Creativity Breeds Success Enterprises

"Trying to prizes." this expression that describes the beginnings of the success of a woman named Antin, in starting his business. After the office where he worked went bankrupt, affected by the economic crisis. Antin does not necessarily give in to the circumstances at the time, when he is no longer a civil office, Antin decided to slam the steering wheel to try to follow a course to make ceramics. It turned out from trial and error, the woman's success story began.

Starting from his hobby with ceramic items, Antin began to follow the course of making ceramics by artists Liem Keng Sien for approximately one year. After completion of the course, Antin with her friend practicing skills gained by making ceramics and began selling it.

The trial Antin and his associates to market their pottery craft continued. Until finally the business capital of ten million dollars, in 2000 Antin managed to open the ceramics business with the brand "tiptoe pottery". The name "tiptoe" is taken from the Java language, which means trying to achieve something higher. Business opportunities that run in any of this hobby, it could usher in a woman born in Paris February 18, 1969 to the gates of his success.

By offering a variety of ceramic craft a funny, unique and full of innovations, Antin has succeeded in holding 22 outlets as a means to market its products. Some products are made of this 42-year woman, among others, mugs, pins, necklaces, bracelets, decorative magnets, photo frames, place cards, soap, pen holders, as well as some other products. To differentiate the product on tiptoe with other ceramic products, Anti deliberately creating products with colors, patterns and distinctive design. For example, blue and brown colors that have dominated headlines products tiptoe, as well as words of wisdom that could motivate consumers. Anti expertise in the field of architecture, was helped in the design of ceramic compose created.

Antin's success in starting a business, not apart from hard work and her interest to express themselves through the ceramic. Because of his love of ceramics, all the difficulties in running a business can be passed. In the first years of running the business, is the toughest year for Antin. All business marketing strategies, such as opening a gallery and promote products through the exhibition tried to introduce products Jinjit pottery. But the way has not been able to produce optimal results, which have operating costs greater than income marketing effort.

All failures are obtained Antin beginning deliberations, did not dampen the intention woman graduate of the University Tri Sakti is to please others with ceramic products. By increasing its ability to create designs, Antin has always dreamed of the day Jinjit pottery products can be loved by the public.

Hopefully this creative figure of a woman who can provide new inspiration for you to start a new business. There is always a chance, if you want to try to create it. Good luck and best regards success.