Children's Health Insurance

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Health Insurance for children... they CANNOT be denied now! Whether the individual like for example Obama aka not... you could have to offer her recognition because making Health related Insurance policy straightforward to pick up on behalf of little ones (0-18 changing times old). One of off Staying Reform mandates would be set aside for young people to hold Physical condition Insurance premiums entirely on one particular collateral factor basis!! I can’t tell you how many people have come into our office wanting to insure their children…..and I’ve had to turn them away. These families were in tears when I told them that I could not help them because their children had “pre-existing conditions”. Some of which were seemingly minor.

The only problem with Health Insurance for children, and for that matter with adults as well…..No one stopped to think about how we, as a society, are going to pay for the “guarantee issue” Health Insurance. All these are great ideas, and frankly I have not spoken to ONE Health Insurance professional that does not want it. This is the major flaw in the Health Reform Act. Love it or hate it, the funding aspect of the Health Reform Act has NOT been addressed. More taxes…..that is NOT what people want, but that may be the only way to solve this issue.

Now that we’ve broached the money issue, think about this; how can we, as a society, sustain the double digit increases in Health Insurance premiums year after year. For many employers that offer Employee Benefits or Employee Health Insurance for their staff, Health Insurance is the second highest cost for a company, just under wages. There ARE ways to mitigate the high costs of Health Insurance….at Brauer Insurance, we have a proven “strategy” that many companies have found to save them hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month on Employee Health Benefits.

At Brauer Insurance, we pride ourselves on “Protecting and Serving” our clients with strategizing Employee Benefits, and FREE Added Value Services that NO other Employee Benefits Agency offers. We make a good commission…..and we believe in giving back to our clients. Some of our clients include: State Farm Insurance offices, Hydrex Pest Control, Orion Security, Valley Concrete, San Jose Police Academy, Santa Clara Federal Credit Union, several Non-Profits, Plumbing Companies, and Attorney firms.

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