Website Myths for Home Business Owners

Several folks ask me how their via the internet company (or any small business for that matter) can get noticed on line.

MYTH Quantity 1: I have a web page now I will show up in Google.


Just due to the fact you have a web page, it does not mean your web site will automatically seem when you search for it in Google.

Even if you search by the Business enterprise Name Itself, this does not guarantee your webpage will seem in Google.

We use Google as an example as that is the world's most preferred Search Engine, the very same applies although for NineMSN, Bing, Yahoo and so on.


Have you heard of Search Engine Optimisation or Search engine marketing?

This indicates optimising your web site to support search engines discover it.

Nicely, do you know how Seo functions or why it is critical that you know what you are doing?

Fundamentally, there are a number of issues that your internet site requirements to have and that you will need to do for your website to be found conveniently in search engines. It can take up to six weeks to be discovered over the internet, but clever Search engine optimization marketing will have you up there sooner. Have a appear at Google Webmaster Tools.

MYTH Quantity two: My internet site is showing up in Google I ought to get lots of consumers now.


There are millions of business internet websites on the net - and millions of definitely bad ones! Some webpage are ugly, some are badly thought out. But do not for a minute believe that just for the reason that your property home business website is finding lots of targeted traffic that everyone will be interested in your enterprise!


So, you have a enterprise internet site but you are not obtaining any small business. Right here are the

Leading ten Factors WHY Web sites FAIL!

1. Poor keywords and phrases

2. Poor Seo

3. Too substantially information and facts on the property page (do not use the dwelling page as a vanity page)

four. Spelling errors

five. Ugly colours

6. Negative font

7. Slow loading pages / pictures

8. No social media following (Facebook / Twitter)

9. Too a lot of ads on your website for other peoples solutions

10. Not telling shoppers what they will need to hear

MYTH Number 3: I have to spend a lot for world-wide-web marketing so I can get lots of company.


This is possibly 1 of the largest myth's.

We very recommend Google AdWords, in reality we really like it. But, there are lot's of other approaches to get your internet site rankings up that don't involve cash!


Although we don't dispute this - in particular for major businesses in competitive industries, there are countless strategies to be found and to increase your Google rankings without spending something at all! That is suitable FOR Totally free!!

There are hundreds of Free Small business DIRECTORIES on the online. And all of these directories pay beneficial cash to be found. So, piggyback of these directories. List your small business on as several of these as you can and watch your rankings improve!

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