Importance of Business Plan

The business plan is one thing to do in running a business activity. This process is best done when the business was about to start, or also when a business began deteriorating. Meanwhile, when a business can run well and achieve what is desired, it shows a business plan are already well underway. So in this condition needs to be done is the control action to keep well-run business processes remain on track.

The business plan itself is poured into the vision and mission. It is then a guide for companies in determining their business strategy. Thus, the function of a business plan is the framework and limits of each activity and the decisions taken by the company.

The basis of the company in determining their business plan one of them by using SWOT analysis. This analysis describes what are its strengths and weaknesses are owned by the company. In addition, the outlines also of the opportunities that can be achieved by the company and describes the likely obstacles that might arise from such opportunities.

After learning the four conditions, each component will be analyzed in order to build a good business plan. Companies should be able to transform weakness into a strength it has. Or also optimize the advantages they have, to cover weaknesses.

Similarly, companies should be able to minimize the barriers that exist in order to optimize the opportunities that can be obtained. And not the reverse, actually increase the barriers that can lead to loss of opportunities that can be obtained. Because, basically barriers is a process that will lead to a creative attitude to the company raises the chance that there could be even greater.

Benefits of a Business Plan
The basis of a company in the works is the presence or absence of mature business plans from the company. And that business plan already prepared can be achieved with good, thorough socialization needs to be done to every element in the company.

It is intended that each activity undertaken is always breath on the company's business plan. Thus, there will be a deviation between the company's activities with the company's business plan. Therefore, both should be able to walk hand in hand in order to achieve what is desired.

Some of the main functions of the business plans made by the company include:

1. Focus
Focused attitude is one key to the success of a business. It is also emphasized by experts world strategy, Michael Porter suggested three strategies that a company can run well. That focus, unique, and efficiency. And the focus is one of them can be realized in the presence of a mature business plan.

2. Corporate identity
Business plan that is poured into the vision and mission of the company, could become a corporate identity. This identity will be the soul of every element in the work and become an image of the consumer.

3. Policy direction and corporate strategy
With the business plan, then any policy and strategy must be based on an agreed business plan. Thus, policies and strategies taken will not be contrary to what the company's plans.

4. Creating motivation
The existence of a clear business plan, will become a separate motivation for the company in the works. Because, if the plan is achieved will create a spirit of satisfaction and also achieve better success again.