Shares for Investment Business

Many of us often hear about stocks, but still do not know how to own shares of a company. Especially companies that are going public. That the intent with the company going public is a company that some of its shares can be owned by the public. Business investment in the field during this buying and selling shares is not so popular.

But in developed countries, the stock is one of the media to make investments much preferred. Since when can a smart and careful in selecting stocks, then the benefits are very tempting. As we know, the stock is one form or proof of ownership of a company. So if we have the stock, which means we also have some rights in a company and can get a profit sharing if the company is generating profits.

Another advantage to be gained is that we sell these shares at a price higher selling price than when we bought it. The price of a stock could rise if the company also showed a good performance anyway.

Starting a Business Investment Stock
Before investing in the stock business, we must have an account to make buying and selling shares. His name is a securities account. As for places to open an account is called a securities firm. The first capital required to invest the amount varies, depending on the discretion of each company's securities. For Indonesia, it is usually set between five million and fifty million for the opening of the first account.

Having had a securities account, we can already start investing stock business. And every transaction, it will cost between 0.2% to 0.5% of the value of transactions we do.

Doing Stock Analysis
When to buy stocks, somebody would want to choose stocks that could benefit as a shareholder. Then how do I pick a good stock and can give hope to us to provide any advantage. Whether it benefits from rising stock prices or through the firm's profits. It required an analysis that is divided into two types, namely fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

What is meant by fundamental analysis is the analysis by looking at a company's performance and financial reports are published. So that we can pull through analysis with this method of course we also need to know how to read a financial statement and balance sheet of an enterprise that has been going public. The better performance is certainly possible to bring in more profit for us, too big.

While technical analysis is to examine the stock price based on its movement over time. For example the beginning of each year a company's stock price to rise. In order to profit from the difference in price rises, we can buy the stock at the end of the year when the price is still cheap.

We can estimate by looking at a trend. For example, when this type of business that is a good prospect is the field of property and infrastructure. So stocks that might give advantage is that companies that support the business areas of property and infrastructure. For example cement companies, building contractors and so on.

There is one more way that can be applied, especially for those who first venture investment in these areas and not so determines the intricacies. Ie select stocks from companies large and well-liked as well as products needed by society at large.

Usually this stock performance is always nice and can give a tidy profit, because its stock price tends to increase even though sometimes it takes a long time. So it takes patience.