Glancing Business Franchise

Business franchise is currently one of the most popular form of business in Indonesia. Franchise business or franchise, in Indonesian, is a business development by selling the management rights business using the name and product or service, the same management and ownership is governed by franchisees based on the requirements or guidelines outline of the owner or seller franchise.

Franchise Business Advantages
Usually companies that dare to sell the franchise is a company that already has a name and is known widely in the community. So the main advantage is that you can minimize the franchise fee promotion for your business are well known.

Another advantage is that you are a beginner in running a business, you will get a guide even the training of franchise owners about how to manage the business and expand it up to be great. Thus you live alone without the need to run a trial-error effort or gathering information.

Even the franchise owners were sometimes able to find employees for your business while providing enough training for them, if you have difficulty looking for it.

Weaknesses of Business Franchise
The downside is that the franchise business you have to pay expensive enough just to use the franchise name only. This is quite reasonable considering you do not have to bother to do a promotion with a name.

Using someone else's name also means you are promoting someone else's business, and not your own business. It also can make you a businessman who is less independent because they all rely on the franchise owner. If one buyer the right franchise to do the harm customers, then most likely your business will be affected.

Another drawback is that you can not do innovation, development, and expansion of products / services your business if it is not in accordance with the guidance provided franchise owners.

In order for Safe Franchise Business
For businesses beginner, buying a franchise is an easy step. All such guidelines exist, just run it alone. The name was already famous. But you need to remember is you need a fairly large initial capital.

Not only for the purchase of assets, capital goods and raw materials, but also bought the rights to use the franchise name for many years. In addition, in order to secure your franchise business, you need to provide funds for working capital calculation for 1 year. Because you never know whether your business will run smoothly surfing the other branches. Then you must be prepared to pay employee salaries, cost of electricity, telephone, and others of this working capital, for at least 6 months to 1 year.

Business Franchise in Indonesia
Today so many businesses are easy to sell the franchise to the public. Have 1-2 new branches, he immediately offered the franchise. So you also need to study carefully the business plan before deciding to buy the franchise rights.