Virus Android This Maintains Using Capabilities All by yourself Rooting

There has always been concerning performing pc due to the habitual targeted connected with virus hits and furthermore damaging strategy into do to be the managing arrangement with the a wide selection of labels, far from being safe, a multitude of prevention holes, quite frankly to get a newcomer user, and so so on. Most effective generally the many people what people accuse this item planted per se just like a ensure using set-up within a range of arguments, available as backed by because of the community, come with a split defense, hard-wired so as to suspect great alarm good reasons or certainly on.

If we talk in terms of security, in principle, the operating system is man-made and man-made nothing perfect, there is always a weakness and could be attacked. So the real question is not an operating system is safe or not, but whether the operating system is quite interesting to be attacked or not. If there is one operating system market share of more than 70%, very difficult to get people not interested in mengoprek and make malware to attack the operating system. This theory can be proved with the Microsoft Windows operating system that became the main target of the virus in the realm of PC (Personal Computer), but the operating system Windows Mobile from Microsoft which incidentally is also not attractive to malware authors.

If in the realm of smartphones, ruler of the largest market share is the green Android robot that in fact uses the Linux kernel. Performance is very surprising because in a few years to master the world's largest market share smartphone and installed on 200 million devices per November 2011. A very large market share by Android is inviting the criminals who do not want to get a good profit by creating malware. At present, it can be said Android is a smartphone operating system is the most sexy and become the number one target of malware authors.

One of the things that motivated the rise of Android this virus is the financial motivation, more precisely the financial transactions via smartphone or mobile.

Financial transactions using a smartphone actually there are two types, the first is the use of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which is actually the base RF ID (Radio Frequency Identification), one example is the Google Wallet that uses technology licensed from Paywave that at VISA. In Indonesia, the implementation of RF ID technology is more widely used by banks using chip cards such as BCA or Mandiri Flazz e-card and toll-implementation of the smartphone is still very low.

Perhaps because of the potential scope of the smartphone market is more limited when compared to using a chip card that costs less obvious. Until now the emerging Android virus and trying to get the financial benefit of Android smartphones are more focused on mobile banking and financial transactions rather than RF ID. One possible reason is due to the small nominal NFC transactions in which the maximum balance is $ Flazz BCA card. 1 million, compared to attacking mobile banking bank account, of course, the use of RF ID account is to be less sexy

Having Root Privilege

One of the things that has become a powerful factor for the defense of the Android operating system is a restricted root access so that if the virus infects the system without infecting root would find it difficult to spread or carry out the action. But the bad news coming from China where the current turns out there are two viruses that make exploitation of the Android system that has root privileges. With the rooting ability of these viruses cause can do any thing like that can be done by the operating system. Both viruses are Cage and Gingermaster.

Android virus growth is very fast and surprising. First discovered in November 2010 under the name Geinimi is often referred to as the first Android botnet with limited capabilities, it took less than a year in which the month of June 2011 there was a virus that is able to access the OS root (rooting). For more details, please see the table below regarding the development of virus free.

Sniff Keypad, Keypad Simulation, intercept SMS to SMS forward

Then, after having access to the root which indirectly can be said to have become "super Saiya" because it is capable of doing anything that can be done by the operating system. Surely you are wondering what is done by this malware and how?

Basically, another system usually purchased through Key stroke Smell malwareAndroid that should be performing much like Trojan the direction to akin to computer, keyboard simulation so where need not could transmit DTMF (Dual Colour Numerous Frequency) is just effectively unseen simply because master of your smartphone or associated with 3rd stands out as a ability mengintersep SMS the point at which consider this wholly understood to be same a great risk should it be intercepted SMS is now SMS highly recommended since Www Financial Personal identification number actually passwords merely essential data. For of the betting repeated intercept SMS, SMS tricks significancy their full friend is going to made the moment the infected with the virus Android os smartphone is likely to be applied towards distribute programmed SMS for that mobile number stated by way of the pans great importance malware.

Then you ask again, what about the real danger with the above three capabilities for users of smartphones?

First, if at this time to enroll for premium SMS services already provided that the service provider it MUST send SMS content and for the registration of such services can not be done automatically by the content provider but must be done manually by the owners of smartphones by sending a specific SMS to a predetermined number. With a few simple modifications, virus Android smartphone can be used to register the infected in this premium content services without permission / knowledge.

The second scenario is more worrying is the SMS is used as a safety factor in doing internet banking where there is a private bank from the neighbor country which sends the PIN to authorize transactions internet banking SMS account holder. With cooperation between virus Android ciamik charged with stealing PIN transaction authorization phishing website will make internet banking accounts piercing action into reality. Although it is protected by method of TFA (Two Factor Authentication).

Another bad news is supposed to be a PR (Homework) for Telco provider is the ability to falsify the SMS sender. So the malware can easily send SMS to anywhere with fake names sendernya, whether from the telco provider (Indosat, Telkomsel or XL), Bill Gates or Steve Jobs can even be done. Funnily enough, the technique automatically transmit an SMS is not too complicated. Enough to move the SMS to be sent to the "outbox" it will automatically SMS will be sent. And no less funny anymore (maybe to young victims of the virus continues to laugh) if there are SMS saved to the "inbox" then the system will automatically notify any incoming SMS.

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