Beware of Broken Links on Online Business

What you often see information "error not found or page not found" when you're opening a blog or website? Perhaps the most internet users have found several sites that can not be opened, with details as above. But not everyone knows the meaning of such information.

Broadly speaking, these statements inform the user that there are broken links on web pages or blogs, so the page can not be read by search engines. What is meant by the term broken links on the online business is damaged links or dead links on a blog or a website, because the link is not valid (it could be damaged or have been removed).

For the bloggers being broken link on the online business needs to watch out for, because of broken links provide substantial losses. Possible losses arising from broken links, among others:

1. Internet users can not find the page or website, so that the information submitted can not be read by consumers.

2. The reduced number of visitors, which led to a decline page rank on your online business.

3. The greatest risk of getting banned Google (search engine), because the broken link on a site that too many would be considered as spam.

Regardless of the size of the losses caused broken links, we recommend to you the blogger as much as possible to avoid activities, activity of which could cause damage or death of a link on your website or blog. Anything that causes broken link? Let's discuss together.

- Remove content that has been published

One cause of broken links is to remove content that has been indexed by the search engines. Often the bloggers to edit content that is less precise, and remove them replaced with new content. Know that these activities will reflect badly on your blog or website. Because despite being removed, the search engines will still index the content links on search engines within a certain time. So the link becomes invalid, and is considered as spam.

- Include links that are not valid

Be careful to include internal links and external links on your site. Make sure all the links you use, is still in a state of active and undamaged. This case can happen when you put an external link, and it turns out that your website address the link no longer active or deleted. So, as much as possible checks all links on the website or your blog on a regular basis. You can use broken link checker tool to find out all the links are broken or dead, so that it can be corrected immediately so as not to harm the online business is run.

- False writes the link

Well, the third cause is most often done. Quite a few bloggers who make a broken link because it is often wrong to write the link address that is linked. For example, write the address of the link but not one letter, not a slash (/), lack of a hyphen (-), did not write the www, or even forget to not write the link address (only containing http:// only). Little things turned out a huge impact on the link on your site. Therefore after completion include a link, make it a habit to check back one by one link. In order not to place your adverse broken link.

Of the broken link would be very detrimental to you as an online business. Therefore beware of broken links in the online business, in order to facilitate the search engines to index your website address or blog. Congratulations and greetings successful work.