, 2005 and 2008. The question which then arises is "Well, then there is no safe place to invest dong? Are my funds should not be stored at home alone in a closet or under a pillow? "Saving money at home is equally risky to put money in financial institutions. The risk of being stolen by someone's house, stolen a thief can cause the money we save at home is reduced or lost.

In Indonesia there are still many members of society who can not distinguish between saving money and investing. If saving money at home or in the form of savings in the bank contain the risk, let alone the name investing. One thing to always remember is that none of the risk-free investment of 100 percent. Due to this risk, therefore we have to do an analysis before investing in order to minimize this risk (not eliminate).

How to minimize those risks? Many ways can be done. The first should always be remembered that investment risk is always directly proportional to their investment. That is, the higher the interest rate or expected results, the higher the risk. As for now there are several investment products that can provide a competitive return on investment (not high) but with a risk controlled (managed). However, it is still a lot of investors in Indonesia who are not using common sense to invest in products that promise high yields.

Ever Do not Put Eggs terms in One Basket? Or it can mean if we have a lot of eggs do not put all eggs in one basket. So if the basket falls, the eggs will break all. This proverb can also be used in our investments. Because no single type of investment that is 100 percent safe, then the investment should be made into some investment basket. In the financial world this is known as diversification.

Investment can be done using investment products offered by financial institutions and non-financial products. Using a combination of these products also help reduce the risk. Some non-financial products that can be used to invest is: Property (houses, apartments, shops, kiosks, etc.), motor vehicles, gold / precious metals (gold jewelry and pieces / bars), diamonds and precious jewelry, paintings, items antique, and many other products that can be used.

As for financial products such as banking products such as savings, deposits and SBI, capital market products such as stocks, bonds (bonds), mutual funds, insurance products such as whole life and unit link, foreign exchange (currency), indexes, futures and many investment products are offered both locally and sold outside the country.

Then see the profile of each product. Whether the product is high risk, medium, or small. The risk of the product is then adjusted our risk tolerance. And lastly use a combination of these products to produce a collection of investment product known as portfolio or in the Indonesian language is the portfolio. Where the percentage of each product to be used adapted to the respective investment objectives.

By using these methods are expected to be minimized and the risks of investing our funds will feel more calm, so when the market is down right now, we do not need to panic anymore.