Advertising Services: Understanding and Creating Ads

Basically the ad is a pattern of communication to persuade their audiences to buy a brand. Commercial advertising began in 1836, when a newspaper from France named La Presse gives space for products that want to advertise.

Theory in Advertising
When an ad is shown on the community, he has several levels before akhrinya people interested in buying. Levels are:

- Awarness: here people started paying attention to a product. They began to know the name and brand.

- Knowledge: people are beginning to recognize the usefulness of the product.

- Liking: he began to like the ad

- Preference: he became one of the options to be used or purchased.

- Conviction: the person is convinced that the product will be useful for him.

- Actual Purchase: here the person has recently seen its ad buy that product.

Advertising services community
Public service ads are a form of advertising that is made to call for a social problem. Public Service is expected to invite the community to resolve the issue. This ad is its appeal. So he must have a persuasive communication. In Public Service, the role of copy writer is required. Copy writer is key for the message to the community.

Creating Ads
In making the ads, there are several steps that must be done by advertising services. This should be done systematically.

1. Concept
The idea is paramount, never underestimate this. Ad duration is very short, so do not forget to actually finalize the concept that the audience can understand what is expressed by us. Once the concept is complete, make a production team. Try to put the right man on the right place.

2. Storyboard
The function of a storyboard is to menyamkan perception between you, your team and clients. Storyboard is a series of pictures or photos that looks like a comic. Storyboard it contains scenes that are important in advertising.

If you say "I will make a product people can fly with you" on the client, the client may not be imagined what would happen. This could result in the erosion of belief in your concept. But if you talk like that while showing a storyboard, then the client will be more understanding. Try to create a storyboard with pictures because it would be more flexible later on if there are changes.

3. Casting
You certainly have a character in a story that has been thought. Find people who can roughly play the character well. Do not just choose, because it concerns the imaging of a brand.

4. Production
This is the process of the field. Where are all the crew involved down to complete these ads. Starting from the director, Director of Photography, actress / actors and cameramen doing their respective duties. Storyboard will feel it all the easier.

5. Editing
Simply editing is the process of cutting and splicing the image into an unfolding story. Here also can be added the effect, if it suits your needs.