Employee Health Insurance, California, San Jose, Bay Area

Employee Health Insurance, California, San Jose, Bay Area. Employee Health-related Insurance coverage does not have a need to financially impact your a definite fortune! It unquestionably doesn’t. Employers may be basically in charge so that you afford 50% associated the “lowest cost plan for an 18 year old”. Anthem White Get across Overall health Medical care insurance programs is as substandard basically $150 an actual month.that stands for about the employer’s the minimum part that can be $75 healthy cotton month. When I explain that to employers they are shocked. Most believe they are responsible for much more.

Being an Independent, NO FEE, family owned agency, we can offer Employee Health Insurance for much less. Brauer Insurance Services has developed a proprietary “strategic benefit plan” that companies can use to reduce their Employee Health Insurance costs AND increase their benefits. The concept is very simple, and takes about 10 minutes to explain. No gimmicks or magic, just realistic concepts and some “out of the box” forward thinking.

Being a former Police Sergeant, I’m skeptical of everything. so if you are too, I totally get it. I PROMISE you, this is not a scam, or some trick. I have a ton of employer groups that use this strategy, like Aquatek Plumbing, Orion Security, Valley Concrete, Applied Cryogenics, Hydrex Pest Control, Police Academies up and down California and many more!! My philosophy is simple: It’s either a fit or not, if not…no big deal!

At Brauer Insurance we are “specialists” at Employee Benefits, Employee Health Insurance, and Group Insurance. When I got into the business years ago, I wanted to become an expert in ONE line of insurance. I’d rather be an expert at one thing, than just be good at a bunch of things. Employee Health Insurance is a niche product….it really is. If you have an agent or broker that does “everything”. there is NO WAY they can be an expert at Employee Health Insurance. There are just not enough hours in the day to absorb all the information there is to know about Health Insurance.

One of the biggest compliments to me, to date, has been some of the people that I respect in the insurance industry that have been agents for years, have come to me for advice with Health Insurance, specifically Employee Health Insurance. They recognized that my daughters and I ONLY do Employee Benefits and Health Insurance. We read daily and keep up on the Health Reform Act and all of its implications.

If you are an employer and looking for Employee Benefits or Employee Health Insurance, give us a call. You may be able to not only save money, get better benefits, but you will have a trusted advisor that KNOWS the industry!

Steve Brauer President Brauer Insurance Services LLC (877) 421-4325

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