Investment Opus, A Future Solution

Has it ever occurred to you to invest for the future of opus? Certainly few people would think it is. Do not you underestimate the opus, because in the future will produce brilliant opus that purse money for you. However, it should be noted, is an investment not an investment usual opus, but it works great and the good that later when published will produce high scores.

Aris Nugraha
Examples of this work investment ever made ​​by a comedy director whose name is recognized in Indonesia, Aris Nugraha. The work that has been ditelurkannya and burst is followed next Bajuri Bajaj Radio Hassle, Pursue Kusnadi, and many others.

Aris Nugraha make a design opus for the next film made​​, but the work was constrained by lack of funds and production houses who want to produce it. Plus more, when opus was submitted to and approved Transtv party, again the work is terpentok problem because the fees do not count the director.

Do not despair, and still believe, Aris Nugraha save the work and the finished draft, will be released later he thought again. Who would have thought, now the work is in demand by the production house and a television station the next two years. His work is now ready to reap dollars.

J.K. Rowling
Lots of writers who keep the length of opus and hope one day old works that could be reconstructed for the re-issued, not infrequently there are many authors who claim that his writings had been denied and stored dirak years will produce a best seller.

One obvious example is J.K. Rowling. Rowling took four years to save and improve Harry Potter. Fiction is a fictional character in the long pent-up brain cells Rowling, take time to be written in the hope of rising. This work was sweet fruit, creating a worldwide best seller, translated into various languages​​, filmed, and even considered selling book of all time.

The work is closely related to the arts and sciences. Never underestimate your works to build up inside your computer files, because most opus you need is opportunity. In addition to the time and opportunity, your work still needs you as a manufacturer.

If you are not yet known at this time, become famous, fame someday you will allow you to enter opus to a publisher. Or, if you're reluctant, you can start to self-publish. There is always a way to be creative.

Never pessimistic about yourself. What have you produced was not in vain. It takes courage to make a reworking, but to be able to issue a re-opus any longer requires energy. Your work is your investment, so do not give up and keep working. Who knows one of your opus are destined for a best seller.