Affordable Health Insurance, San Jose, California, Silicon Valley

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Affordable Health Insurance, San Jose, California, Silicon Valley. Affordable Medical care Insurance plan because of Individuals, Families, most effective Little businesses isn't necessarily complex attach yourself find. There associated numerous Kaiser Health related plans, Unknown Cross plans, HealthNet plans, and simply Cigna insurance plans to install anyone’s budget. All these carriers have affordable health insurance plans that have low copays for office visits, inexpensive prescription drugs, and FREE yearly checkups.

At Brauer Insurance, we know that….“Health Insurance does NOT have to cost a fortune”. This means that you can get a plan, for much less than you think. A fairly healthy 29 year old can get a Blue Cross plan for $61 a month……that’s probably less than you spend at Starbucks! A 39 year old will be a bit more at $90 a month. Granted, these plans have a high deductible…..but they do include $40 office visits, and $10 prescription drugs.

At Brauer Insurance, because we are INDEPENDENT Health Insurance Agency, we can get you the lowest prices and can shop ALL the insurance companies to find you the best coverage. There are SO many plans out there, you get dizzy trying to figure out what is best. Realistically, there are only about 10 plans that people find affordable and comprehensive…..the others, well, no one really buys, but they look good on paper.

You will not find a better price than at Brauer Insurance……that’s because the prices are SET by the Dept of Insurance. You basically have to choose WHO or WHERE you want to buy your insurance from. You can go “direct” to the insurance company and then deal with the 800 number people on the other end, or you can find yourself an agent that knows what the hell they’re doing, and that you trust.

My tagline is “To Protect and To Serve”……..I borrowed that from my badge when I was a police sergeant in the Bay Area. Let my daughters and I help you navigate the dysfunctional waters of the Health Insurance industry. Affordable Health Insurance is NOT beyond your reach, its just confusing to find it sometimes. The health insurance companies are NOT our friend. They have confusing wording and plan designs for a reason….and its NOT for your benefit.

Call us and we will help you!

Steve Brauer-President……Brauer Insurance Services LLC…..(877) 421-4325…….(408) 421-5555. 3150 Almaden Expwy, suite 203, San Jose, CA 95118

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