Elements Transparency in Cooperative Report

Cooperatives are enterprises established by many as a container joint venture. For that reason, the cooperative must be open and berazaskan family values. Thus, openness is a must in the cooperative. To create an openness that, it is necessary to report the names of cooperatives, namely the report of the results of operations are calculated periodically, either monthly or yearly.

The report itself includes financial cooperatives and condition of the goods, in the form of balance sheet, and out of cash, the calculation results of operations, each member reports, financial statements and notes. That's the elements that must be set out in the report of cooperative periodical.

Operating Results
The calculation result is a cooperative effort of the most important thing in the report of the cooperative. Calculation results of this business need to advance the amount of income to members, counting the amount of profit (income) and losses, whether from members of the cooperative on or derived from non-members. Calculation results of this effort to inform about the revenues and expenses during the period or business periodically.

In this calculation will be obtained so-called windfall profits. Of net income is obtained from the results of operations and cost-benefit members of the dirty business with non-members. The term calculation results of operations are not only measured from the rest of the results of operations or earnings, but more determined than the benefits to each member.

Statements of Cash Flows
In addition to the calculation results of cooperative efforts in the report is also no such thing as cash flow statements, ie information about the condition of cash is calculated based on the beginning balance, income sources, expenditures, and so forth, and then dihitunglah ending balance of cash in the given period.

When reporting the cooperative itself is determined according to the agreement of members, can be once a month or biweekly, but that is conducive bi-monthly or quarterly.

Other things in the Report of Cooperative
In addition to matters concerning finance the above, in the report of this cooperative, each member should bring the benefits and disadvantages of the cooperative during that period, whether during the period they feel disadvantaged or even otherwise, how well the service cooperatives, is there an increase or even setbacks.

Each member should also bring economic benefits of purchasing goods or services together in a cooperative procurement, the benefits gained from the savings and loans, and development of their respective businesses.

The report is very useful as a member of the performance benchmarks of cooperatives at the time, and also to monitor the progress of each member, whether their business smoothly or otherwise. Those are some things that must be set out in the report of the cooperative.