World Between Investment and Disaster

World investment in Indonesia was still conducive. Although Indonesia is known as a country that has a high risk of disaster. Disaster after disaster came without stopping. Such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and so on.

Some have worried due to the occurrence of these disasters could threaten the investment world. Especially threats to the assets of investors. Both local investors want any foreign investors who invest in Indonesia.

But the fears turned out it did not happen. Natural disasters do not affect foreign investment in Indonesia. This happens because:

- Investing is not done in the areas affected by disasters such as Wasior, the slopes of Merapi or Mentawai. So that the foreign insvestor still feel safe doing business in Indonesia investment world.

- More foreign investors to invest in mining areas, plantations, industry and telecommunications. Location investment area is relatively safe from the impact of disasters occurring lately.

Disasters in the World Investment
Evidence that the investment in Indonesia remained conducive is to the swift entry of foreign funds into the country. When the previous government is targeting 150-180 trillion digits, turns on the period 2010, capital inflow of foreign funds entering or exceeding 200 trillion rupiah.Selain because of the influence of global economic conditions, is also a sign that Indonesia has a huge opportunity as a place to invest.

Threats of investment in Indonesia is not really affected the threat of natural disasters. Precisely the following factors that could threaten the world of investing in Indonesia.

- Infrastructure problems are not maximized.
- Disaster threat to high-cost economy.
- Corruption, collusion and nepotism.
- Regulatory overlap.

The four factors above are some examples of 'disaster' that must be anticipated by the government of Indonesia if you want the investment world is growing. And this continues to be pursued by the government.

Among others, with plans to consider providing tax incentives to capital inflow that flows to Indonesia. With the way the government will examine first the influence and the kind of foreign investment to Indonesia. Because tax incentives are not only fiscal but also subject to non-fiscal.

With the increasing flow of foreign invetasi to Indonesia, it also became evident that the world's investment in Indonesia is quite attractive and profitable for foreign investors. Moreover, when safe from the 'disaster'. Happy investing!