San Jose Health Insurance, San Jose, Bay Area, CA

San Jose Health Insurance, San Jose, Bay Area, CA. Health Medical care insurance does not really have to be silk cotton fortune! It literally doesn’t!! At Brauer Insurance, today we Likely carry out Person Results only real Good being Insurance. That represents that most that we all have proven to be “specialists” NOT General Practitioners. I learned a long time ago, its better to be experts at one thing, than just be so-so at many things.

We are an Independent, Family Owned, NO fee Health Insurance agency. We utilize creative strategies that save you tons of money. When people say they want a “good” Health Insurance plan, they really don’t understand how it works. There are basically 3 types of Individual Health Insurance plans and Family Health Insurance plans. There are the Kaiser type plans, and then you have two types of plans from non-Kaiser companies like Anthem Blue Cross, HealthNet, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, United, etc.

Anthem Blue Cross Health plans, Blue Shield Health plans mostly all have a higher deductible. The ones that don’t, are super expensive. Especially if you are over 30. There are HSA plans, Non-HSA plans, HMOs, and PPOs. Even though there are 117 Individual and Family Health Insurance plans out there, typically people purchase only about 15 of those 117. The rest just don’t make sense based on cost and yearly risk (Yearly Out of Pocket Risk). If you are 18-29 years old, your Individual Health Insurance plan should not be more than $100 a month. If it is….you’re paying too much, and I can prove it. San Jose Health Insurance is actually very reasonable. I know everybody talks about how expensive it is, but the reality, is that, if you don’t have access to a Group Insurance plan through work, I can get you a plan cheap.

We are an Indpendent, NO FEE, family owned agency helping Individuals and Families find affordable Health Insurance in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Health Insurance prices are set by law, whether you buy it from me, or direct, the price is the same. I spent 28 years as a Police Officer/Sergeant before I built our family agency. Let us help you navigate the screwed up Health Insurance waters!

Steve Brauer President Brauer Insurance Services LLC (877) 421-4325

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