Various Jobs in Alberta

Various Jobs in Alberta

You might often hear many people you know or friend who look to move or looking for jobs in Alberta, Canada. If you are wondering whats about the city that make many people flock to get to the place we will provide a short and simple explanation about Alberta. Known as one of the strongest province in Canada in term of economy, Alberta has great stat of 70 per cent employment rate. There are numbers of big cities in Alberta with one of the most prominent of them all is Calgary. Various job opportunities can be found in Alberta with the most notable sector is conventional energy sector including oil and mineral resources. Combination of that, high salary and good environment make Alberta a very comfortable place to live in.

As if you are looking for other jobs in Alberta, here we will provide explanation about various job opportunities in Alberta Canada.

1. Energy Sector

As it mentioned earlier, Alberta is really excelling in conventional energy sector, including gas and oil. Despite recent economic depression, jobs in the energy sector are still one of the most lucrative jobs in Alberta even in the whole Canada. This is mainly due the oil refinery in the Turner valleys. The competition for jobs in Alberta is very competitive but if you are a skilled university trained geologists then applying for jobs in Alberta might become a really good choice.

2. Support career

As a rapidly developing and ageing country, support careers in Canada as well as Alberta are also growing in line. Careers in healthcare, recreation, social services are rapidly developing the current decade and offer really lucrative salary. There are also significant growths in the food service which open a lot of jobs opportunities for college educated chef with a very lucrative salary. You can also opts for business administrative careers as it also offer a very promising growth in recent year.

3. Green Careers

As the whole country and particularly the province Alberta look toward more eco friendly system various job opportunities also opened. For example wind and solar power generation project that will need many engineer and worker. There are also jobs to study and anticipate the impact of constant oil exploration in the area that calls for extra attention in the recent years. In short Eco-friendly jobs in Alberta are also one of the most promising careers in the province.

Jobs in Alberta