How to Buy Stocks for Beginners

There are many ways to buy stocks. Opening a securities account, buying through securities, investment managers can also be contacted. But before you buy stocks, learn first about matters relating to the shares. If you want to try playing the stock, it might be better to buy mutual funds in advance.

When you are mature and confident that your investment is in line buying and selling shares, then buy shares directly and if it's bold, buying in considerable amounts along with the calculation of capital gains or profits are also many.

High Risk, High Return
The nature of equity investment is high risk, high return. The more the buy, the more likely benefits to be gained, and the higher the chances of losing the funds invested. Adventurous spirit and mental strength while defeat is an absolute must-have requirement other than the knowledge and intelligence to read the market. Should not rely solely on feelings. All movements must be made based on an analysis that can be accounted for.

There are other costs to consider before buying shares. First, brokerage commissions are typically 0.3% and 10% VAT. Large enough, right? So if you only have 5 million, it seems better just deposited. But if it believes can, then no matter the money it bought 5 million shares. Calculated as a learning investment funds. Anyone know of money 5 million will be 5 billion.

If you want to sell there is also the cut again. Brokerage commissions are typically 0.4%, 10% VAT plus a 0.1% income tax. So before selling, into account before the cut. If about loss, not sold yet. Just wait until stock prices slightly higher.