Security Services: The Bodyguard

Security services are often associated with a security guard. But really, the security services have a working base is much broader than just a security guard. If you want to see the security services in a broader scope, the movie Bodyguard, starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner may be enough to give a picture.

Body lean and muscular body
A company that provides security services will usually be met by men with high body burly and muscular, bald-headed or short-cropped hair, black glasses with a communication device attached to the ear. Men with a physical profile as it was a picture of the guards. But, not all of them have a body shape like that. There is also a rather short but muscular and agile. Fierce gaze with a steady and strong voice is also the capital of a bodyguard.

User Services Security
If in a residential area is usually called a security guard security officer. They will always patrolled periodically and ask for the identity of each person who is considered foreigners who will enter the housing complex, but the system wholesale. In the sense that the security guards to maintain security throughout the complex compound did not specifically keep a particular house.

Not with special security services who have the task of maintaining a celebrity, for example. They will continue for 24 hours while still hired the celebrity will accompany him wherever he went. Her bedroom will be maintained. The security people will only follow the will of anyone who paid him and doing a good job and a full discipline.

These bodyguards are trained for it. They also learn the science of psychology, although not detailed in theory, but directly on the application. They know what to do if there is a case. Training is not only the physical formation of this really makes a bodyguard able to keep its target. Coded and strategies must also guard their control.

So, being a bodyguard is not as easy as imagined. The stakes are their lives or the lives of those they guard. Arduous task that makes the security services to be rather expensive and not everyone can rent it.

Corporate Security Services Provided
This security service is quite complex as well. In addition to a sophisticated tool that certainly must have permission from the Police because it involves the use of bladed weapons, there are also other areas that underpin the sustainability of this business. Other services provided, for example:

- security consulting services (security consultancy);
- implementation of security equipment (security devices);
- education and training of security (security training and education);
- guard carrying money and valuables (cash in transit);
- provision of security (guard services);
- rescue assistance.