Learning to Invest in Gold Shape

If you want to learn about investing and plunge into the world, you may need to give attention to the precious metal of gold. Why? Investing in gold is relatively more secure against inflation. Tips and tricks were easy to learn. Who does not know with gold? Hmm ... women would be more familiar. Gold is a precious metal that the supply is very limited. While market demand for gold demand continues to rise. That's why the price of gold on average always rises from year to year.

Because gold is already very familiar with us, then we will be much easier if the learning investment in gold. Some of us would prefer to invest in stuff that looks like gold, property, savings and time deposits.

In general, investment in gold aiming to gain an advantage in the long term. However, sometimes there are certain times in a relatively short term, gold could bring benefits far outweigh the benefits of other forms of investing, for example in the stock market.

If you really want to learn about investing in gold, these tips you need to learn.

Learn the Right
Investing in gold is not something to be taken lightly, especially since prices are relatively high compared with other investments. Before making the decision to buy gold, you should take the time to do research and learn about the gold, history, and potential value to you as an investor.

Determine which type you want to Buy Gold
There are three types of gold that you can choose to invest in, namely in the form of gold jewelry, gold coins, and gold in bullion form.

Gold coins is usually the best option for someone who can only buy gold in a limited number of private investment because the budget limits. The size of gold in this form starting from 1 gram to 10 grams.

Gold coin has another advantage because it is easier than in transport and storage of gold bullion. Coins also can have additional value to coin collectors, depending on condition, age, and the scarcity of coins.

However, the purchase of gold coins in Indonesia is taxed at 10% VAT. And printing costs imposed on the gold coins. As a result the price of coins into lebh expensive than the price of gold itself. Of course this is a weaknesses to invest.

Gold in jewelry is probably the most popular among the people. Gold is easily bought and sold and can be worn as everyday jewelry. However, in the form of gold jewelry is not recommended to be used as investment. Because gold has experienced in the form of a price increase the cost of the process of making jewelry. If the jewelry is sold, only calculated from the weight alone.

The most suitable type of gold to invest is in the form of gold bullion. Gold bullion is not taxed by the government because it is still considered a raw material for jewelry or industrial. He is also not subject to other costs such as the manufacturing process. Therefore, the price is cheaper. Gold bullion can be obtained starting from 1 g, 2.5 g to 1 kg.

Get Gold in the Right Place
Because you are just learning to invest in gold, you should only look at a trusted place. Namely, in the PT. Aneka Tambang Indonesia or ANTAM. Gold from PT ANTAM always accompanied by an official certificate of authenticity and contains the amount of gold content. But if you want a gold in the form of jewelry, you can get it at many places, such as jewelry stores.

To the extent Investment Capabilities
Learn to invest in any form should not be forced or excessive. Especially if you are inexperienced. Gold can be purchased in various sizes from 1 gram to 1 kg. Adjust the amount of the budget.

Protect Your Investment
Once you get the precious metal for investment, make sure you have a place to store and safeguard them. Consider renting or using a safety deposit box at a local bank to ensure that your new investment is safe.

Be Patient
Although the gold price does not always go up, but on average it costs continue to grow. You have to be patient some time to find a good time to sell your gold and make a profit.

You should monitor the development of the gold price, either when going to sell or buy. You can monitor the development of prices from time to time in www.logammulia.com or international monitoring in www.goldprice.org.

Consider also a situation that affects the price of gold, like the dollar exchange rate, world political situation, global political situation, interest rates, and others. If you want to succeed, you must learn to invest seriously.