Business Paper Proposal

You want to do business but the difficulty of capital? No problem. Do not undo the intention to engage in business (entrepreneurship). There are still many paths to getting there. One is to do business with a capital of others. To be sure, of course we need to systematize the idea of ​​our business. The trick is to make Business Proposals Paper for our offer to others (investors).

There are some parts that you need to consider in preparing a business proposal paper. Here are examples of some things that need to exist in a paper your business proposal. Among them:

1. Business profile. In this section, please tell me what business idea you would be doing. Surely a business, which otherwise must be new or unique and different business ideas that have been there before. In this profile includes the name of business or company that you will make. Not to forget the reason for the selection of the name, why did you choose that name?

2. Vision and HR. In this section, please tell us about your company's vision and mission. Vision is the achievement of a company that made, while the mission is the way how big capaiaan was achieved. While human resources are the ones who will run the company. If it can be in the running of the company have a team, although only two people.

3. Services / goods. A company can sell goods or services. In this section you can describe in detail the services / products your stuff is. Of course it should be mentioned advantages of the product / service of your goods so attractive to investors. So also attractive to future buyers or service users;

4. Company's organizational structure. Include who the heads (directors) who want to run the company. Likewise, staff who will help him. Of course in this case must be clear who it is and what their respective duties. With the division of labor explicitly in a team, the company will be able to survive and continue to expand along with the solidity of the team.

5. Legality of the company. Associated with the licensing company. Can be shaped Trade Enterprises (UD), CV or PT in accordance with the needs of the company. Licensing is required in order to facilitate future business. For companies that have a clear license will certainly have a reputation in the eyes of the public (market) so that confidence will increase.

6. The calculation of profit and loss. This is the most important subject if we create a business papers to investors. This is where you need to describe the calculation of future loss of earnings when the company runs. Likewise, about what percentage of investors who acquired and how acquired person running the business. Of course the division is expected to mutual benefit. Parties businessmen and investors are equally profitable, are equally happy.

Here are some things that need to be there when you will be writing papers business to investors. Create a design on the seven points above in detail and convincingly. That way, investorpun will not hesitate to disburse funds to you run the business. Just so, greetings to your success, good luck.