Great World Travel Currency

Is the reference currency trading world is the American dollar. How not, to this day remains America's most unique country. Exports imports still dominate the world. Chinese shadows. In 2010 China managed to take Japan as the No. 2 ranking. It is estimated that within the next decade, China will shift the United States. Though the Chinese currency Yuan been printed with a value of 6,000,000,000 yuan (6 billion Yuan!) In 1949, although only in one province, Xinjiang. This is the result of the incalculable inflation.

U.S. dollar instead of does not change. Value continues to decrease. The American people can feel it from the comparison of the price of a hamburger. When in 1950, a jumbo-sized hamburger, worth $ 1, now the price is $ 5 - $ 6.

House prices had been changed. About 60 years ago, houses in the area of ​​middle-class Americans with a standard size, price is still hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars. Now no longer possible. Minimal is worth over a million U.S. dollars. Various financial crisis and economic crisis afflicting the U.S. and the world is already affecting the value of the currency the country Obama.

Currencies Other Countries
If the dollar change, the more the experienced by other important currencies. As well as China, Japan, when subjected to bombing in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the Japanese Yen never worth 75,000,000,000 yen (75 billion yen). Much larger than the Chinese currency, which only reached 6 billion Yuan.

High-value currency is issued as a strategy to cope with the economic situation at that time. Now the Japanese Yen enough to compete with other strong currencies. Despite the decline in value of Japanese exports to several countries, the yen remained strong enough.

Strategy of issuing large numbers for the currencies do not only belong to China and Japan. Germany, Greece and Zimbabwe instead issued a denomination of 1 trillion (100,000,000,000,000 Mark 1 trillion Drachmai Germany and Greece). For the record, Zimbabwe is still a big issue a super value for its currency to the present. As for Germany and Greece, both now come to use the Euro as agreed by the other European countries.

Value of currencies other than as a progress indicator of economic growth and success of a nation suppress inflation, is also the nation's self-esteem. Try to compare it with 1 1 Singapore dollar rupiah. Seemed far away. How different economic levels Indonesia with Singapore coming in 5 of the world with per capita income highest in the world.

If only the government speed up redenominasi dollars with the elimination of three zeros, then it will look somewhat berimbanglah rupiah compared to the value of other currencies.

Economic boost
The most powerful way to make the image of dollars to improve is to increase the competitiveness of Indonesia in the eyes of the business world. Firmness of the government to remove illegal fees and pemeberian certain incentives to some investors, especially in the areas of geothermal exploration and other real sectors. Also the rule of law so that Indonesia is not only terbanjirkan by short-term hot money but really a long term investment.