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Employee Benefit Strategies, San Jose, Bay Area, CA. Forward pondering recruiters employ a very extraordinarily a number of mentality when you're thinking of the particular company’s Employees Benefits. They reckon in Bonuses exactly as “risk management” likely regard the price of Personnel Will benefit while the “financing healthcare”. Now, obtaining says that, Brauer Car insurance has recently intended a powerful worker returns process with which has developed into significantly successful. It involves “insuring the deductible”, which means that by using name brand, quality products in addition to a traditional Kaiser Health plan, Anthem Blue Cross Health plan, HealthNet plan, etc., we can create a better “end product” for less money.

I would be skeptical too. But I can give you reference after reference and SHOW you how it’s done. It makes sense to do business, great.if not, no big deal. Because of our strategy, we have doubled our business each year since we started, in 2004. Seriously, it’s a no-brainer when you realize how we do it. No gimmicks or stupid tricks. We just use a proven, out of the box, way of forward thinking strategy.

If your Independent broker is NOT on board with this type of thinking.they probably are NOT specializing in Employee Health Benefits or Group Benefits. I developed this from scratch and have fine tuned it so it can apply to ANY type of business. It can be a husband-wife, home based business, or a company with 250 employees. Brauer Insurance has that, and everything in between!

I started my agency in 2004 and have since brought on both of my daughters and my wife as licensed agents, taught them the strategy, and we never looked back! We ONLY do Employee Benefits and Health Insurance.everything else, I send out to trusted referral partners that “specialize” in the other products that I don’t sell.

The most rewarding and flattering thing that happens to me, is when a seasoned insurance agent that’s been in the business forever, calls me for advice about Health Insurance. Why do they do that because we’re specialists and we’re REALLY good at what we do. I don’t want do sound pompous, but it’s true. For our Employer Groups we offer a ton of extra services that other brokers refuse to do. Our FREE services include:

COBRA Administration, EAP (Employee Assistance Programs), HR Support Center (robust service with legal advice), Yearly Benefit Statement (“hidden paycheck” concept)

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