Meaning and Types of Investments Profitable

Definition of Investment: The definition of investment is put or invest some funds we have on an agency or institution in the hope to profit within a certain timeframe. Then by the agencies we fund capital used again to do some business if capable of generating a profit. Further benefits will be divided between investing and agencies that play money.

But there are times when we planted these investments can fail to be profitable. It could even so we will suffer losses that could lose money or funds that we plant them. This is called the risk capital investment. For that we need to be cautious in making investments. Choose the type of investment that most low-risk but have the possibility to be able to bring in higher profits.

Syariah Investments: Then how do I choose the best investment?. And other types of investments are most secure at the same time can bring substantial benefits. Of the various types of existing syariah investment may be used as one of the main options. Why choose the type of this one. Some good reasons include:

1. Guaranteed Halal
What is meant here is halal in the capital we invest by the manager of the fund will be invested in sharing all types of business that do not violate the provisions or the teachings of religion especially in Islam.

For example if the funds would be invested again in the form of company stock. Then the selected stocks are also stocks of companies that their products are halal goods and may be consumed by Muslims.

2. Sharing system
Similarly, the use to split the proceeds or profits from the funds we make the investment. Everything is also according to the rules of Islam. So all kinds of usury and other things that it contains elements of harm one party will not be practiced in a system of investment on this one.

3. Risk of loss
Then in case of loss or anything else that is not desired then the impact of these events will also be shared alike. So no one party should bear the loss themselves. As the saying goes, bear the same weight as light as portable. Although maybe we will lose the funds we invested, but that does not mean we'll lose yourself. And certainly, to date there are rare losses caused by these sharia investment.

4. Have a value of worship
Another advantage if we choose sharia investment is running at the same time we can also worship in accordance with the diperintahkah by Allah SWT. Because of any investment profits earned portion of the profits will be directly deducted for conducting activities that are social. For example for the construction of orphanages, the construction of mosques and places of worship or other positive activities. All would know if this has a very high value of worship.