Tips Being Entrepreneurial Self

One of the keys became an independent entrepreneur is the Work Smart (Working Smart) and Smart Worker (Worker Intelligent). So the work that we do actually running smoothly and we expect sukses.sesuai.

A. Work Smart
To be able to work smart, then there are things we need to do, namely:

1. Definitions The End Of Mind: Before we start working, we must define the ultimate goal of our work. Thus, the goal we are going, so we will not stop working or doing anything else before it is reached.

2. Clear Objectives: After knowing the ultimate goal, we need to clarify or elaborate indicators of achievement of those goals. So, create measurable targets. For example, if the target company's profits, then how many dollars we want to accomplish. If the target completion time of job, then how much time task completion.

3. Better Planning: Furthermore, to achieve these goals we must develop a good plan. Way or the conditions to achieve these goals, we must know it. So, really prepared the steps - the steps to achieve those goals.

4. Focus: From the planning we have collated, there must be some jobs that will determine success in achieving the target or any work affecting other jobs. For that, we have to focus or priority on the job, before doing another job. For example, there is a project seminar. In the project a very important thing is the speaker and the venue. So, that must be done first and should focus is to make sure the speaker and the venue.

5. Organizing: After that we formed a committee to perform duties and authority. Coordination line must be specified as well. That way, we can do our jobs effectively and efficiently.

6. Controlling: Controls each process works, so any existing measures that do not fit the plan, then we can immediately find out and fix it.

7. Team Work: The last and most important is 'team work'. Everyone, if gathered together to make their living together, then the strength is if all have the same goal. So internalization into the goal of this teamwork must continue to be maintained. So it can form a 'team work' is solid and works well.

B. Smart Worker
Once we work smart, then the next step is that we should be able to create a smart worker. As for intelligent workers are workers who meet the criteria of "SMART" the following:

- Specific, that is, the goal must be clearly understood by all components of the company
- Measurable, namely the goal must be measurable to a certain size
- Attractive, the goal should be challenging
- Realistic, namely its targets to be realistic given the existing capabilities or resources
- Time Table, namely the achievement should be planned