Business Management Modern

Business management is a basic need to be known and understood and executed by any party interested in running their business activities. Because without understanding it, then a business carried on will not run properly, and do not achieve optimal results. This is because in a business, thinking that needs to be emphasized is not just about how to sell a product as much as possible. And also about how to reap maximum benefits. In the discussion of modern business management, there is a broader idea than just these two components.

In the modern business management, we need to know about the needs of consumers. This is an absolute given from konsumenlah we will be able to benefit from well-run business. In addition, the consumer is an important component that will determine whether a business can continue to run continuously or only lived a moment.

Modern Business Management
In the understanding of modern business management, there are six main things that became a major focus for the review. They all have links that are interconnected can not be separated from each other. And if we are to achieve the success of a business, we must understand and execute the sixth component.

The six components in the modern business management including:

- Customer satisfaction
Satisfied customers is a key determinant of whether a business can succeed or not. If consumers can be satisfied with our business offering, they will not only return to us. Rather, they will become an effective media campaign to invite others to become our customers too.

- Excellent service
A business may be imitated by others. However, with the good service, will be a differentiator between the products that we offer with what is offered by competitors.

- Ability
This component is concerned about our capabilities in doing business. With the ability of well-run business, is one indication that the resulting product would be quality.

- Efficiency
Efficiency involves a process that is run with care and eliminating activities that are considered less necessary.

- Transparency / honesty
With the honesty, would cause the trust of consumers of the products we offer. This is a way to sustain cooperation between producer consumer transactions.

- Fair Competition
A healthy competition will lead to success for all parties and beneficial to consumers. If done with unhealthy competition, which will happen is the attitude each other down have an impact on the destruction of all the competing parties.