Tips Services Company

The service company is a type of business that provide services and do not sell products in the form of goods. The resulting product of this kind of company is more tangible or invisible. In addition, the value of the resulting product can not be measured quantitatively, but can only be felt in quality. Examples of these service companies such as taxi companies or services of the expedition. Both companies provide products to serve the delivery of the goods or refer a person to his destination. This is what differentiates firms that sell services to enterprise companies that manufacture products such as soap or a car.

The service company is basically intended to assist a party in completing their interests. Such as taxi companies, they help a person to travel. There are several characteristics in a service company. The first character is the resulting product is a product service company that can not be seen, touched or smelled. Second, the resulting product does not have a lifespan that can be used as long as someone needs it. The third characteristic is the value used for the resulting product could not be determined. During a person feels satisfied with the service provided he has the right to give added value for products that are already felt.

From here the key to the success of a company's services are determined. If a consumer is dissatisfied with the service company, then he will potentially spread negative information on at least five people. Meanwhile, if he is satisfied he will recommend a service company to others all his life. The point is, never make the customer feel disappointed with the service your company provided services.

Tips Services Company
As a company that has special characteristics, there are some things to do service companies in gaining and keeping customers can be loyal. Some of these tips include:

1. The service company should be able to keep secrets owned by its customers. Like, service companies are not allowed to unload the contents of the expedition sent by the customer package, unless there are legal violations occur.

2. Maintain consistency of service. A service company must have the same standard of service so that customers could feel comfortable. Such as giving a smile, greeted and greeted the new taxi passengers in the car. This will cause a sense of comfort to customers.

3. Consequences. This is what must be owned by a service company, on the promise that was given to the customer. One example is when the airline of Singapore Airlines had failed to fly, they will provide service consequences of staying at a five star hotel for free to passengers. In addition, providing the first flight service to passengers who fail to fly it.

4. Customize. Sometimes, a customer wants more services from a service company that may not exist in the standard of service. A good service company, will provide services that customers want as long as not contrary to law and legislation in force. This is to maintain and gain customer satisfaction.

5. Market Driven. The service company different from companies that make products. Service companies, should be able to follow the market and not the other way to force consumers to follow what we want. This is what distinguishes the companies that make real products, which can educate the market to do as they see fit.