Stock Investing for Whom?

Equity investment for whom? Do not just have the money, then dare to play stock investments without the slightest knowledge about the risk of loss which may be incurred later in life. Not easy to find investment agents who would bluntly giving guidance free of charge.

Learning First
Got a lot of money just is not the measure of success in playing the stock. There are many things to be learned before it became a new investor. When Warren Buffet a success story who became one of the richest in the world for playing the stock that inspired you? Try to find other stories are rather miserable.

For example, hundreds of Hong Kong investors who are depressed because of plunging share prices in their country. Or investors in the U.S. who eventually have to bite the fingers lose their shares being deceived by the securities firm was responsible.

Consider the good stories and the stories are sad. Then, many are asking the players the old stock. If you need to follow a particular course of conduct how to invest stocks and shares player is right. Also, do not hesitate to learn that according to Sharia stocks some people are also getting good chances.

Investment in stocks is not the same as the deposit. The element of loss is very familiar with this type of investment. Investment in stocks is a medium-term investment and long-term rather than short-term investments. When you have money 100 million and the money will be used to cost to get married six months. Yes, do not instill into the stock. Deposit only.

It would be more profitable because who knows the next 6 months the stock price plummeted due to the political friction that occurs at home and abroad as it is today. Imagine the money 100 million it will probably shrink to 50 million just because the stock price shrink by 50%.

But, if money is money that 100 million unemployed alias instead of money for the primary needs and want to try stock investment, then go ahead. But money is not used for at least the next 3-5 years. Preferred stocks are stocks were the mainstay.

To know about this pledge of shares, to learn more. So never give up studying and analyzing daily events that might lead to stock price falls. When a good atmosphere should also know when to top up the stock or by purchasing shares add new again.

The Role of Investment Manager
The role of investment manager is very important for a player beginner stock investments. Choose a good investment manager. Remember that although the stock is not a product manager investment bank is a bank. All losses will be borne by the investor rather than the investment manager. There was no assurance and no guarantee that stock prices will remain, up or down.

This is independent investment style that involves intelligence and expertise to manage feelings. Main stock should follow the senses is sometimes invisible. The conclusion was that stock investing is better for people who want to learn, learn, and learn.