Establishment of Cooperative Terms

To create a cooperative can not be granted, like running water. Establish or sober so long alone. As a financial institution, no cooperative stance conditions that must be met. This is necessary so that the cooperative has a clear foundation and also in accordance with existing regulations, namely the Law No.25 of 1992 which regulates the Cooperatives. Especially in Chapter IV, article 6 to article 8.

Establishment of Cooperative Terms
Under the Act, there are several requirements that must be met to establish a cooperative. Cooperative establishment requirements that must be fulfilled are as follows:

1. Requirements are determined based on the cooperative formation of the cooperative form yan will be established, whether the primary cooperatives or other forms of secondary cooperatives.

2. The formation of primary cooperatives need at least 20 members. While the secondary cooperative membership cooperatives are several legal entities. There are at least three secondary cooperative to a cooperative.

3. Cooperatives to be formed must be domiciled in a particular area which is located in the Republic of Indonesia.

4. Formation of cooperatives conducted by the deed in which contains the articles of association of the cooperative.

5. Articles of Association of the cooperative at least should contain at least the following matters as this.

- The existence of a list of the founders of the cooperative.
- The existence of the cooperative's name and the place or location of the position of the cooperative.
- Include the aims and objectives and lines of business will be conducted by the cooperative in its activities.
- The existence of those provisions to the cooperative membership.
- The existence of provisions of the rules regarding members' meeting.
- The rule governing how the process of managing the cooperative.
- The existence of those provisions to the funds that made ​​capital in the formation and passage of the cooperative.
- The existence of those provisions to the period of establishment of the cooperative.
- The rule governing how the distribution of net income (SHU).
- The rule governing the passage of sanctions in cooperative activities.

If the establishment of cooperative terms are met, then anyone can set up cooperatives, both primary and secondary cooperatives. With the cooperative, then the economic life of society, especially in lower-middle can be helped through the activities or businesses that run from the cooperative. This is certainly very important in order to advance the welfare of the people of Indonesia and the increasing strength of the nation's economy and the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.