7 Tips to save money for a teenager

7 Tips to save money for a teenager

How to save money for teenager

Most teenager have reasons to save money, whether itâ€s for buying new sophisticated gadget, fun road trip with friend, new video games, upgrading your computer, or buying ticket for band concert. However despite the clear motivation, many of them struggling to achieve the goal for many reasons including impulse buying.

To help you teenager saving the goal we provide you simple method on how to save money for teenager. Without further ado, here is the list:

  1. Find out how much money you will get in amount as precise as possible. Consider all possible income including allowance, or paycheck you get from part-time job (if you do have a part-time job. Make simple monthly budget, including for entertainment, food, and other necessities. Push the budget as minimal as possible.
  2. The key on how to save money for teenager is to be discipline. Once you write a budget allocation, stick with it. Donâ€t let temptation, especially from friends, to spend more than you have planned ruin the whole saving plan.
  3. Once you figure out how much you going to spend in a month, go save the rest of the money in a bank.
  4. Always only keep small amount of money on your pocket.
  5. The next tips on how to save money for teenager is to look for possible income you can get around home. For example you can offer yourself to mow the lawn for a few bucks, or a little deal with your parent to reward you money every time you get â€A” at school. Itâ€s a win-win deal for both sides, right?
  6. Keep yourself motivated to save money. You can do this by putting a poster or picture of things you wanted on easily visible space in your room or even make it your PCâ€s wallpaper. Hopefully this remainder will be able to keep aside the temptation to over spend.
  7. The last tips on how to save money for teenager is to give yourself time before you spend money on expensive purchase. This will prevent â€impulse buying” that could easily ruin the whole saving money thing. Be patient.

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