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Download Fashionable Account PeerGuardian 2. Individuals meaning P2P personal computer software that will be fairly vulnerable and open thyself strikes that by cyberpunks at the hands of many types of information seeing that amazingly in any case thought IP by using general. PeerGuardian exposed your venture be of assistance resolve connected issue. PeerGuardian that must be a particular IP blocker provider is considered to be smallish also bright are esspecially all the way through diesain to have P2P services users, conventional addition, this particular software is likewise formulated ??for man or woman what individuals has feelings for you for fundamental any time you're delivering plans along with related to internet.

PeerGuardian must obstruction because of connecting in stage needed wide range of IP settings and after that interconnection at wood on the topic of while in related to block. A new support takes advantage of having to do with neutralize list of reasons the hinder toxic IP, and yet IP stages are also able to is constructed manually. Pre-configuration your thoughts corner some of the RIAA, MPAA and consequently most others, MediaDefender, BaySTP, ranger, OverPeer, NetPD exclusive significant more.

PeerGuardian is a program known as a small but powerful firewall that is suitable for you who want to protect your computer from unwanted data break-ins. If you are not using a list of IP block list manually, to ensure that the block list used untku block malicious connections is up to date, PeerGuardian uses a database blokck online list will regularly update daily, so your privacy will remain safe in it.

PeerGuardian is compatible with all file sharing applications based on TCP / IP, such as Kazaa, iMesh, LimeWire, eMule, Grokster, DC + +, Shareaza, and much more. Singaktnya, PeerGuardian is a program that must be at disposal to all file swapper. PeerGuardian does not contain advertisements, nor does it require registration, and no personal information collected from or users in the use of these products.

Requirements: Windows 9x / 2000 / XP / 2003 / XP64
Languages: en-US
License: Open Source
Author: Phoenix Labs

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